Best Airsoft Mask: Wear It At All Times

Nothing is going to kill your airsoft battle experience quicker than a sub-par mask.

After all, no-one enjoys having their vision impaired with a fogged up , ill-fitting mask that constricts their breathing.

Even worse is going into battle with a face covering that is not going to give you the pellet protection that you need.

That’s why buying a top of the line airsoft mask is the most important thing you can do before you enter the battle arena.

Wearing a mask offers complete protection from incoming BB pellets. In addition, this paintball mask variation will protect your face from incoming paintballs that would otherwise impair your vision, making your airsoft experience unpleasant. 


    The POKONBOY 2 Detachable Face Mask is a good beginner level mask for both children and adults.


    They are super tough, extremely bendable and able to provide full face protection against BB pellets traveling at less than 300 feet per second from five meters.


    This mask is prone to fogging. The googles are detachable but it is a little tricky to do this.

    OneTigris 6"

    The One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mask is a very comfortable mask to wear that provides a good level of ventilation.


    The One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mesh mask is a lightweight folding mask.


    The straps on the One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mask are prone to become loose when you put it on, which can be quite annoying.

In this article, we provide you with our reviews of the best airsoft face protection that currently exists. We’ll also answer your most pressing airsoft mask questions in our FAQ section.

Best Airsoft mask Overall: Outgeek M50


The Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask is made of thermoplastic urethane, making it both elastic and tough. It provides you with two pairs of inner glasses (black and transparent). These two inner glasses offer UV protection and are impact resistant, which will provide protection in cases of explosions during airsoft games.

Ventilation is provided by way of fan cannisters. These require a couple of AA batteries to operate. This helmet is able to withstand a pellet traveling at 350 feet per second from a distance of three to five meters.

Another useful feature of this airsoft mask is the adjustable strap that makes it suited for most teens and adults. The elastic straps accommodate the unique features of the player’s face thus providing optimal comfort while in use on the airsoft fields.


The Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask fogs up relatively easily. You will have to have both fans operating in order to prevent this and you have to do this mid-game. 

Another setback of this face mask is that it offers zero ear protection. The lack of this feature means the mask becomes a little tight on the ear area making it uncomfortable during use.

Extra Features

The Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask looks like an actual military gas mask. The goggles provide you with a secure lock-in system at the edges when the visor is fixed in place to make sure that they don’t pop out when you’re in the thick of the action. You also get two visors, clear and tinted, so you can match up your style. High density adjustable nylon straps allow for a secure fit.

Buying Advice

The Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask is a great looking mask that provides you with some pretty cool features, including double fans, secure goggle lock-in and double inner glasses. So long as you have both fans operating, you’ll have a safe, fog free experience.

Technical specifications

Best Airsoft mask Runner-up: POKONBOY 2


The EXPORT 2 Detachable Face Mask is made from durable ABS polymer. Your purchase includes two tactical masks, one in black and one in white. They are super tough, extremely bendable and able to provide full face protection against BB pellets traveling at less than 300 feet per second from five meters.

This detachable face mask is designed primarily for Nerf gun use. It has impact protection that is limited to 300 feet per second, which may not be sufficient for some game play. This mask is prone to fogging. The googles are detachable but it is a little tricky to do this.

Extra features

The EXPORT 2 Detachable Face Mask feature vents down the front to assist with ventilation. The goggles are detachable and can be mixed and matched between the black and white versions.

The glasses are made of polycarbonate material which features high transmittance. Moreover, the glasses are scratch-resistant, adding additional durability. The scratch resistance also means that you can spot your enemies easily as no scratches will distort your vision. 

The goggles feature a curved design, keeping your eyes safe. The curved shape ensures that you are comfortable no matter the weather, and that insects and oncoming objects will be kept at bay. 

In addition, this detachable face mask is made of ABS plastic polymer for extra durability. Moreover, the mask can be dissembled and re-assemble the parts to fit your specific needs.


Unfortunately, the Export 2 protective mask is only suitable for Nerf games. It does not offer protection for higher-impact games like Airsoft or paintball games. Although it is convenient for kids’ shooting games, it should not be used for high-risk sports. 

Buying advice

The EXPORT 2 Detachable Face Mask is a good beginner-level mask for both children and adults. It provides you with two masks at a great price. However, they may not be durable enough for hardcore battle veterans.

Technical specifications

Best Half-Face Airsoft mask: OneTigris 6"


The One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mesh mask is a lightweight folding mask. It provides you with excellent air ventilation that ensures that fogging is never going to be an issue. You get a steel mesh front to cover your mouth and nose, along with soft nylon sides that cover your cheeks.


The straps on the One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mask are prone to become loose when you put it on, which can be quite annoying. If you get hit on the nylon cheek coverings, you won’t get nearly as much protection as a hit on the mesh covering the front of your face.

Extra features

The One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face is very comfortable to wear over and extended period of time. It doesn’t trap much heat and the head strap is stretchable to accommodate any head size. 

The steel mesh that covers the face is hard enough to take any impact that you’re likely to face on the airsoft battlefield. The foldable sides provide comfort while also allowing for a better cheek weld when your aiming your rifle.

The inside of the mask is air mesh to enhance the ventilation. The material that covers the edges of the mask is quite soft. This means that the edges will not dig into your skin.

The One Tigris 6 is a folding mask which includes another amazing protection feature. It has a soft padded nylon fabric that offers maximum protection for your nose bridge while also providing the user with maximum comfort. 

The lightweight mask design makes it convenient to carry around and also prevents fogging around the mesh area. Its mesh face design renders it a multi-purpose face mask not only suited for Airsoft sport but also for hunting, shooting drills, and paintball.

Buying advice

The One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mask is a very comfortable mask to wear that provides a good level of ventilation. A major benefit of this design is the ability to get a natural cheek weld when your rifle up to aim (this is a problem for hard masks).

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: Outgeek Full Face Mask


The Outgeek Airsoft Full Face Mask is the most rugged that we have yet to come across. Amazingly, it can withstand a BB pellet coming your way at an incredible rate of 700 feet per second. 

That’s way over the limit on any airsoft battlefield competition. That superior protection level comes as a result of the unique blending of polytene resin coating along with an annealing hardening technique done at low temperatures. Your mask will not break even if it has been impacted by BBs. The durable material gives the mask an 800FPS impact resistance.

This is a flexible mask, a feature which enhances wearer comfort. The mesh covering your face and lace over the head can both be moulded to the shape of your head and face. The mesh nature of this mask also provides you with a superior level of ventilation.


The Outgeek Airsoft Full Face Mask is only suitable for head sizes of 23 inches or less. It is also not practical to wear a hat with this face mask.

Extra Features

The Outgeek Airsoft Full Face Mask provides you with more total face coverage than many competing models. Your eyes, ears, mouth and head are all covered. You also have the room to wear goggles inside the mask if you so wish. This mask will not impede your ability to look through the sights of your airsoft rifle. Moreover, wearing glasses inside the mask will greatly improve your peripheral vision. 

The ‘sandwich’ mesh fabric makes this face mask quite comfortable. In addition to the comfort factor, this mesh fabric acts as a shock-absorber and therefore it will reduce the force of the BBS or any foreign objects that might hit your face. The mesh fabric also makes it easier for you to breathe while you are running during Airsoft games. 

Buying Advice

The Outgeek Airsoft Full Face Mask is the toughest mask we have encountered in tears of offering protection from BB pellets. It’s metal mesh design also affords a high level of ventilation. The look may not suit everyone and you can’t wear a hat with it, but truly serious airsoft battlers will look beyond such cosmetic considerations.

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask


The Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask provides you with low carbon steel mesh face protection with nylon cheek coverings and mesh steel again to cover your ears. Its flexible mesh gently bends to mould to your ears. It is compatible with most eye protection goggles. 

The Aoutacc mask for Airsoft also has a soft, padded nylon fabric that provides desired comfort. The protective mask fabric also covers your nose bridge from those oncoming BBS that can otherwise hurt you and prevent you from enjoying Airsoft games.

The Aoutoacc Airsoft Mesh Mask is also appropriate for players of all sizes. Whether it is kids who want to play outdoors or adults who want to have a good time with their sniper rifles, this mesh mask gives a reliable cushion for people of all ages. 


The Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask’s protection capacity against BBs coming at you at 310 feet per second is not as powerful as most other masks in this review.

Extra Features

The Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask offers a decent level of protection on the airsoft battlefield, with a BB capacity of  310 feet per second at five meters. The adjustable straps on this mask provide you with a secure hold and adjustment to suit any head size. Your purchase of the Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask comes with a pair of tactical goggles. It is also important to note that the tactical mask with a pair of glasses is ideal for a variety of activities such as Airsoft, paintball, Nerf games, and cosplay.

Buying Advice

The Aoutacc Airsoft Mesh Mask provides protection for your face, cheeks and ears. Your purchase also comes with a pair of protective goggles to complete your face protection. It comes in at a very good price point and offers a very effective light, moldable face protection solution.

Technical specifications

Airsoft Mask FAQ

Man Wearing Airsoft Mask

What kind of mask should I buy for airsoft?

The primary purpose of an airsoft mask is to provide you with full facial protection, so you should buy one that does not leave any part of your face exposed. 

BB pellets can cause serious damage if they strike the cheeks or forehead – and you don’t even want to think about what might happen if you get one in the eye!

There are two basic types of airsoft mask. The first is a full face mask which covers everything from your hairline down to your chin. 

Then there is the half mask, which only protects the jaw and lower face and is designed to be worn with a separate pair of goggles. 

When worn as they should be, both options offer an equal level of protection, with the half mask offering the advantage that it is more customizable.

Beginners will find it easier to wear a full face mask. It requires less expense and ensures that every part of the face is covered. 

There are, however, a couple of different types of full face mask as follows:

  • Plastic – these will not shatter upon impact but do not provide a very good level of breathability or comfort.
  • Steel Mesh – these are lighter and provide better breathability, but are more likely to shatter if you receive a close range headshot.

When shopping for an airsoft mask, you should look out for the following features:

  • Ventilation – the mask should have ventilation holes, but they need to be smaller than 6mm in diameter in order not to let BB pellets in.
  • Eye protection – your mask should be thermally treated to be fog free. Eye protection may be in the form of a visor, goggles or wire mesh.
  • Strap – the strap of your airsoft mask will determine the fit and level of comfort. Look for a mask that has several straps to provide maximum adjustability.

How to wear an airsoft half face mask?

The most important factor when putting on an airsoft face mask is to ensure that there is no skin gap between the top of the mask and your goggles. 

You will want the goggles to overlap the top of the mask and have a firm seal at the join. Make sure that the straps are securely fitted to ensure that it is secure but not too tight.

How to make an airsoft mask, not fog?

A fogged up mask is probably the most frustrating, and dangerous, experience you can have on the airsoft battlefield. 

Fortunately, there are things that you can do ensure that fog is not going to hamper your airsoft battle experience.

One of the best things that you can use to keep your airsoft goggles fog free is shaving cream. 

The job will be easier if your goggles lenses clip out of the frame, but this is not an essential requirement. 

Begin by washing the lenses in hot, soapy water. This will remove any grit that may prevent the shaving cream from doing its thing.

Then use a towel to dry off the lenses. Now shake up your shaving cream bottle and then apply a decent amount to the inside of the lenses. 

Then use your fingers to smear the shaving cream all over the surface of the lenses. You want it to be evenly distributed with no no gaps.

Wait for five minutes. Now take a cleaning cloth and buffer the inside of the lenses as if you were polishing your car. 

Do this until all of the shaving cream has been removed from the lenses. Do this before every airsoft battle game and you will be able to experience a fog free encounter.

What eye protection do I need when entering into the airsoft battle arena?

Goggles For Airsoft

The number one safety concern when playing airsoft battle is to protect the eyes. 

Whether you are playing the back yard or entering the battlefield, it is essential that you are wearing quality eye protection. 

You will need quality goggles or well fitting safety spectacles. 

When buying safety spectacles or goggles you will want to account for the minimum safety requirements of the field you’re playing on, the possibility of fitting over prescription glasses, fit, comfort and compatibility with your headgear.

Safety glasses should be high rated, low profile and should not impede your ability to look down. Many clubs require full seal goggles in favor of safety glasses. 

Goggles are an upgrade from glasses. They provide greater coverage and full seal protection. These can be used together with a half face mask.

Mesh eye protection is popular among some airsoft battler players because it avoids the issue of goggles fogging up. 

However, many organizations do not permit mesh eye coverings. The reason for this is that BBs have been known to shatter to pieces on mesh eye coverings. 

Slivers of the pellets have then been able to travel through the gaps in the mesh and enter the eye. Paint chips from dented mesh have also been known to fly into the user’s eyes.

What other safety gear should I wear to protect myself when playing airsoft?

Airsoft Gloves

You should wear long pants that are relatively thick such as jeans, thick socks that are pulled up high, and a long-sleeved top.

If you are planning to be in the thick of the action, you should also consider wearing a vest. Full face protection is essential.

This should include the neck and ears. A cap or beanie will also provide you with protection against head shots.


Choosing the right airsoft face protection is critical to your enjoyment, safety and success on the airsoft battlefield.

In this article, we’ve uncovered the best airsoft masks that are currently available.

When it comes to full face airsoft masks, our favorite is the Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask, which provides you with double fans for superior ventilation, lock in goggles and double inner glasses.

The best airsoft half mask is the One Tigris 6 inch foldable half face mesh mask, with its breathable steel mesh and foldable nylon sides to allow for a better cheek weld.

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