Best Airsoft Pistol of 2022 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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Are you looking to buy an airsoft rifle but don’t know where to begin? This buying guide will show you, clearly, objectively, and independently, our selection of the best airsoft pistols of the moment.

Sophisticated replica weapons and airsoft pistols are used for recreational or precision shooting outdoors or in confined spaces. Because there are a large number of airsoft pistols and replica models, it can be really difficult to find the ideal one for your preferences, budget, and needs.

So below, we will be taking a look at five of the best airsoft pistol options available on the market to help you make the best purchasing decision. Without further ado, let’s jump right in to find out which one you should get!

Airsoft Pistol Reviews

HK Heckler & Koch P30

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The P30 is a pistol designed by the Heckler & Koch firm and is designed based on the original HK P30, USP, and P2000 guns. The original P30 is fully ambidextrous and offers a different trigger and features. It is marketed as a service and law enforcement pistol that combines function and safety.

The P30 has also been adopted by several police services in Europe. However, this HK Heckler & Koch P30 Blowback BB Pistol Airsoft Gun version is also a good pistol for airsofters. So, why is it the best-selling airsoft pistol, and what makes it stand out?


The prototypes of this model were known as P3000, although the P30 name quickly prevailed. This electric replica that Heckler & Koch offers us is mostly made of ABS plastic. The gun shoots in semi-automatic and full-automatic modes at a speed of 180 feet per second maximum. It’s an electric gun that is powered by four AAA batteries. Meanwhile, you have to purchase these separately.

It has a drop-out type magazine with a capacity for 16 6mm balls and shoots at a speed of 180 FPS. This gun is equipped with a BlowBack system which increases the attractiveness of the model. This airsoft replica from the Heckler & Koch pistol series has a metal slide and a metal barrel.

Some parts are also made of metal, but most of the model is made of high-quality plastic. The handle’s shells are ergonomically shaped and have finger recesses. Under the barrel, there is a Picatinny rail. The airsoft pistol has a fixed shoot-up (hop-up system), which increases the shooting precision. It is driven by spring pressure. The magazine has a capacity of 16 rounds of BB bullets.

Note that this pistol is suitable for children over 10 years of age with or without adult supervision. But you must be up to 18 years old to place an order for this. However, it is not for children under 3 years of age as it has few components that are classified as choking hazards. It’s an ideal airsoft pistol for both males and females.


  • Highly durable; made of metal and sturdy plastic
  • Ideal for beginners and children
  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for kids aged 10 and under


  • Not as accurate as others in this price range
  • Slow loading and shooting speed

Umarex 9XP .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

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The Umarex 9XP .177 Caliber is a 4.5mm CO2 capsule gun with a 20-shot magazine for steel pellets. It has a Weaver accessory rail to mount a laser sight, flashlight, or any other accessory. Here’s the full review of the air pistol.


The Umarex 9XP is made of lightweight polymer and metal parts. It is an excellent model at an affordable price and fires with a power of 400 feet per second. A 20-shot semi-automatic CO2 pistol, it fires as fast as you pull the trigger for its 20 shots.

Excellent cost-benefit purchase option, it is an ideal weapon for fun and sports shooting. With this, you can have fun shooting cans and glass bottles. The composition of the material combined with its elegant external lines gives the Brodax air pistol a great balance. It offers complete leisure fun for amateur shooters!

The entry-level CO2 pistol from Umarex comes in cal. 4.5mm BB and ensures a lot of fun and action in your free time. It is particularly impressive because of its good price-performance ratio.

Up to 20 steel BBs with a caliber of 4.5mm are accommodated per magazine. The air pressure pistol is operated with a standard 12g CO2 capsule, which you can easily accommodate in the handle. An illustrated description is included in the packaging, answering any questions you may have.

With a weight of approximately 2 pounds and an ergonomically shaped handle, the pistol lies very comfortably in hand.  Additional features are manual safety, metal slide. The rear sight and front sight are fixed.


  • Weighs like a real gun
  • Shoots faster (up to 400 fps) for a pistol
  • Steel BBs in caliber 4.5 mm
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate


  • To operate, you need a 12g CO2 capsule

Glock 19X Gen5 .177 Caliber BB Air Pistol Gun

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The Glock 19x is a Co2 4.5 mm BB pistol and is a compressed air replica of one of the most famous pistols. It has a metal slide, realistic weight, and realistic trigger safety.


This Glock 19X is one of the latest versions from the Glock family. It combines the larger handle of the Glock 17 and the Glock 19’s compact barrel and is available in the new Coyote color. This licensed 4.5mm air pistol features all the unique markings and almost corresponds to the original in terms of its dimensions and external workmanship.

To shoot its 4.5mm steel BBs, you’ll need CO2 capsules, which can be found in the magazine. You can make 18 shots and achieve up to 2.0 joules of projectile energy. The controls are designed on the two sides and are typically easy to use. Its adjustable rear sight/front sight and the ergonomically shaped handle ensure the best shooting results.

The moveable metal slide of the gun also makes a decent recoil. It brings about a realistic feeling with each shot. All Gen5 models are machined with the precision of a computer to provide a mounting system for all of the most popular optical scopes on the market.

With multiple adapter plates, you can quickly and easily mount the small electronic sights on the rear of the slide on these GLOCK Gen5 models, which have also been fitted with slots on the front for quick and easy handling. These slots have also been incorporated into the G34 Gen5 MOS models.

The gun has mostly metal components and is unmatched in toughness as well as rust resistance, added with the high grip Gen5 frame. This Coyote specifically features a new patented GLOCK nDLC finish. Its ionic finish reduces corrosion and scratching and improves performance in harsh or degreased conditions.


  • Improved accuracy for better aiming and shooting
  • Ideal for both novices and those with experience
  • Made fully of metal for added strength and durability
  • No finger grooves on the grip, improving grip ergonomics


  • No black version, which many people prefer

Desert Eagle Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

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The Desert Eagle is a weapon replica that was popularized with action movies but also in many video games. This replica takes the design of the real weapon point by point with fidelity.


An industry leader, Desert Eagle, has produced an airsoft gun with good performance, faithfully reproduced to the original in this model. The Desert Eagle model is spring-loaded (manual cocking) and is perfect as a backup or for having fun shooting in a secure space. It’s ideal for learning the basics when starting airsoft.

It is a 6mm caliber gun with full metal construction and is available in two color finishes – black and silver. Expectedly, the silver version is a bit more expensive than the black Desert Eagle. Although declared full metal, it has some parts in ABS. Its adjustable hop-up structure in the blowback version turns out to be an excellent pistol, complete and with a decent aim.

The gun does not shoot very fast, however. It records a speed of 175 feet per second. The spring-powered gun has two sights, which are the rear sight and the fixed front sight. Like all products, there are some flaws. We have to mention that there is the rapid wear of the magazine containing the can and the inability to disassemble the gun, except for the barrel, thus making cleaning difficult.

However, it remains a very powerful weapon, on which you can mount a big magazine that can shoot 28 rounds, which you can fire individually and not in bursts.


  • Great design and looks like the real thing
  • Easy to cock, even for beginners and smaller people
  • Excellent accuracy, despite the low power
  • It’s a complete gun – you don’t need any extras


  • The description indicates “Full Metal”, but some parts are in ABS
  • The magazine containing the CO2 can tends to deteriorate over time

BBTac P169 Airsoft Spring Pistol

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This is a spring-loaded airsoft gun that can serve as a gift. It’s a spring airsoft gun whose reinforced trigger and functionality will surprise you. But what more does it offer?


This is a very cheap but accurate gun with heavier BBs. It has a distance that will take your breath away for a gun under 20 dollars. Regardless of the price, this airsoft gun is an actual one-to-one replica of a real gun. It has an orange tip on it like all other toy guns.

This is ideal for you if you are looking for a spring pistol for a bit of fun. The pistol is suitable for target shooting or as a great gift. The P169 comes with a manual and a small bag of BBs. It is designed in lightweight ABS, which is why it’s lowly priced. Besides the clip, which is made of metal, everything else is in plastic.

It also has a spring power, so you can fire the BBs every time you pull that back, and you can do it every time the magazine releases. The magazine is very easy to fill. You just have to pull down the spring, put your BBs in, and you’re good to go.

It has a full-size magazine, but it’s very light. This gun is quite large and has many features, which include a functional safety switch, an anti-slip grip, and uses 0.12 gram BBs. It has a fake dummy hammer that doesn’t do anything. It stays like that when you cock it. Although it doesn’t shoot as fast or as accurately as others on the list, for its price, it won’t disappoint you. The firepower here is 260 feet per second.

It has a nice size, and an adult can grip it well. It fits the hand better than a really small pistol where you can only fit a couple of fingers. However, its 12-round magazine is the only part we weren’t too happy with on this gun. This is because you can’t store any BBs in the back, and there’s no slot at the bottom for you to lock that in. But what do you expect from a pistol of this price?


  • Has shooting speed of 260 FPS, which is fair
  • Features a functional safety that ensures no accidental shots happen
  • A replica with actual gun size makes for more realism when playing
  • Simple to use; just cock it and shoot – perfect for beginners
  • Very inexpensive – excellent value for money


  • Low magazine capacity
  • Made of cheap plastics that don’t feel great in hand


Whether you choose a spring or CO2 model, your air pistol should be well chosen to ensure the best performance and long-term use. We hope you have now found an airsoft pistol that can become your favorite with every single shot. It doesn’t matter what your budget is; you’ll be able to find a suitable device within the price range that suits your needs and preferences best.

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