Best Airsoft Goggles of 2022- Complete Reviews With Comparison

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Airsoft guns can be very fun, though it is important to understand that BBs can be quite dangerous when they come in contact with the eyes. As such, it is very important for people engaging in airsoft sports to invest in high-quality goggles to keep their eyes safe. Recognized airsoft games have it as mandatory to have protective eyewear as you engage in the sport as there is an inherent risk associated with airsoft.

The market has a lot of offerings concerning airsoft goggles. To differentiate themselves from their competitors a lot of these goggles offer extra features. Some have their emphasis solely on the kind of comfort they can provide while others focus on convenience.

This article will act as a guide to help you through the world of airsoft goggles to find the best goggles for you while looking at their safety, quality, convenience, and even versatility.

These glasses stand out for just how feature-rich they are. They come with three sets of differently colored lenses to change depending on your occasion. The lenses are also designed to offer greater protection from UV rays when in use. The safety and comfort features make them great for professional use in an array of fields from skiing to shooting.

Airsoft Goggles Review

XAegis Airsoft Goggles Tactical Safety Goggles

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The XAegis Airsoft goggles stand out for the wide versatility they offer to their customers. You can change from a select three different colors, whichever is best suited for your use. The different lens color configurations make them great for use in whichever weather; this versatility is only amplified by the fact that you do not need tools to change them.


The goggles are very comfortable owing to the hypoallergenic rubber on them that lets them sit comfortably on your face for hours at a time. They also feature great ventilation features to ensure your face gets as much air circulation as possible to enhance comfort. The hypoallergenic rubber makes sure that all people can use these goggles even those who may have an allergic reaction to latex.

The construction materials also match the high quality that enhances not only their durability but also their functionality. They are made of high-quality polycarbonate that is scratch resistant with the lens being resistant to fogging up while providing much-needed UVA/UVB resistance. It also wraps well around the lens allowing maximum protection as well as great periphery vision.

Straight out the box, the goggles feature a bag that holds extra pairs of lenses that you can switch out as you need to. It also features an adjustable headband that can be adjusted to fit your head as comfortably as you would like them to. Furthermore, there is a sleeve made of cloth designed to keep your lenses safe as well as protect the back of your head.

These goggles, due to the versatility offered by the wide array of lenses. make them near perfect for just about any situation. They can be used in a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, paintball, riding, hunting, cycling, and even shooting.


  • They are versatile
  • High quality
  • They are quite stylish
  • Offer UVA/UVB resistance
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • Convenient owing to the accessories they come with


  • The anti-fog feature is not well flushed out
  • They are not comfortable for people with petite faces

Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles

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The Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft goggles are near perfect for both professionals and amateur users. They are comfortable owing to their construction which includes nylon and cotton as well as an adequate amount of rubber on the straps to ensure they are elastic enough to hold onto your head while also being breathable.

Their higher design allows them to find use in both a professional setting as well as a mature one. This is due in large part to the foam construction that allows for ventilation which allows them to be fog-free and thus enhances visibility.


The construction quality of these goggles is top-notch. With a polycarbonate frame, the goggles are a lot more durable when compared to others in the market. The straps are made of a blend of cotton and nylon at 75% and 25% respectively, which not only allows them to make a comfortable fit but a breathable one as well.

The design is very deliberate in making sure you get as much comfort and consequently functionality from the goggles. With the indirect vent carriage, the goggles are able to give maximum dust protection as well, issuing greater airflow to the glasses which translates into issuing an outlet for the heat. This also allows the goggles to have a lot less fog on them which enhances visibility.

The strap is made of a blend of polyester and cotton which allows it to be a lot more breathable enhancing comfort. It is however interlaced with rubber bands which allows it to better adjust to your needs. It can fit around your head as it is also adjustable to the degree you are most comfortable with.

The goggles have also gone through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the standards of professionals and amateur users. As such they have met the requirements of the ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 high impact as well as the CAN/CSA Z94.3-0.


  • High-quality construction
  • Comfortable owing to the adjustable strap
  • Meet international guidelines
  • Offer great protection


  • They fog up quite easily
  • Not great for cold weather

Lancer Tactical AERO Protective Airsoft

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The Lancer Tactical is a favorite for many enthusiasts with many amateurs feeling just as comfortable with it. The company that makes it has a long legacy of making high-quality personal protection equipment with the Lancer Tactical being no different from their other products. The equipment will find good use in airsoft and paintball fields just as well as an actual gun range while offering a similar degree of quality.

With this product, the company’s aim was to deliver the next generation of protective gear. In this spirit, the Lancer Tactical combines the best in class protection while offering a naturally comfortable fit. It does all this while offering great levels of durability while being light enough to still be practical in most cases.


Comfort is at the heart of the Lancer Tactical; with its one-inch strap, it provides enough surface area to distribute much of the pressure all around giving a comfortable fit around your head while maintaining a secure hold onto your head. The strap can also be adjusted to fit just about anyone without the fear of discomfort especially after hours of use. It also features a foam pad that contours to the shape of your head giving an even more comfortable fit.

The lenses are designed to offer world-class protection. They are durable enough to offer protection from all types of physical threats like dust, debris, BBs, and even paintballs. The protection also extends to all manner of radiation including UVA, UVB, UVC, and even HEV radiation.

It also comes with a microfiber storage cloth included to properly store the eyewear especially when traveling. The construction also features anti-fog, anti-scratch, and even anti-static properties to ensure the lenses last as long as possible throughout their entire lifetime. This makes it great for use in the field regardless of the activity you are involved in, be it paintball or even when you are out on the gun range.


  • Lightweight
  • Protects against radiation
  • Comfortable owing to the adjustable band
  • Has multi-lenses to choose from which is best for you
  • Has all-round protection from impact


  • They do not work well with certain eye frames

Kimimoto Airsoft Goggles

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The company that designed and developed Kimimoto Airsoft set out to create goggles that would let users enjoy the high octane of a paintball match but without having to break the bank to do so. In that endeavor, they have been quite successful. The goggles are feature-rich with anti-fog features, resistance from impact, as well as having a full seal all the way.

They are also quite comfortable with adjustable straps ensuring they will fit just about any head without much discomfort.


The build quality is very high with the frames as well as the lenses being made of polycarbonate. This ensures the frames, as well as the lenses, are safe from high impact and scratches. This ensures the goggles are durable and guarantees a very long lifespan.

The goggles come with three different interchangeable lenses. The HD glasses also come with a clear variety that is best for use indoors, a smoke grey that is best used on sunny days, and a yellow-tinted one for lower light situations. Change of lenses can be achieved without any use of tools making it that much more convenient.

This brand design puts a huge emphasis on comfort. This translates to the goggles adopting a high-density sponge that allows your face to breathe as you are wearing the goggles. This comfort is only amplified as the sponge on the goggles absorbs sweat from your face as you wear it. The good airflow also reduces the chances of the development of fog.

The goggles have an elastic band that enhances comfort as it gives a comfortable fit around your head as needed. Furthermore, the goggles also have great utility even among people who use them with helmets on. They have proven to be quite useful among people who use prescription glasses.


  • Durable polycarbonate build
  • Versatile owing to the different lenses it has
  • Very breathable design
  • Offer protection from UV rays as well as from debris
  • Comfortable elastic headband


  • Can be too small for people with larger noses

Sposune Outdoor Sports Airsoft

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These goggles are new to the market featuring the latest military/tactical eyewear technology. Their features include a night-vision compatible frame as well as low profile all without the drawbacks that come in the form of the field of view, impact protection, or even breathability.

Their lenses also have a flatter curvature which helps reduce the damage from impact. The frames are also designed to mold to the face which ensures a more comfortable fit even after hours of use.


The lenses on these goggles are made to be as durable as they can be. It also features large lenses which allow for greater periphery vision as well as a larger field of view. In addition to these features, the lenses are also scratch-proof and are resistant to shock damage.

The goggles come with three different polycarbonate lenses built to withstand high impact. These lenses come in grey for bright days, yellow for low light situations, and clear for indoor use. They can also filter UV rays from getting into the user’s eyes.

The design of the glasses also caters to people with myopia. You have the option of inserting your everyday lenses onto the goggles to ensure you do not suffer from poor vision when using them. Short-sighted people can enjoy the high-quality goggles just as much as other people.


  • They have an adjustable band
  • Durable
  • Protect the user from UV rays
  • Accommodate people with myopia
  • Comes with three lenses each for different occasions


  • They are too big for some people


The market offers a lot of options in regards to airsoft goggles. This is especially the case as these goggles can be used in more fields than just airsoft. Their design allows them to find use in a variety of sports like skiing and even more hardcore fields like sharpshooting.

Our personal favorite has to be the Sposune Outdoor Sports. Despite the very competitive price, it has many features, including rich protection from UV rays as well as resistance from high impact. The cherry on top, however, is their approach to helping people with myopia by allowing them to have their lenses in the goggles to help them see better while they engage in their various sporting activities.

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