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On Freedom:
“Protecting Freedom does not depend on someone else. It depends on each and everyone of us. Our strength is a large and vocal membership that is not afraid to stand up and be counted.”

On 9/11:
“Ground Zero lingers as a monument to our complacency, to our false belief that evil does not exist tangibly in this world, that we are immune from it, and that we do not need to be vigilant and prepared to deal with it.”

On the "collective rights" misinterpretation of the Second Amendment:
"Saying that the Second Amendment applies only to states is as absurd as saying that the First Amendment applies only to the media.'
 - The Record (NJ) November 3, 2005

On the one gun a month rationing schemes:
"Rationing handguns to law-abiding citizens to reduce crime makes about as much sense as rationing alcohol to responsible drinkers to reduce drunk driving."

On Responsibility:
“Along with our love of freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility to lead. Responsibility to act. Responsibility to work, and to fight, and to pray, to preserve the freedoms we love. If you think you're only one person, and that you can't possibly make a difference, then be reminded that the last two elections proved beyond a doubt, and forever, that one person can and will make all the difference.”

On the Power of One Person to Make a Difference:
“The power of one person is the power of ALL, because you are NOT alone, and you are NOT isolated, and every time you take ONE action to advance our cause, you step into a flow of energy and activity much greater than any of us. Every action that you take, every phone call, every letter, every person that you drag to the polls on election day, is magnified by the parallel actions of tens of thousand of others acting together. It’s the difference that makes ALL the difference.”

On the Montclair School Board Litigation Settlement
"This settlement sends a message to every publicly funded school in America: If you try to stifle debate on the Second Amendment, you're going to be held fully accountable." 
- Newsday, May 20, 2003

On New Jersey’s Bear Management Problem
"How many people have to be killed, injured or eaten before our lawmakers wake up and address this problem in a meaningful way?" - New Jersey Herald, May 20, 2003

On Legislation Authorizing Lethal Force Against Bear
“Self defense is a fundamental right, and this bill simply confirms the established principle that force is justified in defense of life. The principle holds whether the assailant is a knife-wielding rapist or an attacking black bear.” - New Jersey Herald, July 9, 2003

On Anti-Bear Hunt Rhetoric
New Jersey’s epidemic of predatory bear attacks is the result of an out-of-control bear population that needs to be reduced. The suggestion that better wrapping our trash will somehow make our families safe from this menace is as naive as it is irresponsible.” —New Jersey Herald, October 24, 2003

On Politicians
"Politicians may choose to ignore oath, logic, and reason, but the one thing that they understand universally is self-preservation. It's our job to turn the tables and utilize that instinct to our advantage. Your job, and mine, is to mobilize like never before and do our part to make lawmakers comprehend that dismantling freedom will result in their permanent unemployment."

On Winning the Cultural War:
“The collective Will of the People is an unstoppable force that cannot be denied. It has been manipulated and deceived on a mass scale for more than two generations. When exposed to the Truth repeatedly and in a compelling way, it will respond.”