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New Hampshire Non-Resident Carry Licenses
Now Available to Residents of Anti-Gun Jurisdictions

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An amendment to New Hampshire’s administrative rules has made it easier for those living in anti-gun jurisdictions to obtain non-resident concealed carry licenses from New Hampshire.

Under the previous rule, non-residents had to produce a carry license from their home state to qualify for a New Hampshire non-resident license. Those living in anti-gun jurisdictions where carry permits are difficult or impossible to obtain could not qualify for New Hampshire’s non-resident license simply because of where they happened to live.

Under the amended rule (Saf-C 2102.03), a valid carry license from any state will qualify an applicant for the New Hampshire non-resident license. Those who hold non-resident permits from "shall-issue" states like Florida will now be eligible for the New Hampshire non-resident license.

Residents of the following jurisdictions will be most notably affected: California, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York City, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

The rule was amended October 14, 2004 largely due to the efforts of NRA state affiliate Gun Owners of New Hampshire, its president State Rep. Elbert Bicknell, its board member Sam Cohen, NRA board member Scott Bach, and gun rights attorney Evan Nappen.

Non-resident license applications may be obtained by calling the New Hampshire State Police Permits and Licensing Division at 603-271-3575

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