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Guns are fun but can also be quite dangerous. They do not have to be though because with airsoft guns you do not have to risk your life or limbs when engaging with them. They often come in a wide variety of gun replicas, allowing you to enjoy your favorite gun without injuring yourself.

These guns are low-powered air guns designed to shoot non-metallic circular balls. Typically they are made from plastic though some variants can be modeled from resin. Most people refer to them as BB guns with the guns being particularly popular in a lot of states in America.

This article will be going through some of the best airsoft AK47 branded guns in the market. We will be comparing and contrasting all various options highlighting their pros as well as their cons to determine which is best.

Airsoft AK47 Brand Reviews



The most distinct thing that sticks out is the flashlight and laser that come with this gun. This gives the gun a tactical feel, making it so versatile for the uses it has. It allows people to use their imagination to a much deeper extent and it allows you to get the most value from your purchase.


The gun has a durable high-quality build that allows it to easily take abuse when using it. At the same time, this does not result in a gun that is too dense and consequently heavier. The gun’s light weight makes it easier to handle, especially when handling it for a long time.

This lightweight and durable construction are more impressive when you consider the gun has a 1:1 ratio with an actual AK47. The ratio brings a lot more reality to the gun that is well appreciated by its buyers. To add to the convenience the gun delivers, it has a flashlight and laser with a maximum output of fewer than 5 megawatts all without having to pop in some batteries.

Unfortunately, the light weight makes it feel very cheap. The gun also can hardly hit a target more than 20 feet away which limits its effectiveness.


  • The gun is light in weight
  • Realistic with a 1:1 ratio with a real AK47
  • The gun’s construction is high quality and very durable
  • Has a flashlight and a laser that gives it a tactical feel giving it more accuracy
  • Convenient given you do not need batteries to operate the flashlight or laser


  • The gun is not very accurate for targets over 20 feet away
  • It could be considered too light in weight for some people

Double Eagle Full Auto Electric AEF AK-47

The high-quality construction of this gun is immediately apparent to most buyers. It has high-quality reinforced internals and a completely metallic metal barrel. The gun is designed to be a 100% authentic replica of the TOKYO MARUI OEM REPLICA AK47. All the parts look and feel like they are practically the same as the real ones.


The gun is electric, requiring no batteries for you to fire the gun. This makes it very useful to negate the need to lug around batteries to power the gun; all you need to do is charge your gun.

The airsoft gun comes with a detachable magazine that can hold a high capacity of about 450 rounds. This complements the high power of the gun with a projectile velocity of about 350 FPS when dealing with .20g BBs. This makes the gun very effective all without hurting your targets all that bad.

Setting up the gun can be very difficult given how incoherent the manual is. This is made even worse by the poor customer service you get when you try to reach out to the company.


  • The airsoft gun has quality build emphasizing high-quality internals and a metallic barrel
  • The BB gun is versatile with an adjustable firing mode
  • Can be switched from hop-up, semi-auto, and full-automatic configuration
  • Has an effective range of up to 150 feet
  • Convenient with a high capacity of 450 rounds with a capacity to shoot up to 700 rounds per minute
  • It is realistic being an almost exact replica of the TOKYO MARUI OEM REPLICA AK47


  • The gun is difficult to set up due to having a poor manual
  • Customer service representatives can be unresponsive

Well AK-47 AEG Semi/Full Auto Electric

The material is immediately visible for its distinct nature. It is made with a strong polymer body which is created to enhance durability. From the box, you will find a rifle, a sling, a magazine, a cleaning rod, and a battery. All these enhance the convenience of the gun, as you do not have to purchase any extra accessories to enjoy your gun.


The build quality is immediately visible with a high-quality polymer body that guarantees durability. The rifle is about 37.6 inches in length which makes it a close replica of the original AK-47 designed by Kalashnikov in Russia. The handgun and rear stock have imitation faux wood, which gives it a more authentic look than the original.

The gun is very convenient as it comes with a charger that comes in the box. This allows you to use your gun without the anxiety that comes with having to lug around a battery all the time. It also comes with a cleaning rod, a magazine, and a sling which negates the need for buying all these accessories to complement your gun.

The tough construction of the gun allows you to handle it to keep you shooting for a long time without the gun coming apart. All this is possible even at the auto setting which taxes the gun more than the semi-automatic mode. This complements the tactical feel of the Ak-47 which makes it feel even more authentic.

The gun is practically unusable when outdoors as it was designed for competitive play in places isolated from the wind. The battery has a tendency of popping out during aggressive play.


  • The gun is convenient seeing the many accessories that come in the box
  • Durable given the high-quality polymer
  • Authentic due to its faux imitation design making it an honest replica of the real AK-47
  • Effective in shooting over 280 feet per second with BBs about 0.12 grams
  • Fairly easy to clean with the rod that comes in the box


  • Not the best for outdoor shooting
  • Has a battery that pops out frequently

Evike Kalashnikov Fully Licensed 60th Edition Anniversary Edition

The AK-47 is a world-renowned gun for its dependability and has been in use for decades. This airsoft gun was created to mark the legacy of the AK-47 and the associated Kalashnikov family. The gun has high-quality construction with its metal assembly barrel and high-quality nylon fiber polymers.

The gun commemorates the legacy of the AK-47; it has the logo and associated trademark both internally and externally. This gives the gun a special feel, allowing buyers to feel that much connected to decades of weapons technology. The weapon’s design mimics the stylish nature of its parent gun as well as making it as sleek as possible.


The gun is equipped with a front rail system that allows you to add accessories to your rifle to add usability. This allows the owners to modify their weapons to their liking and allows them to feel more connected to them. It allows the users to make the guns their own, often making modifications that reflect their personalities.

The gun has legacy trademarks to celebrate 60 years of the AK-47 in operation. This makes this gun especially special for those with a keen interest in weapons technology in the past few decades. This makes the gun stand out from all those other guns in the market, allowing the brand to win over the hearts and minds of the users.

The AK-47 licensed 60th anniversary edition has a high-quality build that enhances the authenticity of the real gun which is famous for its reliability. It is made with a high-quality nylon fiber polymer, with an equally high-quality handguard, stock, and grip. These are complemented with a heavy-weight barrel made of metal used for assembly.

People looking to have the feel of a real gun on their hands will be disappointed as this gun can be too lightweight for a lot of people. The gun’s difficulty to modify also makes it a hard pick for people who are not as handy.


  • Durable with quality polymer build and heavy barrel
  • Personalized with a Kalashnikov 60th anniversary trademark engraved with lasers
  • Improved accuracy due to its adjustable sights both on the front and the rear
  • The gun is even more convenient with a stock that folds on the side
  • Easy to use given it has an AK vertical grip that is included in the box


  • Difficult to modify for most people
  • Its weight does not quite match the weight of the real gun

SOFT AIR USA Kalashnikov AK47

This gun is best described as entry-level for beginners in the world of guns. The gun has a high capacity and is reliable. Its fully automatic action makes it the perfect gun for casual weekend fun. You can easily set up attachments to extend the effective range of the gun for more fun.

The gun has a high magazine capacity to make sure you can have fun without being limited when you run out of ammo. It is also quite effective at being able to shoot 177 FPS when dealing with BBs of about 0.12 grams. This ensures your shooting sessions are as exciting as can be.


The gun is developed to be as easy to use as possible having been designed for use by beginners. This ease extends to loading as well as shooting. The gun can also be modded with sights and other attachments to make them even better.

The construction of the body is completely made of plastic and is quite sturdy. This allows the mold to be quite accurate creating a replica that is almost exact in likeness to the Kalashnikov variant of the gun. The plastic body also makes it lightweight, making it easier for beginners to handle during use.

For people looking to get into guns, this is a good choice for you. It is lightweight with the dimensions of a real gun. Though the weight might not be real, the gun will give a feel of what it is supposed to feel like.

The gun is convenient with a lot of accessories coming straight out of the box. In the box, you will find a charger, a sling, and a magazine. This allows the user to enjoy their gun straight out of the box without having to commit to buying all new accessories.

The design of the gun has some limitations. The stock of the gun is permanently fixed to it, limiting modding capabilities. When coupled with its poor durability, the gun could turn some people off.


  • Easy to use straight out of the box
  • Easy to load making it easier for beginners
  • The gun is powerful and can shoot at 200 FPS
  • Accurate with an adjustable rear sight meant to give better aim
  • It can be modded to give better aim and greater effective range


  • Poor durability
  • It is limited in that you cannot remove the stock


Airsoft guns have been very popular in the past few decades. The AK47 has also grown to be a staple on the modern battlefield. This has created a demand for AK74 airsoft guns which the market has reacted to by availing a wide variety of options. For our pick of the best AK47 airsoft gun, we choose the Evike Kalashnikov Fully Licensed 60th Edition Anniversary Edition.

The gun holds a special place in our hearts given it commemorates the 60th anniversary of one of the most influential guns in history. The gun is also made of high-quality materials, with effectiveness given by the added adaptability of having sights and scopes attached. All these factors make this gun our top pick for the best airsoft AK47.

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