9 Fun Airsoft Games Definitely Worth Playing

9 Fun Airsoft Games Definitely Worth Playing
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There is no arguing that airsoft is fun yet affordable hobby.

Many airsoft gun replicas don’t cost a fortune, yet almost look, weigh, and feel like the real deal. Airsoft games are not only thrilling but are also a perfect excuse to get some outdoor exercise.

Furthermore, since matches often require a great deal of discipline, problem-solving, and coordination, it is an excellent way to train the brain as well.

Therefore, It is no surprise that airsoft is becoming one of the most popular outdoor competitive sports within the US.

The best thing about airsoft is just how flexible the rules and gameplay can be. You can reenact historical scenarios, engage in short close-quarter tactical matches, or have a free-for-all battle royale over a large field.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or relative airsoft newbie, here are some airsoft game recommendations from us that would significantly enhance the experience and gameplay of your airsoft matches.

1. Capture the Flag

Playing Capture The Flag Airsoft

A classic game scenario, Capture the Flag, involves two teams on opposing sides of the arena. The main objective is to capture the enemy flag located at their base and take it back to your own.

The game can end with one team managing to take the enemy flag to their base without losing their own or the other team being completely eliminated.

Of course, you can make adjustments to the rules to make the game more interesting. You could start with four or six opposing teams at opposite corners of the field, whoever captures the majority of the rival faction’s flags win.

You can even have a game with just one flag located at the center of the battle arena. Whichever team manages to capture and bring it to their base wins.

Alternately, you may set the flags at random locations within the arena, and the team that manages to capture the most flags wins.

You could also set a time limit and change the objective of capturing the enemy flag as many times as possible. After the time limit expires, the team with the most capture counts wins.

Recommended Player Count: 6-30

2. Battle Royale

Battle Royale Airsoft

The success of videogames such as Fortnite and Player Unknown: Battle Ground showed us just how fun Battle Royale style games can be.

Why not upgrade the experience by holding a battle royale in a real-life? The rules of this airsoft game are simple.  There are no teams, and every player has to fend for themselves. 

The person who gets shot is eliminated and has to leave the field. The last person left remaining wins the game.

Since you obviously don’t want people to start shooting each other as soon as the horn goes off, it is best to have a 5-10 minute no-shoot rule after the game begins, so players have ample time to disperse and make the game more interesting.

Recommended Player Count: 10 -100

3. The Hunger Games

This is another ‘battle royale style’ airsoft game scenario but with one major twist: In this free for all, all the weapons are located at the center of the arena.

As soon as the game starts, players dash for the center and start shooting each other as soon as they acquire a weapon.

Of course, some tactically minded people may choose to wait until the opportunity is right to get their weapon safely and avoid getting shot.

And just like it was in the movies, it would be beneficial to make temporary alliances with other players to meet mutual objectives such as eliminating a particularly good shooter. 

This scenario is best played with far fewer people involved compared to the previously mentioned game mode.

There are obviously going to be the safety risks involved with 100 or so players madly darting towards the center of the field. Best to keep the player count 24 or less.

Recommended Player Count: 10 – 24

4. Hostage Rescue

Another long-time classic, hostage rescue, involves two opposing teams – one of the captors and one of the rescuers. 1-4 unarmed players act as hostages of the captors.

The rescuers have to liberate these hostages and take them safely to a designated safe area.

Liberated hostages can be given small arms to fight with, as well as can be attacked and ‘killed’ by the captors.

The game ends with either team being entirely eliminated, or all the surviving hostages being taken to safety. In case no hostages survive, the captors win.

Recommended Player Count: 5- 21

5. Secret Service

Secret Services

This airsoft game has just one primary objective – keep the VIP safe from harm at all costs.

This scenario involves two teams; one is the ‘Secret Service’ charged with escorting the VIP safely to a designated safe area and the opposing ‘Terrorist’ team with the objective of killing the VIP.

The game ends if either the VIP is killed or the entire ‘terrorist’ faction is terminated. To make the game more interesting, consider making the player count in both teams more asymmetrical.

This would incentivize a more calculated and cautious approach on the part of the smaller side in meeting their objective. To spice up things even further, consider keeping the VIP unnamed. 

Recommended Player Count: 3- 21

6. The Assassin

This is one engaging airsoft game scenario, especially if one of your friends is a rather seasoned airsoft player.

The setting involves a player taking the role of an assassin, usually the most skilled player of the bunch. The rest of the players are tasked with hunting down the assassin before he assassinates them all. 

The game ends with the assassin being killed or being the only one left alive.

To make the odds more favorable to the player playing the role of the assassin, it is best to give them a 5-10 minute head start.

Since stealth would be required for the assassin to have a fair chance at victory, this airsoft game mode is best played in the field rather than in a CQB arena. If you want to make it even more thrilling, consider playing this game after dark.

Recommended Player Count: 3 – 11

7. War Reenactments

Airsoft WW2 Rifles

Reacting historical battles and skirmishes is a fun way to add more immersion to your airsoft games, as well as satisfy your inner history buff. 

However, a frequent issue can be finding the right gear and clothing relevant to the time period being reenacted. 

Fortunately, it is not hard to find quality airsoft guns and uniforms for the most popular war reenactment themes, namely World War 2 and The Vietnam War.

You can set your own missions for the match or replay a historical scenario.

Recommended Player Count: 20 – 100

8. Demolition

Airsoft Bomb Planting

Demolition involves two opposing teams – a counterstrike force and a terrorist faction.

The objective of the terrorist faction is to plant a ‘bomb’ at the enemy base and successfully set it off while the objective of the counterstrike team is to deny them from doing so.

The match can have a 15-30 minute timer in which the terrorist team has to meet their objective successfully, or they lose.

For added flavor, you can incorporate more rules into this stimulation, such as allowing the counterstrike team to intercept the bomb or make the player count in opposing teams more asymmetrical.

Recommended Player Count: 6 – 20

9. Enemy Unknown

Enemy Unknown Airsoft Games

This is a fun airsoft game with rules very similar to Capture the Flag.

In this game mode, one of the opposing team role-play as aliens, and the objective is to capture a specific item required to take their ship back home. The human team has to deny them access to this item.

But wait, there is a major twist involved here!

One of the members of the human team is a disguised alien infiltrator. Trying to figure out who this outsider is at the same as fighting the enemy can make for a highly thrilling and challenging airsoft match.

Recommended Player Count: 6 – 12

Concluding Notes

Of course, whatever the settings of an airsoft game may be, there is one golden rule that is applicable in all of them, and that is the ‘honor system.’

If you get shot in a game, it is your responsibility to call yourself out and leave the match (if the rules apply).

Trust and honesty are an essential part of good sportsmanship and ensures the game remains fun for everyone.

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