Airsoft Suppressor: Do You Really Need One?

Airsoft Suppressors: Do You Really Need Them
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Airsoft suppressors, otherwise known as silencers, are a cool add-on to your rifle that will enhance its realism.

But are there any actual functional benefits to using a suppressor on the airsoft battlefield? Are they only relevant to snipers? And, in the end, analysis, do you really need them?

Those are the question that we will address in this article.

Do You Really Need an Airsoft Suppressor?

Suppressor On Airsoft Rifle

No, you do not really need an airsoft suppressor.

Most suppressors provide a cosmetic benefit only to your rifle. In other words, they look like a silencer but do not actually operate as one.

Most cheap suppressors consist of nothing more than a barrel-shaped piece of pipe.

However, if you pay a little more money, you can find suppressors that actually work like the real thing.

These will reduce the noise coming out of your weapon. However, it is important to realize that it will only suppress the noise produced as the BB travels through the barrel.

The noise produced by the mechanism at the other end of the gun will be unaffected.

Airsoft guns do not produce nearly as much noise as a real gun. As a result, even the louder ones do not really require a suppressor.

However, if you are a sniper, the reduced noise level may well prevent your hiding position from being revealed to the enemy.

Benefits Beyond Noise Cancellation

Silencers do have benefits that go beyond their ability to reduce the noise produced by your gun when you fire it.

They are able to provide structural support for rifles with long inner barrels. This is especially the case if you have a rifle with a barrel that is shorter than ten and a half inches in length.

The suppressor will provide a further level of protection for the inner barrel to prevent it from damage.

A suppressor has the added purpose of being able to conceal a tracer unit. The tracer unit coats the BBs with a layer of phosphor to allow them to glow.

This produces an extremely cool looking tracer effect which lets you know precisely where your BBs are tracking.

They are especially beneficial when used in CQB play and when airsoft batting at night.

For some gas-powered airsoft guns, the addition of a suppressor will actually increase the velocity of the BB.

This is not a usual thing and it is difficult to say why this is the case.

However, many people have experienced this effect with the TM MK23 which is put out by Y & P.

Some players have also noted that the addition of a mock suppressor provides them with a slight increase in accuracy (though this may simply be a placebo effect).

Q & A

 What are airsoft silencers?

Airsoft Suppressor

Airsoft silencers are attachments for airsoft rifles that look like real rifle silencers.

Many of them are just for show, adding to the realistic look of the airsoft rifle.

However, you can buy airsoft silencers that work in a similar way to real silencers, acting as a noise-canceling device to reduce the sound coming from the weapon when you fire it.

How do they work?

Airsoft silencers, like all other silencers, work by way of a hollow tube that is designed to suppress the noise coming from the barrel.

In a real gun, the silencer provides extra space for gunpowder gas to cool and expand. They also include baffles to further suppress the noise level.

Some airsoft suppressors are filled with foam which will reduce the noise level to some extent.

 Are they only viable on snipers?

No airsoft rifles are not only viable for snipers. Airsoft suppressors are a useful attachment for a sniper to use, as they will reduce the noise level to some effect.

They can also be helpful for the sniper to protect an extended inner barrel. A good silencer can also help to hide a sniper rifle in foliage, making the sniper more difficult to spot.

 However, other participants in the battle may also benefit from using a suppressor. They may like the realism that the suppressor adds to the look of their weapon.

They can also benefit from the structural support that the suppressor affords to their rifle. This is especially the case if you have extended your barrel beyond the original inner barrel.

As previously mentioned, a suppressor can also house your tracer unit.

Do airsoft suppressors use baffles like real suppressors?

Airsoft Suppressor

No, airsoft suppressors do not use baffles to reduce noise. Most airsoft suppressors simply consist of a hollow tube to give the look of a suppressor.

However, some of them use a round of foam in order to produce a mild suppressant effect.

 Do you really need them?

No, you do not really need a suppressor on your airsoft rifle. Eighty percent of the suppressors on airsoft rifles are mock silencers that do not actually work as noise suppressors.

Those that do will be ones that have foam inserted in them.

It is also important to understand that airsoft rifles do not produce very much noise. The majority of the sound that is produced emanates from the gearbox.

The suppressor will do nothing to reduce this noise.


An airsoft suppressor is not an essential requirement for playing the game.

Most airsoft suppressors are purely decorative. While they add to the realism of the gun, they will do nothing to actually reduce the noise factor.

Those that have foam inlaid into them will reduce noise from the barrel but not from the gearbox. Airsoft suppressors will provide an extra level of protection for the inner barrel of your gun.

This, combined with the cool effect that a suppressor produces makes them a popular extra for many the airsofters.

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