The Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Airsoft Guns

With many types of airsoft guns to consider and so many varying features, the search for the best one can be a challenge. 

In Airsoft battles, every single shot counts, and having the right gun by your side will ensure that you dominate your rivals in style. A proper Airsoft gun should also include accessories like dot sights, flashlights, and reflex sights in your budget, but you should ensure you can get them at an affordable price to improve your Airsoft experience. 

You need to consider power, accuracy, style, and durability when making this important investment, so we’ve created a comprehensive buying guide to steer you in the right direction.

    Colt M4A1

    This is a fully customizable AEG rifle which people love and it’s got a 13” keymod rail system with three segments included so you can mod it however you like.


    Using 0.20g BBs in this airsoft gun, you’ll be shocked at how well it performs for something in this price range and will probably never want to upgrade to another rifle again.


    Some customers had issues with misfires when they first got the Colt M4A1.

    VFC Elite Force 4CRS

    This is the best airsoft AEG for those who want full metal construction, and that’s to its durability it also becomes one of the most accurate airsoft guns as well.


    When fully extended, the length is 30.5” and it’s surprisingly lightweight at around 5.5lbs, so you’ll have no issues using it for hours on end.


    Y.ou won’t get a battery or charger included with this automatic rifle.

Airsoft is a sport that started in Japan after laws were put in place that prevented most citizens from owning a firearm. 

Not wanting to give up on the thrill of combat situations or training with a weapon, these replicas were invented as a way to let people get the fun out of shooting without any of the serious injuries.

From there, the sport grew exponentially and, in the US, it’s become a favorite hobby for many. 

The most important part of any airsoft sport is the gun you use, so the search for the best airsoft guns is something that most enthusiasts take seriously.

Best Airsoft gun overall: Firepower F4-D

Firepower has created the ideal entry-level electric airsoft rifle with their F4-D. 

Regarded as one of the best airsoft brands, Firepower is known for making comprehensive weapons that include it all and this is a complete package that would be a great choice for your very first airsoft gun. This automatic model is battery operated and you have the choice of full or semi operation.

The total weight of the F4-D is around 6lbs with a length of just over 26 inches. This rifle comes with everything you need including lights, lasers, and foregrips which you can add to the integrated rails on the weapon, so it’s the best airsoft assault rifle for those who want the complete package.

According to the reviews, you can do quite a lot with this entry level airsoft gun. There’s an adjustable hop-up unit so even when your targets are far away you’ll be able to ensure accuracy. Customers loved it for backyard fun or casual games and many purchased it as a gift for someone who’s brand new to the airsoft sport.

On the downside, the gun is quite light and although it makes it easy to carry for skirmish and other activities, you can’t help but feel it’s a little flimsy. It’s a good choice for beginners or those looking for something simple that comes with all of the accessories, but for something more serious you might want to shop around.

The Firepower F4-D is packed with extra features that make it even more attractive for beginners and experts alike. You’ll be able to hold up to 500 pellets in the scope and achieve 200 FPS with the standard 0.12g BBs that it uses. It features a tactical flashlight, adjustable stock, laser aiming, and comes with a battery and charger so you never have to worry about losing power.

To get your hands on the Firepower F4-D, you can purchase it directly from Airsoft Station for less than $45. You’ll get the included 60-day warranty that Firepower offers for this gun and if the reviews are anything to go by, it’ll last for many years and airsoft games provided you give it the right care and maintenance.

Technical specifications

Best Airsoft gun For The Money: Colt M4A1

When you want a serious gun that’s still reasonably priced, the best choice out there is the Colt M4A1 13” Rifle. 

With three key features and known names that make it a cut above the rest, including Colt, Cyma, and Keymod, this is a serious heavy metal investment that will blow your mind, especially considering the price. 

The M4A1 features two 320 round high-capacity magazines and is capable of delivering shots at 300-330 FPS. The M4A1 features two 350 BB metal high capacity magazines and is capable of delivering shots at 350 FPS. Using 0.20g BBs in this airsoft gun, you’ll be shocked at how well it performs for something in this price range and will probably never want to upgrade to another rifle again.

With full metal construction, it feels like the real deal and no matter when you’re playing you’ll forget you have an airsoft replica in your hands. With a total weight of around 8.5lbs, it’s on the heavier side but well worth it for the quality and durability.

This AK Airsoft Rifle offers you the ability to shoot at long-distance targets. With its backup spin effect, you are able to aim and shoot targets with amazing accuracy. 

On the negative side, some customers had issues with misfires when they first got the Colt M4A1. They recommend adding some silicone lube it was able to work again, but this isn’t really an issue you want to deal with when you’re spending more to get a premium airsoft rifle.

This is a fully customizable AEG rifle which people love and it’s got a 13” keymod rail system with three segments included so you can mod it however you like. This gives you ample space to do whatever you choose with it and really make it your own. The M4A1 also comes with adjustable hop up and crane stock, an NIMH battery and charger, and front and rear iron sights that flip up with ease.

For the reasonable price of around $220, this is a serious performer and you’d be hard pressed finding anything this powerful and reliable in the same range. You’ll receive a 60-day warranty on any product defects, so it’s pretty standard in this area. To get the Colt M4A1 Full Metal 13” AEG Airsoft Rifle and see what it’s capable of, you can check out Airsoft Station for the best price.

Technical specifications

Best Full Metal Airsoft gun: VFC Elite Force 4CRS

For many airsoft gamers, there’s no better choice than a full metal rifle, and if you stand in that category our top pick would have to be the VFC Elite Force 4CRS Rifle. This is the best airsoft AEG for those who want full metal construction, and that’s to its durability it also becomes one of the most accurate airsoft guns as well.

The specs on this impressive airsoft rifle include a full metal construction, 300 round high capacity magazine, and high ROF at around 27 RPS. Using the recommended 0.20g BBs, you can hit 350FPS with the muzzle velocity. When fully extended, the length is 30.5” and it’s surprisingly lightweight at around 5.5lbs, so you’ll have no issues using it for hours on end.

On the downside, there are some things missing for this price that would have made it a little easier to swallow. Firstly, you won’t get a battery or charger included with this automatic rifle. The weapon is best used with an 11.1V LiPo and it’s ready to be equipped, but this is a separate cost that you’ll have to wear. Also, people weren’t that impressed with the magazine that came standard so consider upgrading before you give it a go.

However, there are plenty of good points that make you change your mind. It’s consistent and will never miss its ROF and FPS targets. You’ll get a range of at least 125 feet without a worry, and many reviewers were even able to make accurate shots way past this point. When compared to others on the market, this is why you pay a higher price for this full metal AEG rifle.

Additional features worth mentioning are the CNC aluminum quad rail that lets you customize the weapon as you see fit. It has a collapsible crane stock, front and rear sights, and includes an adjustable foregrip as standard with the gun.

Surprisingly, this airsoft rifle comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, and this is pretty unique for these types of guns. To get the VFC Elite Force 4CRS Full Metal Airsoft Rifle and see the possibilities it can bring to your next game, it’ll cost around $325 from Airsoft Station and is worth every penny.

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: CYMA Lancer Tactical AK-47

The AK-47 is the world’s favorite tactical weapon and if you want the best airsoft AK47 for the same reasons, our top pick would have to be the Lancer Tactical AEG Rifle. With a 100 foot range, it’s great for indoors and outdoors and has a full metal gearbox and internals that make it great value for money.

AK47 platforms made of real steel are famous for their dependability, even in the roughest and most demanding environments. Bringing that reputation to a complete metal AEG airsoft platform that looks and feels super realistic while still functioning with the same steady durability as a real steel AEG is a remarkable achievement.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the CYMA AK47M is the addition of two RIS rail sections, one on each side of the handguard, at the top and bottom of the firearm. Because of this feature, you can customize and modify your AK47 variation to meet your specific needs on the airsoft battlefield by attaching any Picatinny RIS compatible accessories, like red dot sights, scopes, flashlights, and laser lights. Features such as these enhance your performance on the battlefield. 

You’ll be able to hold over 600 BBs in this rifle which is double the usual M4 magazine, so it’s great value for money and means you’ll reload less but shoot more. Lancer Tactical recommends using 0.20g BBs for this weapon to get the most out of it and because it comes with a starter pack, there are no additional costs to pay to start enjoying it.

The best thing about this airsoft gun is the sheer power, and it’s so impressive that you probably want to be sure of your own skills before you try it out. It’s capable of 380 FPS but some customers have found it could get up to 420, so if speed is something you look for when choosing an economic weapon, you’ll love this.

What customers weren’t thrilled about were some of the parts being less than durable compared to the rest of the gun. The rear sling mount wasn’t tough enough to last and the 8.4v battery that came with it wasn’t offering much power before it needed to be recharged again. You might want to consider upgrading the battery at your own cost, but the results will be worth it.

The extra features help the Lancer Tactical AK-47 Airsoft Rifle stand out from the competition though, and it’s known as a budget-friendly but complete package. It comes standard with an 8.4v battery and charger, and a tactical RIS with four rails so you can add whatever aftermarket accessories you want, for an additional cost. The total weight is around 6.5lbs and it’s just over 34 inches, so you get a lot of speed and power in a lightweight package.

To purchase the CYMA Lancer Tactical AK-47 and get an affordable but impressive package, you can check out the Airsoft Station site and grab one for around $120. You’ll benefit from a 45-day warranty which isn’t as much as some cheaper options, but as a budget-friendly option, it’s pretty good coverage. If you want a tactical AEG without spending a fortune, this is one of the better choices around.

The bottom line is that the CYMA Lancer Tactical AK-47 is a fantastic weapon that you can acquire for an even better price than your rivals. When it comes to value for money, this weapon is up there with the best you’ll get anywhere.

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: UKArms Lancer Tactical MK18

For a fully automatic airsoft rifle that suits intermediate to advanced players, the Ukarms Lancer Tactical MK18 has a lot to offer. You’ll be able to hit a range of 125 feet with this rifle and with a maximum speed of 390 feet per second it’s got enough power and agility behind it to do some serious damage.

The Ukarms Lancer Tactical MK18 works with a hi-cap metal magazine and shoots 0.20g BBs. They’ve included 1000 when you purchase this airsoft rifle which is a nice bonus and helps to ease the pain of the higher price tag somewhat.

The accuracy when shooting with this gun is what sets it apart from the rest and it’s what customers loved most about it. You can guarantee an accurate hit up to 125 feet and possibly even more, so it’s the perfect choice for outdoor skirmishes and games

According to customers, the weight is one of the first things you’ll notice. People weren’t thrilled about the almost 9lbs weight and younger players weren’t able to hold it comfortably. However, due to the metal gearbox and ABS body, this is the price that you pay for added durability.

Extra features worth noting are the included 9.4v battery which has more power than others in this price range, and an included charger. You’ll also get a detailed manual that will extend its life and a cleaning rod to keep in perfect working order.

The best price for this rifle from Ukarms can be found on Amazon, and with everything included it’ll cost around $130. This includes free shipping but no word of a warranty from Ukarms, so don’t expect to find one. As a high-velocity choice in AEG with a bit of bulk behind it, the MK18 Airsoft Rifle is worth considering.

Technical specifications

About Lancer Tactical

The Lancer Tactical company opened its doors in 2012, and its purpose was to bring high geared airsoft imitation firearms with a tactical design that would give players the feel of a real firearm. Lancer Tactical developed products include the Proline Gen-2, Legion HPA system, and Enforcer AEGs. Many professional players have confessed how the Lancer Tactical equipment is reliable during tournaments and game campaigns. These testimonials are due to their precision, high cap magazine, and muzzle velocity that beats some rival guns. 

Lancer Tactical also produces high-quality, low-cost tactical gear to fulfill the demands of military simulation and airsoft players.

A Beginner’s Guide To Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a sport where players enter into war-game simulations or similar combat themed games, using special toy guns. 

These airsoft guns are made to replicate real pistols and rifles, but their bullets are made of plastic and therefore not as dangerous.

When buying an airsoft gun, you’re given plenty of options for the style and capabilities, so it’s best to learn the basics about what they are, and what they aren’t. 

These are some of the specifications you can search by when looking for the coolest airsoft guns, determining the final power and accuracy you’ll get.

  • Muzzle velocity: How many feet per second (FPS) the airsoft gun can shoot when using the recommended BBs.
  • Range: How far you’re able to fire a BB with accuracy.
  • Dimensions: The length of the gun and the weight, with some being lightweight and others stockier.
  • Magazine capacity: How many pellets can fit into the gun and what type and size it suits. Some airsoft guns will include a starter set of BBs.
  • Battery: The power of the battery indicates how long it’ll last and the power it’ll deliver, and some guns come with battery and charger included.
  • Materials: What the gun is made of and what these materials mean for the feel and performance. Common choices include full metal construction, metal internals or externals, ABS, and plastic.
  • Gun type: Various styles of guns are available in airsoft form including AK47, AK105, M4, MK16, and more.

FAQ About Airsoft Guns

Those new to the sport of airsoft games will undoubtedly have a lot of questions. 

With so many options to choose from and specifications that can completely change the performance of your chosen gun, it’s best to be informed. 

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you decide which might be best for you, and to get a basic understanding of the different types of airsoft guns.

What are basic types of airsoft guns?

There are many types of airsoft guns but the three most common types used are spring powered, electric (AEG), and gas powered.

Each is powered by different types of energy and have advantages and disadvantages to be weighed up.

What does spring powered mean?

A spring powered airsoft gun is a single shot device which uses a spring mechanism to blow the pellets down the gun barrel. 

These are usually the cheapest option of all three and mid-range in power, being less powerful than a gas gun but more powerful than an electric.

What does electric (AEG) mean?

An AEG works with an internal electric motor to propel bullets, with either semi-automatic, automatic or three round burst operations possible. 

These are the most commonly used airsoft gun and can fire up to 1,500 rounds per minute.


These guns rely on compressed gas or high-pressure air to fire their pellets and are considered an older and more traditional type of airsoft gun. 

A gas-powered gun comes in both automatic and semi-automatic operations.


Airsoft guns are recreational toys but without the correct usage or safety gear, they can cause some injury. 

The plastic pellets can be shot with serious power when using a modified gun, but will never penetrate the skin. 

As with any other type of recreational combat, safety gear should be worn at all times and correct training on how to use these guns is recommended.


While you could attempt to put metal BBs into an airsoft gun, you will only end up damaging the gun. 

These are specialized devices designed to work with the lightweight plastic pellets, and because the metal is heavy and the firing pin is only designed to withstand a plastic pellet, you’ll do serious damage to it.


Airsoft guns were designed to replicate real weapons, but due to how realistic they look, there needs to be a way to identify them as a recreational toy only. 

It is now a requirement in the US for airsoft guns to feature an orange tip as a way to differentiate them from legitimate weapons.

A Fun Way To Enjoy The Thrill Of Combat

Airsoft sports have millions of loyal followers all over the world and whether you play indoors or outdoors, you’ll need the right gun to make it the best game possible. 

A quality airsoft gun should last for many years provided you care for it, and it’ll provide you with hours of nonstop entertainment in the process, so it’s a purchase to take seriously.

There are some great options out there on the market for an airsoft gun but it all comes down to your personal preference when choosing the right features. You might prefer a beginner gun, a complete package that has it all, or one you can modify to your own preferences, and there’s no right or wrong approach.

A quality gun should offer durability, power, and accuracy, but whatever else you want from it will be entirely up to you. 

Advancements in the design of these toy weapons mean more choice than ever in their power and performance, and as fans of the sport, we’re the ones who will benefit from the amazing range of options they now come in.

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