Best Airsoft Shotgun Of 2022 – Complete Reviews With Comparison

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While engaging in airsoft battles, it is not uncommon for players to want to get up close and personal. Ranged weapons are fun to play with, such as the amazing airsoft sniper rifles. However, no gun has the potential of saying it as you mean it as the shotgun.

Tailored for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) and the weapon of choice for zombie-killers and T-800 terminators all over, it is clear where they got their nicknames, “boomstick” and “room cleaner” from. In addition, they happen to be a cost-efficient means of getting started with the airsoft hobby.

Therefore, we took time to highlight some of the best airsoft shotguns to ease your process of choosing your shotgun of choice. And probably you might end up owning one or two of this marvelously satisfying equipment of raging airsoft destruction.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at five of the best airsoft shotgun options to see what features they have on offer so you can make an educated decision that suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

Airsoft Shotgun Reviews

Crosman GameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered Single-Shot Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun

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Fire at your competition as quickly as you can pump! The Crosman GameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered Single-Shot Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun has an interesting and robustly designed pump-action and can shoot 6mm plastic BBs at speeds of up to 390 FPS. In addition, the aluminum smoothbore barrel of the shotgun and inbuilt Hop-up propulsion mechanism allows for added shooting distance and better accuracy.


This is an airsoft shotgun with a pistol grip and variable stock to provide a customized fit. Its Picatinny rail system allows you to incorporate your accessories of choice and also has a slide safety feature. This GameFace ASGM47 VooDoo Spring-Powered shotgun has a magazine capacity of 19, which is convenient for long firefight durations.

The Crosman GameFace Shotgun is an airsoft gun powered by a spring. It is capable of shooting 6mm BBs at speeds of up to 390 FPS. The Crosman GameFace cocks are similar to pump shotguns’ working action and may be slam-fired for quick successive shots. The magazine has a 19 round capacity. However, you do not get any sights with this GameFace ASGM47 shotgun package.

Nonetheless, its tactical rail provides room for you to mount custom sights. Other accessories that may be mounted on the rail are flashlights for late-night battles or indoor battling. The Voodoo shotgun is excellent for airsoft close quarters and gun skirmishes and does not rely on any batteries to power it up as it uses spring power.


  • Similar operation to the pump shotgun
  • Magazine capacity of 19 rounds to limit reloading
  • Fires 6mm BBs at a maximum of 390 fps
  • It has a tactical rail for mounting accessories


  • The sling mounts are made of weak plastic
  • It does not have sights for better accuracy

Crimson Trace Shotgun Lasersaddle

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Be prepared to aim at your target with this Crimson Trace Shotgun Lasersaddle designed for Mossberg Shotguns, more so ideally for easy and fast targeting with tactical and home-defense shotguns. This Crimson Trace Lasersaddle shotgun attaches easily to your tapped and drilled shotgun receiver for effortless operation. In addition, it has an ambidextrous laser activation pad for both left and right-handed shooters, together with a main off/on switch for totally powering the laser system down.


Its heavy-duty 5mW red laser sight is completely adjustable for windage and elevation. The gun has a pair of CR2032 batteries included with the package, giving you a battery life of three hours of continuous use for a definitive performance when it matters most.

The Lasersaddle comprises a single low-profile laser unit designed to cast around the receiver’s upper right-hand segment of the host shotgun. This emits one 0.5-inch red laser from the right upper side. The device has three activation pressure pads on its right, with constant off and on function. The rearmost pressure pad of the Lasersaddle is angled towards where a left-handed user can access with the thumb.

The complete Lasersaddle module weight is only 2 ounces, adding very little to the overall weight of the gun it is mounted to. It is compatible with Mossberg 590 shockwave 12-ga, 590, and 500 models with drilled and tapped receivers.

A little master off and on switch is present in a tiny divot on the right side of the Lasersaddle. Its battery compartment may be accessed from the unit’s right side using a pair of CR 2032 batteries. The twin-battery life of this unit is approximately four hours. Additionally, a tiny hole for an availed Allen key makes laser adjustment possible for windage and elevation of the host shotgun.


  • Excellently boosts the Shockwave’s practicality as a defensive gun
  • 3 amazing activation pressure pads with off/on function
  • Comfortable and convenient ambidextrous shooting
  • Easy installation, adjustment, and sighting


  • Non-tactile activation
  • Its material feels quite flimsy

BBTac Airsoft Shotgun Shorty Pump Action Spring Airsoft Gun M401

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The BBTac Airsoft Shotgun Shorty Pump Action Spring Airsoft Gun is a cool shotgun option because it varies a lot from other weapons available out there for a majority of airsoft players. Its top part is designed from metal and has a hard ABS plastic for its remaining parts. An amazing aspect of this shotgun is the pellet velocity that can travel at speeds of up to 400 FPS. The package also features a 14-round magazine, a sling, and a speed loader.


The shotgun can shoot pellets when you pump it a couple of times, though this is not advisable. So the better thing to do is pump and hit repeatedly. This is interesting to use and can be tried in airsoft games. Of course, it is exceptionally difficult when facing players that have automatics, but this difficulty is part of the joy of the game.

Beginners can also have a feel of this, which is highly likely true with a younger set. It is efficient as a beginning weapon for airsoft newbies.

This shotgun is a capable spring-loaded airsoft gun that includes a gun and airsoft rifle firing authoritatively at 300 FPS. In addition, it fires 0.12 gram BBs. The firearm is a realistic airsoft replica with plastic construction and a detailed finish, making it an excellent beginner gun that does not need assembly.

It is a ready-to-play shotgun with the package incorporating airsoft 6mm pellets ammo to begin firing immediately. The airsoft guns package is ideal for effective gameplay with newbies.

A clip facilitates the quick loading feature of the gun for simple and fast reload for quick loading and turn around. You also get to save extra value with this package deal since it packs significant savings compared to purchasing them separately. Buying this complete package is the best way to go for anyone with the intention of getting started.


  • Pellets can get to 400 FPS
  • The upper part is metallic, giving it a more realistic look
  • Using it is simple as you only need to pump then shoot
  • Ability to quickly load for a better gaming experience


  • Shotgun shells are not used with it
  • Unable to shoot multiple BBS at a time

350 FPS DOUBLE EAGLE M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun

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If you feel more like using a “sawed-off” weapon, you should consider trying the 350 FPS DOUBLE EAGLE M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun. It has a length of approximately 21.26 inches and may be carried in a ‘concealed’ manner as your ‘plan B’ weapon during airsoft battles. Additionally, it can shoot BBs at speeds of up to 400 FPS.


You receive a quick-cocking pump for every time you require to shoot. Every magazine contains 17 rounds. Therefore your rounds are not wasted. The firearm may be used in single-shot mode by pumping once and preparing to shoot. Nonetheless, it may be pumped twice to get two pellets ready to be fired or pumped thrice, and three pellets may be fired simultaneously.

It is possible to fire eight pellets simultaneously after pumping eight times. The feeling is equally bad-ass, more so when hitting a target from within 100 feet. Avoiding reload is also easy. However, using it is not particularly easy in comparison to a completely automated airsoft rifle capable of instantaneously spraying an area. Nonetheless, the continued pumping with every shot feels more challenging and exciting. It is a lot of fun, more so for beginners.

Currently, this DOUBLE EAGLE M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun is the best available. The compelling 350 feet per second speed makes this an excellent option for long-range and close play, hence a wonderful addition to your collection. It shoots 6mm airsoft BBs at a range of approximately 100 feet and has a length of about 21.25 inches made of long-lasting ABS polymer.

Since it is powered by a spring, no gas or batteries are required for the device that also features a fast cocking action (pump action) firing mode. It also has a variable hop-up and a magazine with a capacity of 20 rounds. The magazine is also detachable.

The package features a 6mm BBs sample pack, a barrel rod, and a loading tube. In addition, there is a top rail system that facilitates the mounting of additional accessories. As the law requires, you purchase the product with an orange blaze tip.


  • You can make several pumps and shoot as many bullets with every shot
  • Possible to hit targets from a distance of 100 feet
  • It is compact and easy to maneuver
  • Pellet velocity of at least 350 FPS


  • The magazine has a capacity of only 20 rounds
  • Using it might be challenging compared to automated airsoft rifles

Evike – CYMA Polymer M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun

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For several years, CYMA has led the way in the production of cost-efficient, effective, and reliable airsoft AEGs. CYMA is, however, branching out with the inauguration of their 870 shotgun line. This 870 shotgun is among the top-selling and most famous shotguns to ever be produced and has faithfully served in law enforcement, military, and civilian possession for more than five decades.


Owing to the robust design of the shotgun, its general reliability, and ease of use, there are more than 10 million owners of 870 shotguns around the planet. Therefore, CYMA embarked on capturing this legendary shotgun in the means of an equally easy-to-use and reliable airsoft version.

The wheel cannot be reinvented here; the M870 series from the CYMA utilizes the efficient and reliable tri-shot spring-fueled pump-action mechanism together with boosted internals and enhanced external aesthetics typical of CYMA merchandise. The polymer receiver, metal barrel, and pistol grip assembly are based on the popular Remington 870 shotgun and utilize practical cartridges capable of holding 30 rounds.

CYMA is one of the most experienced, largest, and oldest manufacturers of airsoft products around the globe. Popular for their unrivaled professionalism and quality control, the manufacturer is chosen as the OEM of a wide array of airsoft products. Affordability and durability meet the Evike – CYMA Polymer M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun performance.

Some of the standout features of this shotgun include its polymer receiver and tri-shot system, as you can shoot three BBs with a single trigger pull. Its barrel assembly is metallic and has a detachable 30th shotshell. The muzzle velocity ranges between 280 and 306 FPS with 0.20 gram BBs. The gun also has three-round burst fire modes for safety.


  • Aesthetic design looks great and is easy to carry
  • 208 to 306 FPS
  • Legendary look that most will love
  • Rubber butt pad for protection


  • Includes only a single shell
  • Bigger than often thought to be
  • It does not have the best range

Final Verdict

We hope that we have provided a wide array of choices for both advanced airsoft players and beginners to choose a shotgun fitting their particular tastes. We appreciate the urge of most players to pull the legendary move of cocking the gun while vertically holding it and have highlighted that within our list. Try the 350 FPS DOUBLE EAGLE M401 Pump Action Spring Powered Airsoft Shotgun, and it might be just what you need.

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