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“Defending Freedom does not depend on someone else. It depends on each and every one of us. Our strength is a large and vocal membership that is not afraid to stand up and be counted.”
           —Scott L. Bach



• NRA Nominating Committee Nominee

• Clint & Heidi Smith, Thunder Ranch, Inc.

• Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation

• Fifty Caliber Shooters Association (2009)

• Soldier of Fortune Magazine

• CCRKBA Gun Rights Defender Award recipient

• Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs

• GOAL - Gun Owners' Action League (MA)

• GO-NH - Gun Owners of New Hampshire

• Knife Rights

• Gun Owners of New Jersey

• Tenth Cavalry Gun Club

• New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense

• New Jersey Second Amendment Society

• Mitch Rosen Gunleather

• Evan Nappen, Esq.


Leadership & Credentials

• Current 3-term incumbent NRA Board Member

• Executive Director, Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs

• Former Auxiliary Police Captain

• Founding Chair, NRA Right to Carry Committee

• Vice Chair, NRA Public Affairs Committee

• NRA Executive Committee

• NRA Legislative Policy Committee

• NRA Ethics Committee

• Knife Rights Advisory Board Member

• CCW Permits held: AZ, CT, FL, ME, MN, NH, UT, VA

• Graduate of Thunder Ranch & Jeff Cooper Training

• NRA Certified Instructor (pistol, rifle, shotgun)

• Practicing attorney licensed in 4 states

• Prior government internships: U.S. Congress, U.S. Attorney, U.S. Appeals Court


Defending Your Rights

• Sued NJ twice to overturn unconstitutional gun laws

• Helped secure gubernatorial pardon for wrongly imprisoned traveler Brian Aitken

• Sued NY/NJ Port Authority for illegally jailing honest gun owners

• Defeated Jersey City Gun Ban in Court

• Pro-gun blogger in mainstream media

• Won lawsuit punishing schools for banning pro-Second Amendment speech

• Helped reinstate NJ bear hunt

• Helped expand NH non-resident right to carry law

• Helped reinstate MN right to carry law

• Numerous media appearances

• Publicly debates anti-gun extremists

• Numerous lectures at universities and schools

• Donates legal services to 2A causes



• NRA Benefactor Member

• Law Enforcement Alliance of America Life Member



• ANJRPC Life Member (New Jersey)

• CRPC (California)

• GOAL (Massachusetts)

• GO-NH (New Hampshire)

• MRPA & MSSA (Montana)

• NYSRPA (New York)

• PR&PA and PFSC (Pennsylvania)

• TSRA (Texas)










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