Best Airsoft Fields In The United States

Best Airsoft Fields In The US
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Serious Airsofters deserve to be provided with the best fields on which to battle.

After all, they’ve gone to considerable expense to equip themselves, they’ve trained long and hard and they’re primed to engage the enemy at full throttle. The last thing they need is a Mickey Mouse operation that’s going to ruin the experience for them.

Having experienced our share of less than stellar airsoft field operations, we decided to put together an ultimate guide to the best airsoft fields in the United States.

Now, you’ll know which fields provide you with the best facilities and service to make your day of battle a mind-blowing experience that you’ll remember with fond, if somewhat painful, memories.

We’ve focused on the cities and states where Airsoft is the most popular.

Our interactive map provides you with the name, image, address, website, hours, contact and some highlights for each operator.

Check out our interactive map of the best airsoft fields in the United States here.

Airsoft Field FAQ

What exactly is an airsoft field?

Players On Airsoft Field

An airsoft field is a dedicated area that is exclusively for airsoft battle play. At times, paintball fields may double for airsoft battle.

The facility may be either indoors or outdoors. Some facilities provide a blend of indoor and outdoor facilities.

Airsoft fields include a range of obstacles for players to shelter behind and negotiate.

They may include tanks, helicopters, buildings, cars, and bunkers. Fields may be either publicly or privately owned.

How much does it cost to play on an airsoft field?

Prices will vary across the country, but you can expect to pay between $10 and $35 for a days’ play. Many facilities will also hire out guns, ammunition and protective wear.

How much should I expect to travel to get to an airsoft field?

Airsoft has become very popular in recent years. This has given rise to a boom in airsoft fields. Some states have many more than others.

As outdoor fields are usually in a forested, country setting, however, you should not have to drive for more than three hours to find a good airsoft battlefield.

What should I look for when assessing an airsoft field?

Playing Airsoft

It is difficult to answer because we all have different preferences.

If your preference is for open outdoors, you should look for plenty of big trees, bramble, and open space.

However, if you prefer close-quarters battle (CQB), you should check that the field is safe.

It should be well maintained, have well-qualified referees and have a sound set of rules that are strictly enforced. They should also provide quality bathroom facilities.

How do indoor and outdoor airsoft fields differ?

Outdoor fields are usually designed for distance battles.

They may have anywhere up to 20 acres of the battlespace and could encompass anything from open fields to thickened woods.

This lends itself to a slower, more strategic and patient style of battle play. There will be more emphasis in open field battle on camouflage and sniper action.

Indoor fields are normally designed for close-quarters battle (CQB). The actions will be much faster in indoor battles. Indoor fields favor such weaponry as pistols and shotguns and feature more skirmish action than are generally found in outdoor situations.

You can use grenades and flashbangs in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, you will generally get the best effect with these devices in an indoor setting.

Obviously, a big advantage of playing indoors is that you can do so in any weather conditions, while outdoor battlefield play is often curtailed during winter months.

What things do I need when going to play at an airsoft field?

Airsoft Tactical Gear

You will need to be wearing a quality pair of safety goggles.

Of course, you will also need your airsoft gun, plenty of bbs and a power source for your weapon.

It is a good idea to have a second weapon as a back-up in case your primary weapon fails on you. This could be a pistol or a shotgun for use in skirmish battle or close quarters activity.

For safety, you should wear a full face mask.

This should also provide protection for your ears, as this is a notorious part of the body that gets left exposed, resulting in some very painful side headshots.

It is a good idea to be wearing some sort of vest to protect your upper body while also providing compartments to store any extra gear.

This will normally include a speed loader, an extra magazine clip, and a bandage strip.

For outdoor play, you should wear camouflage and you may even want to add camo to your gun, especially if you are a sniper.

The rules of the game will probably require you to be carrying a red flag, which you have to display if you have been shot. This is known as a ‘dead rag.’

Some fields may also require that you use only environmentally friendly bbs. You should check with the field before game day to ensure that you are complying with this requirement.

Will I be required to sign a waiver before I play?

Signing A Waiver

This is usually the case.

The waiver is designed to afford the airfield operator’s legal protection in case of injury.

Many operators will make the waiver available on their website so that players can print and sign it beforehand. If you do this, don’t forget to bring it with you on the day.

Do I have to book to play or can I simply turn up?

In most cases, you can just turn up.

However, it will pay to check with the battlefield operators ahead of time.

Often people have already organized their teams ahead of time but most operators will be able to accommodate individual players and slot them into a team.

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