Can You Airsoft In The Rain Or The Snow?

Can You Airsoft In The Rain Or The Snow?
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The day has arrived.

You’ve been waiting all week to get out on the airsoft battlefield. But when you look outside, it’s raining!

What now?

You don’t mind getting a little wet – it adds to the hardcore atmosphere. But what about your airsoft gun? Will playing in the rain damage it?

Airsoft & the Elements

Airsoft In The Rain

So, can you play airsoft in the rain and snow?

Yes, you can.

Airsoft guns are water-resistant.

However, they are not waterproof. Provided that you do not drop your airsoft gun in a puddle, there will be no damage to the internal working of your weapon if you play in the rain or snow.

Rain or snow will not stop your airsoft gun from working unless the weapon is submerged in water.

If you do decide to play airsoft in the rain or snow, however, you may want to take extra precautions to ensure your safety and to keep your airsoft equipment well maintained.

Why Play Airsoft in the Rain?

Until you play airsoft in the rain, you will never appreciate the thrill that the extra elements of inclement weather can provide.

The whole point of playing airsoft is to replicate the real experience of a soldier in the field.

When it’s raining, a soldier doesn’t get to decide to stay home. He simply has to suck it up. And so should you.

Rain and snow add extra challenges to the airsoft battlefield. Apart from the discomfort of the elements, your visibility will be reduced.

Everything will also be more slippery, more muddy, and more slushy. All of that adds to the realism and adventure of the event.

Potential Problem Areas

Holding Rifle In The Rain

There are three ways that airsoft guns are powered:

  • Spring-loaded
  • Gas-powered
  • Electric battery-powered

Spring load and gas-powered airsoft guns are completely problem-free in the rain. Even if water did get int the internal workings, it would do little, if any, damage.

When it comes to an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG), however, things are a little different. Water and electricity do not go well together.

The part of your AEG that could potentially cause problems is the primary electric system. You do not want either the battery or the connectors to get wet.

This should not happen because they are housed in the stock of the gun and completely covered.

Another potential problem area is an electronic trigger system. Not all AEGs have an electronic trigger system, but those that do afford the potential for water to get into this area.

This should not happen in the ordinary course of events but may do so if you trip and drop your AEG in the mud or a puddle.

You do not want to get either rain or snow down the barrel of your airsoft gun. An excess amount may cause cracking on the inside of the barrel.

Is a MOSFET Gun Safe in the Rain?


MOSFET stands for Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor.

That’s a mouthful, but it essentially means that the flow of electricity through the gun is regulated. A MOSFET gun will have a circuit board built into the stock housing.

However, some MOSFETs will be located in the buffer tube. You do not want to get moisture in this housing.

If you do have a buffer tube MOSFET, you should waterproof it. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Use a waterproof electronic spray
  • Use electric tape
  • Use silicon tape

Does Rain Damage Airsoft Scopes

Apart from the effect that an airsoft rifle will have on the electronics of your AEG, you need to consider its impact on your scope.

Moisture may lead to degradation of your red dot scope.

You should, therefore, use a waterproof spray on your scope. Clean and dry the scope as soon as the game is over.

Common Sense Airsoft Rain Tips

  • Use a Bipod – It is vital to keep the barrel well off the ground, and a bipod will allow for this.
  • Use a Barrel Cover – This is a sleeve that slips over the barrel of the gun. Look for a well-made cover that will not slide off when you ire your weapon.
  • Buy an Unjamming Rod – When you are playing in inclement weather, there is a higher chance of debris making its way down the barrel. An unjamming rod will allow you to remedy the problem in the field.
Two Guys Playing Airsoft In The Rain

What are the disadvantages of playing airsoft in the rain?

The first and most obvious disadvantage of playing airsoft in the rain is that it will be physically uncomfortable.

You will have to get used to having water trickling down the back of your neck, wet socks and feeling hot and muggy all day long.

Then there is the challenge of careening around a wet, slippery, potentially mud bound battlefield. That makes it a whole lot more likely that you will slip and fall.

Rain, snow, and fog will also make it harder to see your enemy on the battlefield. This can not only make it harder for you to see them but may also enhance the likelihood that you will get hit.

Your aim will be affected by inclement weather. The trajectory of your BB pellets will also be affected by wind, rain, and snow.

As mentioned earlier, there is also the possibility that you may drop your airsoft gun in a puddle, which could potentially affect its electronics.

What can I do to keep my gun safe from rain when moving around on the battlefield?

You should occasionally wipe the gun barrel with your sleeve. You should also void tilting your weapon toward the sky to prevent rainwater from getting into the barrel.


You can safely play airsoft in the rain.

However, if you are using an AEG gun, you need to be mindful of the slim danger of getting water into the electronics of your weapon.

Follow our common sense tips to ensure that this does not happen – then get out in the elements and suck it up!

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