Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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In this article, we are going to shed light on a topic that many airsofters are interested in; that is, we will be determining which is the best airsoft sniper rifle.

As we all know, airsoft has different roles which include that of a sniper. This is played by a player who is very skilled in using the sniper rifle and keeping a cool head. A sniper needs a quality weapon.

In the rest of the article, we’ll review the five best airsoft sniper rifles. Come along!

Airsoft Sniper Rifle Reviews

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

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Made with highly durable and sturdy plastic, the BBTac M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is an airsoft weapon that feels heavy and realistic like a real gun. The sniper rifle shoots powerfully with .2g BBs.


The BTech M62 airsoft spring power rifle is a weapon that can shoot at a speed of 425 feet per second. The spring-piston air gun weighs 4 pounds and holds 27 rounds in the magazine. Its length is a little bit different than that because there are adjustable plates that can adjust the length of this in a spring power. There is also an adjustable hop-up.

This gun replica has a detailed finish and is constructed mainly in ABS polymer plastic while the barrel is made of full metal. It is a very professional-looking genuine device and has an instruction manual that says how to put it together. It also includes some information on how to use the speed loader and bolt action because some people don’t know how to do that.

It also features a full metal barrel, a bolt action, and adjustable buttstock plates. There are Allen keys for adjusting and putting the barrel on the stock itself.

The airsoft rifle is inexpensive and can be purchased for less than $70 without the scope. That definitely would leave room for a cheap scope. But, on Amazon, you can get the gun, which includes a cheap scope for under $100. Just be warned; the scope that comes with the gun is not very good. So, we recommend buying the scope separately.

Overall, the gun has a different look when you put the scope on it. It looks nice and includes a fire and safety feature. If it’s on safe, you can’t pull the trigger but as soon as you put it on fire, it starts firing.

Overall, this is a sniper rifle with good value for money. The accuracy is good enough for airsoft but don’t expect it to consistently hit the bull’s eye.


  • Inexpensive and great quality
  • Fast loading and simple reloading
  • Ideal for long-distance shooting
  • Strong, powerful, and sturdy


  • Poor quality scope
  • Cannot hit bull’s-eye consistently

Black Ops B1768 Sniper Rifle

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The Black OPS Sniper Tactical Power Piston 4.5mm 14.44 Joules rifle is a weapon of formidable power and very high precision. It is also made of polymer and metal but how sturdy and realistic does it look?


A real sniper-type rifle, it is equipped as standard with an interchangeable bi-foot 4 x 32 rifle scope. The stock is made of polymer just like the real sniper rifles that equip today’s intervention forces. All this without forgetting the silencer mounted fixed at the end of the cannon.

Even if this rifle is a recreational shooting rifle, it is nonetheless very robust. Its barrel is designed in ultra-resistant steel.

The Spring Piston Series gives it greater robustness and greater regularity in the release of compressed air while limiting vibrations and in fact, the wear of materials. This results in greater precision when firing, even with repeated use.

The Black OPS Sniper Tactical Power Piston rifle is equipped with adjustable fiber optic sights hard-mounted on its frame like today’s sniper rifles. On the other hand, it is equipped with a 6-inch Picatinny rail to be able to mount accessories just like the Black OPS 4X32 rifle scope provided or the Picatinny bi-foot also provided in this pack.

The Black OPS Official riflescope has a telescope that allows a magnification of 4X and has an exit diameter of 32 mm which creates a large entry of light and which therefore allows great clarity in the tunnel aiming. It becomes very useful when the brightness of the shooting area is quite low.

If we combine the various elements of stabilization, the Black OPS 4X32 rifle scope, and the rather imposing weight of this 5.92 kg rifle, we obtain a more than remarkable shooting behavior, even for a beginner.

It is also equipped with a low mounting of great stability which adapts perfectly to the tube of the riflescope and the Picatinny rail. The tightening is very simple thanks to the large screw heads that can be clamped by hand.


  • Has a trigger locking system for safety
  • Simple reloading system by just tilting the barrel
  • Made of durable steel and polymer
  • Includes an adjustable bi-pod leg
  • Accurate pellet rifle


  • A bit expensive
  • Could be more durable

Double Eagle M62 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun

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The Double Eagle M62 is a lightweight and inexpensive, under $100, sniper rifle gun with a full metal barrel, trigger, and bolt. The package here contains the rifle, a speedloader, an instruction manual, a warranty manual, one magazine, and more. Here’s the full review.


The Double Eagle M62 sniper is a light and inexpensive sniper rifle gun manufactured with a polymer body and metal barrel. It has a 22mm upper rail for fixing telescopes and a lower rail for bipod use. It includes an adjustable cheek rest and a standard VSR-10 trim with a 45º trigger.

The Double Eagle M62 Sniper is for anyone who wants to have the long and accurate shots of a sniper! It features a polymer body with a metal barrel. There is a 22mm top rail for fixing telescopes.

The shooting mode of this weapon is bolt action. You can have a speed of 420 feet per second on your shots. The magazine has up to a 27-round capacity. The Hop UP is adjustable. Meanwhile, the inner barrel size is 470mm while the inner barrel diameter is 6.08mm.

The ABS part of the gun is the whole stock and then the barrel is full metal with a top rail system and a cleaning rod.
It has some sling mounts. The gun is made of metal and you also have an adjustable cheek riser. It has four points in it so you can set it the way you want.

The magazine has a place where it is pressed. The little button pops it out seamlessly. The magazine holds 27 rounds which is pretty good. Many people reported they had no feeding issues.

The gun is fast and accurate and you can see from the box that it says velocity is 420 feet per second. The 27 rounds, spring power, hop up, fully adjustable butt, stock precision, metal barrel, and more – these are what makes it one of the best airsoft sniper rifles.

Inside the pack, you will get Allen wrenches to put it together, the user manual, and you have some extra butt pads and a speed loader.


  • Includes adjustable cheek rest for comfort
  • Short bottom rail for bipod accessories
  • Adjustable hop UP to ensure accuracy
  • Well built, durable, and powerful
  • It’s a good first sniper for starters


  • Shoots accurately only in the short-range (25 to 30 feet)

GameFace 52004 Spring-Powered Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle

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The GameFace 52004 is a spring-powered bolt action airsoft rifle that is sold for the same price as the Double Eagle M62. So, what is it all about?


The GameFace GF 52004 sniper rifle is a bolt action gun that shoots about 425 feet per cycle at .12 BBS. We do not recommend .12 gram BBS because they are very inaccurate and they will damage your gun in later use.

So with that note, we don’t get why they test these beautiful guns with cheap BBs. Regardless, this holds about 29 rounds in this magazine. So it’s a good amount of ammunition you can hold in one clip. It travels down a lot faster and this gun has an adjustable hop-up.

The bipod and scope are separate and they’re sold separately. It comes with a Picatinny rail on top of the gun but it also comes with a speed loader and a sling. The sling lasts a while but the bad part is the sling mounts. They’re wobbly, make a lot of noise, and we don’t see a purpose for them as they’re just going to break off.

The magazine has a release button. All you have to do is press this button, it pops out, and it’s time to shoot. Once you eject the magazine using the clip release button, it always seems to be one BB that falls out and you have to reload that and put that back in your gun.

The gun is fully upgradeable with all VSR-10 parts. The upgrade kits get you about 550 feet per second with .20 BBS.
Overall, this is a really good gun but can be better if you would consider upgrading it. This way, you could be precise with it but it’s very good and accurate once you put the scope on. However, many users say it’s useless without a scope.

Sometimes, you just need the right ammunition and then you can figure out by yourself where you’re aiming and how you need to shoot.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The magazine is easy to load
  • Made of one piece of precision metal
  • Ideal for long-range shooting
  • Comes with a sling


  • Cannot be shipped to New York
  • Useless without a scope

BBTac MB06D 470 FPS Sniper Rifle

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To round the review up, we have yet another airsoft gun from BBTac. This is not only one of the most interesting-looking airsoft guns, it’s one of the best performing guns of the MBO line. Its affordability has made it a big seller.


The BBTac airsoft sniper rifle gun is well known for its high-velocity shots. It’s a 470 feet per second gun. This is one airsoft sniper rifle you can get for an affordable price and still get that hit.

It’s available with the scope included which is a great deal considering some dealers have it lower but they don’t include a scope which is going to cost you an extra $40 to $60.

For starters, you will be getting a very good value product that includes some great features. The Wellfire MBO 6 is surprisingly easy to pull for a gun shooting 470 feet per second.

The most interesting part of this gun would probably be the stock. This is an M4 stock and that makes the gun look different. It is of course extendable. The point of this is basically to give the shooter more comfort. However, if he wants it to be shorter, this is going to make it harder to pull the bolt back.

So it would be better to be fully extended. The included scope is metal and is 3 x 9 x 32 so you’ll get a fairly good zoom. However, you can remove it to place your optics on the 20 millimeter RS rail at the top.

The magazine is located on the underside of the MBO6. The magazine is plastic and holds 25 to 30 rounds and quite honestly it’s a big pain to load in the field.

The speed loader included is the old-fashioned high style speed loader. There is a special speed loader tip available that you can put on your speed loader to make loading this magazine a lot more convenient.

To place your magazine back in your gun, make sure you have the magazine pointing the correct way which is quite easy considering the magazine has an arrow on it that says front, pointing towards the front of the magazine. Then by simply placing it in, you’re going to hear a clicking sound which means your BBs can be fed and you’re capable of firing the gun safely.

Finally, the MBO6 airsoft sniper rifle is perfect for the economical airsoft sniper because of its very low price with the scope included.


  • Powerful scope magnification
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Up to 470 FPS
  • Made of one piece of full metal
  • Includes a good usable scope unlike other snipers


  • The clip can be sturdier although it’s easy to replace


Whether you are a newbie to airsoft, or perhaps you’re looking to buy the best airsoft sniper rifle for your child, this is the guide you need to find and buy the best sniper rifle! The selected airsoft rifles offer a good effective range, allowing the operator to become a highly accurate marksman in certain combat situations.

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