Best Airsoft Helmet Of 2022 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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Before we get started, do you require a helmet while playing airsoft? The majority of players do not consider helmets a requirement for the sport. And think the only necessary protective gear is a pair of goggles. However, others are of the idea that helmets are absolutely necessary. Why? Have you experienced temple or forehead shots as you play airsoft? Then you will appreciate the need for a protective helmet.

From this, we can establish that using a helmet in airsoft is not just an enhancement to your aesthetic appeal. Instead, there is a warranted reason for you to don a helmet. Yes, it is aesthetic, but it is the protective property that matters more than the looks. Of course, you could choose a random airsoft helmet, but if you are searching for professional advice on getting the best airsoft helmet to meet your various needs, you have arrived at the right place.

Best Airsoft Helmet Reviews

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft Fast Helmet

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ATAIRSOFT is among the top-rated manufacturers of airsoft helmets around. The recommended head dimensions are approximately 59 cm, or 23 inches or below. The helmet is long-lasting since it is made up of premium ABS. You will appreciate the rigidity of this helmet on taking it into the field.


The helmet is light and you do not get to feel the burden of its weight as you don it, meaning it may be used for extended periods. It is available with an interior length and width of approximately 21.5 cm and 17 cm, respectively.
It is possible to attach your preferred airsoft accessory to this helmet readily.

For instance, on the helmet’s side railings, flashlights, torches, and lasers may be attached. This is an Integrated NVG bracket compatible with the majority of the GoPro NVG design mounts. It is available in five different styles to get your preferred choice, and it is among the most sought-after helmets.

One standout feature about the ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft Fast Helmet is that it is not ideal for big-headed players. It can only fit head circumferences of approximately 23 inches or lower. In addition, it has an internal width of 6.69 inches and an inner length of 8.46 inches. Its High-Quality ABS material gives the helmet weight of approximately 550 grams.

Its side rails can fit a wide array of accessories, and its Integrated NVG mount is adaptable to a majority of GoPro NVG style mounts, though the NVG mount is not included in the package and needs to be bought separately. So be sure to measure your head circumference prior to making your order.


  • Assembled from a robust polymer
  • Well balanced and easy to wear
  • Side rails are suitable for various accessories
  • Stylish design looks great in all settings
  • Versatile headband for ideal fit
  • Lightweight of about 600 grams


  • Only ideal for small head circumferences
  • The NVG mount is not included

Airsoft Helmet Fast Base Jump Helmet ABS Plastic Military Helmet Tactical Helmet for Paintball Wargame


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The Airsoft Helmet Fast Base Jump Helmet ABS Plastic Military Helmet Tactical Helmet is ideal for paintball gaming and has an adaptable suspension system that may be tweaked to your preference. Inside this helmet, you will find an up-to-the-minute suspension system, which gives you the best positioning through OPS button adjustment. In addition, the suspension system is surrounded by a memory foam lining that makes it comfortable to wear and appropriate.


The helmet’s tactical rails are situated on the right and left sides and are among the major components. They fix a majority of the tactical accessories such as flashlights, night vision devices, and communication headsets to provide you with an outstanding gameplay experience thanks to the easier and convenient access to the accessories.

The Airsoft Helmet Fast Base Jump Helmet ABS Plastic Military Helmet Tactical does not have bullet-proof capabilities and thus may not be applied in military action. Its application is thus limited to airsoft and other similar gameplay activities.

The helmet has an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic design, making it lightweight and high-duty. It facilitates outstanding performances protecting you from head bumps and is ideal for CS games, paintball wargame, outdoor sports, and field training.

The square holder placed right ahead is a design measure meant to fix matching or optical equipment that directly links the communicator or optical device. The communicator or optical device is an indispensable tactical helmet component, and their significance increases day by day in military tasks.

Fast helmet innovation brings with it nylon magic tape placed on the helmet’s surface to hold different emblems, small size tactical accessories, and a lightweight rescue flashlight. Inside this helmet, you will find an oval hole that brings cooling down and airiness, thereby preventing your head from sweating while engaging in strenuous activities in the field. In addition, it has an elastic string usually tied through the oval hole to stop tactical accessories from falling as you engage in strenuous activities.


  • Adaptable suspension system
  • Nylon magic tape for holding emblems
  • Lightweight and easy to wear for long periods
  • Heavy duty and can be used roughly


  • No bulletproof capabilities
  • Nylon tape can only hold lightweight accessories

ActionUnion Tactical Airsoft Paintball Fast Helmet

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The ActionUnion Tactical Airsoft Paintball Fast Helmet is a comprehensive helmet design with goggles, a protective mask, and a G4 system useful in airsoft games and active service. The enhanced protection from this tactical helmet lets airsoft players engage in a bolder style of play. Additionally, the helmet’s actual lifestyle presents a variety of advantages such as protection from medium to low-velocity debris and shrapnel, bump protection for vehicles, urban, airborne and armored operations.


The helmet is assembled from polymer for airsoft application, hence its lightweight. It offers users protection during CQB, MOUT, or indoor environments and protects the user from BB hits at extremely close or medium ranges.
The helmet’s design supports G4 system-mounted accessories, with the rail system being fixed with the body of the helmet.

The majority of users typically mount lights/illuminators, POV Cameras, IFF Markers (identification friend or foe), battery boxes, and dead rags. Additionally, with the rail system being fixed with the body of the helmet, it can carry a camera, flashlight, and other tools. Various EPE foam paddings are also attached in a different bag.

The design of this helmet makes it lightweight, meaning you will be less tired carrying it. Additionally, aside from offering protection from extremely close or medium-range BB hits, the helmet is also useful in CQB, MOUT, and indoor setups. The Velcro Rails and Integrated Rail System house various tactical accessories and connect with the NVG Shroud of the helmet containing bungees for retaining the NVG Velcro panels and facilitating patches application.

The Helmet Covers and IFF Markers are usually mounted on illuminations, POV cameras, and lights. It is ideal for heads of circumferences ranging from 22 to 26 inches. The neck/chin pad and straps of the suspenders are adjustable to fit perfectly. Superior quality ABS Engineering Plastics, nylon composite, and EPS Anti-seismic Foam Plastic are used, making the head protection gear construction high quality and durable


  • Supports G4 system mounted accessories
  • Useful in CQB, MOUT, and indoor setups
  • Comprehensive helmet design with goggles, protective mask, and G4 system
  • Enhanced protection all around


  • Only fits head circumferences ranging from 22 to 26 inches
  • Permanently fixed rail system does not allow for detachment

LOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet with 12-in-1 Headwear

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LOOGU is among the manufacturers of military-grade tools like tactical helmets with traps, nets, and other hunting and military action aspects. This Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet is ideal for people with head circumferences ranging between approximately 22.4 inches and 23.5 inches. This is an occ dial-variable ring with readily removable leather pads around its build. It is also a multifaceted 12-in-one practical helmet.


The helmet’s ventilation holes and variable pads can be personalized for multiple-impact in accordance with the user’s requirements. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it easily portable and helps avoid unnecessary human body strain, more so during battle. Therefore, it is an ideal helmet for practice and airsoft matches.

Installation of a flashlight, camera, or other equipment on this helmet is simple. Not only airsoft, but you are also likely to come across it in paintball. It has a variable knob for securely gripping a user’s head and protecting it from slipping off. With it, you can play without the need to consistently correct your helmet.

This BASE jump military helmet is assembled from a superior ABS-hard polymer design. It is fit for people with head circumferences of between 22.4 and 23.5 inches. The Occ-Dial variable fit band has a replaceable leather front and a nape. The side pads can be quickly detached to facilitate convenient doffing and donning of communication headsets with top interior headbands.

It weighs approximately 1.23 pounds; therefore, it is lightweight, is multi-impact, and has a ventilated liner with relocatable impact pads and ventilation holes. The helmet is completely adjustable and ideal for almost every outdoor application. Its lightweight design still retains the same protection required for intense outdoor engagements. The helmet is suitable for CS games, hunting, and various outdoor activities.


  • Feels light on the head – can be worn for many hours
  • Standard military equipment
  • Great ventilation keeps the head cool when in action
  • Wide array of compatibilities


  • Made of plastic – feels cheap
  • Does not offer a helmet’s perfect protection

Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet with Clear Visor NVG Mount and Side Rail (Black)

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The Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet is an excellent helmet because its system is adjustable and has a railing for accessories such as GoPro cams, flashlights, and other attachments. In addition, it features pads that help with mind relaxation as you play games. This may be important in that you should not be distracted as you play aggressive games.


Heading back to roleplaying, the helmet is ideal for individuals with the desire for a military-grade helmet for when playing and excellent camouflage when in demanding surroundings. The helmet is amazingly complemented with a half mask and a pair of goggles. It looks great for beginners and advanced players and offers significant protection while battling in cruel surroundings.

This tactical helmet stands out. It is perfect for teenagers and adults and is available with a clear, easily removable, and installable visor NVG mount. In addition, you can don airsoft goggles below the visor. The head circumference of the helmet is adjustable to fit between 21 and 25 inches. Thanks to the seven pieces of self-variable sponge padding, you can feel comfortable every time you wear the helmet.

This Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet is durable and assembled from superior quality ABS plastics. It is a super light airsoft tactical helmet that makes you forget you are wearing it. Its side rails add to your convenience because you can attach various accessories. In addition, the helmet provides the right fit because of its adjustable chin straps and suspender straps.

Its visor is clear and is pretty easy to install. Interestingly, airsoft goggles can be worn under the visor. The lightweight design of the product makes it convenient to play with, and the variable suspender straps ensure it fits head circumferences between 21 and 25 inches. It is also tear-resistant thanks to the high-grade ABS plastic used in its manufacture, making it last longer, and is available with a face shield for face protection from injuries.


  • Long-lasting tactical helmet
  • Lightweight and easy to wear for hours of use
  • Adjustable for custom fitting
  • Ideal for both teenagers and adults
  • Features a clear visor NVG mount


  • Lacks front protection
  • Restricted air vents can leave head feeling hot and sweaty

Final Verdict

When choosing an airsoft helmet, you should not trade function for aesthetics. Though you might be tempted to buy a more fashionable helmet, it is essential to consider the helmet’s comfort, material, and ventilation during gameplay. The listed airsoft helmets, more so the Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet, should provide you with all these features in equal measure.

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