Maintaining Airsoft Guns For Longer Use: The Ultimate Guide

airsoft gun maintenance
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Maintaining an airsoft gun means you’re guaranteeing a longer life for the weapon and ensuring it’s always in excellent working order.

Just like owning a real firearm, there are many parts and processes involved with correct maintenance for an airsoft gun, and we’ll explore why each of them is just as important as the next.

Is there a correct way to look after an airsoft gun to ensure good working order and longer life?

All airsoft weapons are different, but you’ll need to provide regular maintenance and cleaning, change and replace parts as needed, and focus on the external and internal functions that make up these guns to do so properly.

As long as complete care is provided for the entire weapon, you’ll ensure it remains in excellent working condition.

This guide can walk you through the necessary steps to maintain and clean your airsoft gun.

With an understanding of the basics of their parts, what needs regular attention, and some general tips for maintenance, your investment will last for many years and continue to provide you with excellent power and performance.

How Can You Maintain an Airsoft Gun For Longer Use?

airsoft gun maintenance

Caring for your airsoft gun is an essential part of ownership and will ensure that the weapon lasts for many years and stays in good working order.

There is a range of parts and processes that need to be given regular attention to maintains these weapons, and we’re going to look at what each of those entails.

  • Regular cleaning after use;
  • Regular maintenance;
  • Storage and care of gas, springs, and batteries;
  • Storage of the weapon;
  • Assembly and disassembly;
  • Using the right BBs and accessories;

Airsoft guns come in many different types and with varying degrees of quality in their material and craftsmanship, and this does need to be considered when discussing their maintenance.

A more expensive gun is likely to be of better quality and therefore warrants closer attention to detail and an extra level of care.

However, even the cheaper brands of airsoft guns can still last for years provided you perform regular maintenance on them.

How Should You Clean An Airsoft Gun After Using It?

You should clean your airsoft gun after each game you play with it or any time it’s been fired, even if it was for target practice.

People who live in environments that might be extra sandy or dusty will need to take extra care with their weapons as they can easily get caught up with lots of debris.

Before cleaning an electric airsoft gun, it’s important to decompress the gearbox before you start cleaning.

You can do this by firing a few shots with the gun in semi-automatic mode. Others will have a simple push-button that lets you decompress automatically.

Always turn the safety on your airsoft gun on before you start cleaning or taking it apart, as this has been known to cause injury in the past.

Cleaning your airsoft weapon is pretty simple and will only take a few minutes once you get the hang of it.

There are a few steps you can take to clean the necessary parts and once you’ve gotten used to the routine you’ll be able to do it with ease, but the benefits make it more than worthwhile.

Cleaning the gun barrel is an important job and requires only a paper towel and cleaning rod to do so.

You can clean your gun barrel after each use but especially if you’ve noticed that the BBs seem to be deviating vertically this is an indication that the barrel could do with some maintenance.

  1. Rip a strip of paper towel off and thread it into the eye of your cleaning rod.
  2. Spray a specialized lubricant spray on the paper towel and then push the cleaning rod into the barrel, paper towel strip first.
  3. Move the rod up and down, side to side, and circle it around inside of the barrel until you feel it’s been adequately cleaned.

You’ll also want to clean the outside of the gun which doesn’t require any harsh chemical and just a soft wipe.

You can wipe down the external parts and if needed, you can use a cotton tip to get into the smaller spaces.

How to Care for the Gas in an Airsoft Gun

The type of power source your airsoft gun uses will call for different cleaning and maintenance methods.

If you’re using a gas powered airsoft gun there are some additional processes you’ll need to know about to ensure you have gas efficiency.

You can perform regular checks on the seals to ensure that no gas leaks are occurring. Look between the gas router and loading nozzle, and then again between the hop up chamber and the loading nozzle.

airsoft gas maintenance

These are the most common places for leaks to occur and can easily be solved by fixing the seal.

There’s no need to remove the gas from your gun in between uses and it can sit safely within the chamber until you’re ready to play again.

An airsoft gun has been designed to have a durable environment that’s ideal for the high pressure needed for gas, and as long as it’s not left in the heat or direct sunlight there won’t be any issues.

Whenever you do decide to expel as from an airsoft gun, don’t use the release valve as you would with other types.

Doing so will likely cause the O ring to freeze and you’ll find the next time you use it, your gun has a gas leak.

How to Care for the Springs in an Airsoft Gun

When it comes to all three types of airsoft guns, spring powered ones are usually considered the easiest to keep clean.

These guns rely on the power of the spring to propel the BB down the barrel so you’ll need to make sure it’s running smoothly and can perform the required movements.

The easiest way to clean them is by cleaning and spraying the moving parts like the trigger, slide, and where you insert the clip into the gun.

Make sure there’s no excess oil left by wiping it off with a clean cloth before you put it all back together.

How to Care for the Batteries in an Airsoft Gun

Electric airsoft guns are the most common variety these days.

Part of their care includes knowing how to look after the batteries within them so that they don’t damage the gun or not provide it with enough power to fire correctly.

The most important thing is to use batteries that are the correct voltage for the weapon, and these can easily be identified by reading the owner’s manual that comes with the gun.

Using a battery with too much voltage will likely cause permanent damage to the internal parts because it is pressuring the gearbox to overperform.

Likewise, using a battery without enough voltage will cause the gearbox to not cycle at all, and you won’t be able to fire the weapon.

Most electric airsoft guns come with their own battery and charger, or you can easily purchase one recommended by the manufacturer.

Taking proper care when charging the batteries and not overcharging them beyond the recommended time limit is a simple but effective way to ensure a long life for them, and adequate power supply for your gun.

Care and Cleaning of An Airsoft Gun’s Magazine

The magazine of an airsoft gun is a crucial part of ensuring that it all runs smoothly and it has its own care process to follow.

For owners of electric and spring airsoft weapons, you’ll need to empty the magazine after every time you use it. This will keep the magazine spring strong and reduce the likelihood of having to change it.

With gas powered airsoft guns, you can leave the magazines as they are.

The pressure that is caused when they’re left full will actually assist in keeping all of the seals in place and preventing gas from leaking out. Some people find they don’t need to add lubricant because it’s already present in green gas, but do a check for yourself to see.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Airsoft Weapon

Regular maintenance is required to keep your airsoft guns in excellent working order.

These should be done in addition to the regular clean you give them after every use, but don’t need to be performed as frequently.

Many airsoft fanatics find they enjoy the process of cleaning and maintaining the guns so much that they do it for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Lubrication is an important part of maintenance and the frequency in which you do this will depend on the airsoft gun, how it’s operating, and whether or not you think it’s important.

All types of airsoft guns including gas-powered ones will require lubrication, so aim for at least once a month if you’re unsure of when to do it.

  1. Remove the magazine from your airsoft gun and then fire a few shots from it while in semi-auto. This will clear out the gun and make it safer to lubricate.
  2. Turn the gun upside down and use a specialized spray silicone oil and spray directly into the hop of the gun.
  3. Keep the gun turned upside down and leave it there for a few minutes.

You’ll also want to lubricate the gearbox which can be done once a month or more depending on how often you play.

To do this, you remove the motor from the gun and find the hole at the bottom of the gearbox. Spray the same silicone oil into it as you did the hop and leave it turned upside for a few minutes as the oil moves through it.

The Correct Way to Store Your Airsoft Gear

airsoft storage ideas

When it comes to storing an airsoft gun and related accessories, it’s best to approach this as you would a real firearm.

Even though an airsoft weapon can’t do as much damage as a real gun, they are still capable of causing injury when in the wrong hands or used without safety gear, so keep them locked away in a gun cabinet, safe or lockbox.

Choose an area in the house where you can keep your airsoft guns and other accessories together.

This will not only ensure their safety but make an easy point for you to retrieve your gear before a match. Be sure to clean and maintain them before storage as they can be left locked up for longer periods of time.

The specific storage area should be away from the heat and sunlight, preferably in a cooler area of the house.

If using biodegradable BBs, consider that these can start to decompose in the right circumstances of moisture and heat, so extra care should be taken.

Proper storage of your gear will keep it out of harm’s way but also extend its life without the risk of damage.

What to Look For When Assembling and Disassembling the Gun

You may need to disassemble your gun from time to time to look for problems or perform upgrades, and will also have to reassemble it when the time comes.

The best way to practice this is with a second-hand gun or one that you’re not concerned about damage.

Take some time to disassemble the airsoft gun, look at all the working pieces, and then put it back together.

By practicing this, when you do need to perform an upgrade or notice an issue with the weapon, you’ll understand the parts and be able to identify the issue sooner. These are some common issues you might find when trying to troubleshoot the gun by disassembling it:

  • Motor connection: Check the connection of the motor and that the red and black wires are still connected.
  • Blown fuse: If the battery isn’t working, the fuse could have blown. You can replace this with another one if you’re capable.
  • Cut wires: Any wires inside could potentially become damaged or cut, so solder them back together.
  • Debris in teeth: Sometimes the gun might click or not fire due to debris caught in the teeth that need to be removed.

As a large community, there are countless websites, videos, and posts written by airsoft players on some of the most common issues to occur with these guns.

As long as you understand the basics of what’s inside your gun and how it works, you should be able to fix most problems on your own.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important?

Airsoft guns and related accessories are usually a big investment and with the right care, they’re capable of lasting for many years.

There are a few reasons why regular maintenance and cleaning should be performed, and not just to save you money. All of these benefits will impact the performance of your weapon and make you a better player overall.

  • Increased accuracy;
  • Faster shooting;
  • Increased FPS velocity;
  • Reduced jamming;

In addition to making your gun work its best, learning the ins and outs of your weapon will make you a better user.

You’ll be able to troubleshoot your own problems and ensure you’re getting the best from it, as well as the most obvious benefit of not having to replace your gun every 12 months or so.

Other Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Airsoft Gun

As well as providing regular care and maintenance, there are other simple things you can do to prolong the life of your airsoft gun.

Not only will they ensure it remains in excellent working conditions but it will ensure the best performance for the weapon as well

  • Always use the correct size BBs that are recommended by the manufacturer of the gun.
  • If you have a spring airsoft gun, only ever cock it once before each shot, otherwise, it will cause internal damage.
  • Check the correct procedure for loading BBs into your gun and follow it strictly.
  • Only ever disassemble an airsoft gun if you are skilled at doing so, otherwise, it may void the warranty.
  • Never charge a battery longer than the recommended charge time.

Related Questions

Airsoft gun care and maintenance are detailed but as passionate players of the sport and people who care about the quality of their weapons, it’s essential.

Here are some other questions about airsoft gun maintenance that will give you some insight into the proper care of these weapons.

How Long Will an Airsoft Gun Last?

All airsoft guns come with a warranty period offered by the manufacturer. This can range from 30 days to a full 12 months or more.

With proper use and regular care and maintenance, most people find that their guns actually stay in good working order for three or more years.

What Things Can Void a Gun’s Warranty?

Using an airsoft gun carelessly and not taking care of it can void the warranty and ruin it completely.

Disassembling a gun can sometimes void a manufacturer’s warranty, as can the attempted or successful removal of the gun’s orange safety tip.

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