Best US Based Airsoft Teams

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If you’ve played airsoft at least once, then you know exhilarating and addictive it can be.

You want more and you want the games to be organized so that you’re not wasting your time. What you need is an airsoft team.

So, how do you find a good one?

The 6 Best Airsoft teams In the USA

#1 American Airsoft Club, Washington

The American Airsoft Club operates a full-on airsoft club, indoor battlefield and retail/rental store at Lake Stevens, Washington.

There’s is a vibrant, active community that regularly organizes battles including capturing the flag, arm the bomb and free for all.

All members must sign their waiver before playing, with every gun tested for safe muzzle energy. Administrators also supervise the battlefield during gameplay.

The American AAirsoft Club is located at 4030 99th Ave NE

Lake Stevens, WA, 98258.

Contact email:

#2 Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Atlanta is the premiere airsoft club in the state of Georgia.

Their Power Ops indoor facility is the largest CQB field in Atlanta, with more than 10,000 square feet of airsoft field space in a city-type environment.

They have an active, supportive community of players. Airsoft Atlanta provides milsim style, adult-oriented games.

They offer gun rental packages and have an experienced team who will happily guide new players, put them on a team and ensure that they have a great airsoft experience.

Airsoft Atlanta is located at 125 Milton Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30315.

Contact email:

#3 Elite Airsoft, Tennessee

Elite Airsoft is a club/airsoft field that is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

They provide the state’s premier destination for airsofters of all ages.

The club consists of friendly, knowledgeable staff members and enthusiastic club members who provide a welcoming supportive environment.

The club provides a full outdoor battlefield and holds regular events.

Elite Airsoft is located at 3608 Old Hickory Blvd, Old Hickory, TN 37138.

Contact Phone Number: (615) 847 1161

#4 RPC Airsoft, New Hampshire

RPC Airsoft is a hugely popular center for airsoft based in Fremont, New Hampshire, with airsoft players coming from all over the eastern part of the United States traveling to play there. 

They offer everything from airsoft war games and battles to reenactments, skirmishes, snow-soft winter games, night games, milsim and major operations.

RPC Airsoft caters to all levels of player ability from beginner to veteran. Their staff are very knowledgeable and offer full support.

They provide fantastic battlefield facilities and rent out gear as well.

RPC Airsoft is located at 197 Sandown Road in Fremont NH.

Contact Phone Number: (603) 760 0393

#5 Steel City Airsoft, Pennsylvania

Steel City Airsoft is Southwest Pennsylvania’s best and most popular airsoft destination.

They provide a massive 16,000 square-foot indoor arena with constantly changing environments to keep players challenged and making every game unique.

They have an experienced dedicated team of professionals, who place an emphasis on safety first and fun second. Special events are regularly held.

Steel City Airsoft is located at 24 Furnace Treet Extension, McKees Road, Pennsylvania 15136.

Contact Phone Number: (412) 437 8305

#6 DI4 Airsoft, Texas

D14 Airsoft is a popular airsoft located in the heart of Texas.

They offer an expansive 37-acre airsoft field that is resplendent with buildings, containers, and abandoned cabins. D14 staff members are professional and experienced.

They arrange games every Saturday and Sunday, rain, hail or shine. Special events are also regularly organized.

D14 Airsoft is located at 3433 Cowling Road, Sanger, Texas 76266.

Q & A

What are Airsoft Clubs?

Airsoft clubs are organized groups of people who run airsoft battles.

The organizers of the club are often the owners or managers of airsoft fields. They will usually provide rental facilities where they offer rifles and protective gear.

They also provide referees. All clubs provide a set list of rules which all players must follow. Clubs have a minimum member age, which may range from 9 to 12.

Airsoft clubs provide a range of airsoft battle types. These may include general skirmishing, milsim, and CQB.

The best clubs will offer both indoor and outdoor battlefield facilities.

Clubs also organize special events such as birthday parties, stag do’s and team building for corporate organizations.

How Do You Get into an Airsoft Club?

The best way to get into an airsoft club is simply to contact the club and find out what their specific membership requirements are.

Find out where the next meet is and then turn up ready to jump in on the action.

How Do You Get Patched?

An airsoft patch is an insignia or emblem which is made of fabric and sewn on a team’s uniform.

A patch is a symbol of pride that some teams may require members to earn by achieving a certain performance level.

This may be achieving a certain number of kills, capturing a flag or achieving some other battlefield accomplishment.

When a team member leaves or is dismissed from a team he may have to go through a patch burning. This literally involves burning his patch.


If you live within the vicinity of our six top clubs then you are one lucky airsofter.

But don’t worry, if you don’t. Just click here for a complete listing of airsoft fields around the United States.

Bottom line; there’s no excuse to indulge to indulge your airsoft passion!

So, what are you waiting for?

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