Best Airsoft BBs: What Are The Best Airsoft Bullets

You’ve got your rifle, your scope’s fitted and your camo gear is ready to rock. 

But, what about ammo? 

Successfully completing our mission on the airsoft battlefield depends on loading your weapon with the best BBs that you can get. But how do you know one BB from another? After all, they pretty much look the same, right?

You’ve come to the right place.

    Evike Novritsch
    Title #1
    Title #1

    If you are serious airsofter who specializes in the sniper position, then this has got to be your ‘go-to’ ammo.

    Title #2
    Title #2

    At .46 grams it is double the weight of most of the other BBs in this review. That provides it with a far truer flight path and greater overall accuracy.

    Title #3
    Title #3

    It comes in a container of 555 BBs, whereas most competitors will provide you with 5000.

    Game Face 20GBW5J
    Title #1
    Title #1

    The Game Face 20GBW5J is a great choice, it will naturally disintegrate in the environment, and you do not have to pay the price of significant loss of accuracy with this model.

    Title #2
    Title #2

    The Game Face 20GBW5J is surprisingly accurate for a biodegradable BB. It has less drop than you would expect.

    Title #3
    Title #3

    This biodegradable BB may tend to jam up your weapon when fired in rapid succession in skirmish type combat.

In this article, we drill down on the 5 best BBs on the current market. Not only do we discover the best BB overall, but we also reveal the best biodegradable BB and the best BBs for snipers. 

After the reviews, you’ll find a comprehensive BB FAQ to take to get you up to speed on your airsoft ammo.

Best AIrsoft BBs Overall: Crosman SAP5020 AirSoft 0.2 BBs

Crosman SAP5020


The Crossman SAP5020 is a very low cost BB that is both accurate and well made. This BB is suited for airsoft rifles that shoot at a velocity under 350 feet per second. These 6 mm pellets are white in color and come in a container of 5000.


The Crossman SAP5020 has a tendency to trail up and go off target. This is most likely due to the fact that the BB is not polished. This makes them less than perfectly spherical which can increase drag.

Some reviewers have also noted that there have been some problems with the packaging of the Crossman SAP5020. Shipments have arrived with the BBs having spilled out of the container.

Extra Features

The Crossman SAP5020 is a totally seamless BB. That means that it will provide you with a truer flight than a BB with a seam. There are also no visual impurities on these BBs. 

That means that you won’t find any dimples, bubbles or creases on this ammo. For a low cost BB the Crossman SAP5020 is surprisingly durable. 

This pellet will be unlikely to jam up your weapon or break before you fire it.

Buying Advice

The Crossman SAP5020 is a great choice for the beginner airsofter. It provides you with a reliable, well made BB at an unbeatable price. Due to their accuracy issues, they are best used for skirmish battle.

Technical specifications


The Elite Force Premium is a great choice for high velocity rifles, in the 350-450 feet per second range. This .25 g BB will provide with an accurate, true flight. 

It is free from deformations, holes and seams. Being twenty percent heavier than the Crossman SAP5020, they will deliver a more accurate flight path.


There’s not much to not like about the Elite Force Premium. However, a few reviewers have noted that there is a lack of uniformity in the density across the range of these BBs.

Extra Features

The Elite Force Premium is a seamless BB to provide an even more accurate flight. You get 5000 BBs in each container to provide you with plenty of fire-power. It provides a good range of 150-175 yards. These BBs are packaged in a handy plastic bottle to avoid spillage.

Buying Advice

The Elite Force Premium 0.25 BB is a great choice for a more powerful airsoft rifle. 

If you are using a weapon that fires above 350 feet per second, you can’t go better than Elite Force Premium. It’s accurate, reliable and well priced.

Technical specifications

Best Biodegradable BBs: Game Face 20GBW5J


The Game Face 20GBW5J is a double polished biodegradable 6 mm BB that weighs in at 0.20 grams. It is made from polylactic acid (PLA), which consists of natural resin which naturally degrades when exposed to water and sunlight.


This biodegradable BB may tend to jam up your weapon when fired in rapid succession in skirmish type combat. That is likely due to the double polishing that the BB is covered with.

Extra Features

The Game Face 20GBW5J is surprisingly accurate for a biodegradable BB. It has less drop than you would expect, providing you with a truer flight path than much of the competition.

Buying Advice

The Game Face 20GBW5J is a great choice if you are looking for an environmentally friendly BB pellet. It will naturally disintegrate in the environment over a period of around a hundred days. 

Unlike many biodegradable competitors, you do not have to pay the price of significant loss of accuracy with this model.

Technical specifications

RUNNER-UP BIO: Elite Force AirSoft BIO


The Elite Force Airsoft Biodegradable BB is suited for weapons that shoot at higher velocity, in the 350 feet per second or greater range. 

You will be hard pressed to find any deformities, holes or imperfections on them and they are manufactured to be seamless.


While the plastic bottle packaging of these BBs is convenient, you need to be careful to fully enclose the caap every time to prevent moisture getting in and decomposing your BBs.

Extra Features

The Elite Force Airsoft Biodegradable BB is an extremely accurate BB that reliably flies straight, with very little tailing off. As with all Elite Force BB’s the pellets are packaged in a plastic bottle.

Buying Advice

The Elite Force Airsoft Biodegradable BB is an impressively accurate biodegradable BB that allows you to have confidence in getting the shot while also knowing that you’re looking after the environment. 

These BBs are very uniform, long lasting and reliable.

Technical specifications

Best BBs For The Sniper: Evike - Novritsch Precision Sniper BBS


The Novritsch Precision Sniper BBS from Evike is recognized as one of the highest performing BBs on the market. This is a custom made sniper BB. At .46 grams it is double the weight of most of the other BBs in this review. That provides it with a far truer flight path and greater overall accuracy.


The Novritsch Precision Sniper BB is a premium sniper BB. As a result it is much more expensive than other BBs. It also comes in a container of 555 Bbs, whereas most competitors will provide you with 5000.

Extra Features

The Novritsch Precision Sniper BBS is a biodegradable BB. They come in white, are completely deformity free and are seamless.

Buying Advice

The Novritsch Precision Sniper BB is a premium BB. If you are serious airsofter who specializes in the sniper position, then this has got to be your ‘go to’ ammo. Just keep in mind that you have to pay for quality.

Technical specifications

Airsoft BBs FAQ

Airsoft bullets and pistol set

Different Types of BBs

Though BB pellets functionally serve the same purpose, they are not all the same. They are used with different airsoft guns. Here are some of the different types of BBs airsoft players can come across on the market. 

Regular BBs 

For most use cases, the regular BB is the way to go. They are typically more reliable since they are less likely to break or crack. Moreover, they are designed to keep the airsoft gun in working order throughout its life while being the cheapest variety on the market. 

Softmark BBs 

These BBs are defined by the small chalk mark they leave after you have been hit during airsoft shooting. This is meant to stop disputes that would arise over hitting the enemy. These pellets are very niche but are very effective in working with most guns. They are also great for target practice being available in 0.12 and 0.2 grams. 

Biodegradable airsoft BB pellets 

The biodegradable pellet is designed to be more environmentally friendly and will typically disintegrate on the ground after they have been used up. They are commonly non-toxic and could be ingested (accidentally!) without much harm. However, you should always take care to read the label on the box before proceeding. 

It should be noted, though, that they are more expensive than regular pellets. They are also designed to break apart easily after contact. When they come in contact with a mesh mask, they have the capacity to go through the mesh, with fragments getting through. 

Some countries like The Netherlands allow the use of degradable BBs in forests, making them a perfect choice for the environmentally conscious user. As a plus, since they degrade, you can use your garden as an airsoft field without bothering to pick them up. 

Tracer unit BB pellets 

These typically glow in the dark, making them a great alternative for indoor shooting ranges. When shot, they create a glowing trail in the air giving a greater tactical edge to the game. These pellets have the potential of making the game more exciting as they offer optimum accuracy. 

Though they can be quite effective, tracer BB pellets tend to be some of the most expensive on the market. They are mostly used indoors but can be great for outdoor games too.  

Aluminum MetalTac Airsoft BB Pellets 

These are the strongest BBs on the market. Though they are made from metal, they typically do not hurt more than regular BBs, and they do not feel heavier than other pellets. Their shiny look does make them look a lot cooler as they are streaming in the air. They can be pretty challenging to find, though they are common in competitions. 

Are Airsoft BBs bad for the environment?

Airsoft BBs come in two types when it comes to how good they are for the environment:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-biodegradable

Biodegradable BBs are broken down by microorganisms and fungi in the environment. Traditionally, BBs were non biodegradable. 

However, as people began to complain about their effect on the environment, non-biodegradable types of BB were released.

Biodegradable BBs are designed to decompose on their own. This process will begin when they come into contact with water or sunlight. Some varieties of biodegradable BB will even begin to disintegrate when they are exposed to oxygen. 

Brands of BB pellets will disintegrate at different rates, with the fastest acting ones generally being more expensive. 

Some pellets will take up to a year to disintegrate in a landfill, and even longer if left on an open field.

A study was recently carried out in which biodegradable and non-biodegradable BBs both tested to see how long it would take for them to disintegrate. The biodegradable BBs disintegrated within one hundred days. 

However, at the end of the study period of 545 days the non-biodegradable BBs were still intact.

Apart from their direct impact upon the environment, the small round makeup of BBs make them likely to be picked up by animals or small children and swallowed. 

This could lead to a whole host of health problems. If BBs end up in a body of water, they can also be eaten by marine life.

How can tell if BBs are biodegradable or not?

The container will usually indicate whether or not the BBs are biodegradable. However, this is not always the case. 

When set alight, a biodegradable BB will burn with an orange flame with no smoke. 

Non-biodegradable BBs will burn with a yellow flame and produce a lot of black smoke. Biodegradable BBs may also exude a distinct odor. Finally, biodegradable BBs will be more expensive than their non-biodegradable counterparts.

Why should you opt for biodegradable BBS?

Biodegradable BBs are better for the environment for several reasons. 

Firstly, they will decompose naturally over a period of time. As a result, the level of greenhouse gases will be reduced. Because they are made of resins, biodegradable BBs will not pollute the environment.

If swallowed, either by animals or children, BBs will not do any harm. Biodegradable BBs also do not take up landfill space.

There are, however, some disadvantages of opting for biodegradable BBs that you should also be aware of. 

These include the fact that they will begin to disintegrate immediately the seal is broken. So you have to be more aware of using them quite quickly than if you had purchased non-biodegradable BBs.

Biodegradable BBs will shatter upon impact, whereas non-biodegradable ones general will not. As a result, you will find that they are banned in come competitions. 

They are more likely to cause injury to the face due to flying fragments.You may also find that biodegradable BBs tend to jam up your weapon during close quarters combat. 

This is due to the oily film in which the BB has been coated. Finally, biodegradable BBs are more expensive than the non-biodegradable version.

What are biodegradable airsoft BBs made of?

Biodegradable airsoft BBs are made from polylactic acid (PLA). 

This is also known as polylactide and is composed of natural substances such as resins (which may be either natural or synthetic). 

Polylactide decomposes in water. 

This material is more expensive than that used to make non-biodegradable BBs, which is why the end product is also more expensive.

Non-biodegradable BB pellets are made of a type of plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). 

It is not soluble in water. Very often non-biodegradable pellets have a petroleum based center. 

They have been known to make the soil around where they land infertile. This, of course, has a negative impact on plant growth.

Are Airsoft BBs reusable?

Yes, airsoft BBs are reusable. 

However, as mentioned above, biodegradable BBs have a tendency to shatter upon impact, so you may not have much luck recycling them. Non-biodegradable BBs are, therefore, the most likely to be recycled. The challenge, of course, will be to find them!

The fact that airsoft BBs are reusable doesn’t mean that you should get into the practice of doing so. 

It will be impossible to avoid getting bits of dirt and debris into the gun, which could lead to some serious problems.

What is the best way to maintain Airsoft BBs?

Airsoft maintenance

You can follow some simple maintenance guidelines in order to get the best performance from your BBs. 

Even though they are fresh out of the container, you should still wash them. 

This will ensure that any gunk left on them from the factory is removed before you load them into your airsoft rifle.

After washing your BBs, try not to touch them with your hands. BBs that come in bottles, such as those manufactured by Elite, are great because they allow you to pour them directly into your magazine.

Ideally, you should store your BBs in cold, dark and dry conditions. This is especially important for biodegradable BBs, which will start to deteriorate if exposed to sunlight. 

In fact, your best bet is to store you biodegradable BBs in the refrigerator.

Can Airsoft BBs penetrate the skin?

If an airsoft pellet strikes your bare skin, it will likely break the skin, which will probably cause bleeding. 

This is why you should be completely covered when entering into the airsoft battle arena. 

Airsoft weapons that are allowed in battle competition will not shoot a BB fast enough to be able to penetrate the skin through clothing. A shot from a BB gun will sting for a few seconds. 

When you get home you will see a welt on your skin, which will go away after a few days. Airsoft BBs generally have a lower velocity than conventional BB guns

The average velocity of an airsoft rifle is between 250 and 400 feet per second, compared to 350 and 700 feet per second for a conventional BB gun. 

In addition the BBs used for airsoft are lighter, being around .20 grams, compared to .34 grams for conventional BBs. 

These factors impact upon the penetration level of the BB when it strikes the target.

What should I be looking for in a quality Airsoft BB?

To many of us BBs all look like. 

However, there are certain things you should be looking for:

  • Manufacture quality – does the BB have a balanced center of gravity? Is there a smooth polished finish? Is it free of defemroities an imperfections?
  • Weight – the heavier your BB pellet is, the less likely it will be to be affected by wind.
  • Packaging – you want to handle your BBs as little as possible. That’s why it is a good idea to buy from a manufacturer who supplies the BBs in a ready to pour container. 

Bottles are ideal so you can tip your BBs directly into the magazine of your weapon without having to touch them.

To Sum It All up...

Getting the right BB for your weapon is a critical part of the airsoft experience.

In this article, we’ve revealed the best airsoft BBs on the market right now for a range of purposes. 

The best overall 6mm airsoft BBs are the Crossman SAP5020, which deliver quality, seamless reliability and a good level of accuracy all at an extremely competitive price point. 

The best biodegradable airsoft BBs are the Game Face 20GBW5J, which will disintegrate into the environment within about a hundred days. 

The best 66mm airsoft BBs for snipers is the Novritsch Precision Sniper BB, which delivers the best accuracy and range while also being biodegradable.

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