Best Airsoft Shotgun: Pump Loaded Fun

When you step into the airsoft battle arena, your goal is to dominate your opposition. Before you engage them in physical combat, you want to defeat them psychologically. 

Nothing will achieve that goal faster than the sight of a pump action shotgun in your hands. This not only makes your opponent run for cover, but also gives you the confidence of dominating the arena.

Then, when you’re in the thick of the action, your pump action beast of a weapon will allow you to blow away all-comers and claim the victory that is rightfully yours.

But you’ll only get this result if you’re wielding a shotgun that’s up to the task.

We look at the best shotguns in the market and which ones are available to you at an affordable price. We will also answer some of the frequently-asked questions about airsoft shotguns. Read on for more.

  • Runner Up

     It is durable, handles well and delivers three projectiles with every trigger release. Just don’t expect any extras with your purchase.


    This is a lightweight, durable shotgun that handles very nicely, providing a solid, secure and comfortable grip on both the stock and the pump.


    The CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun does not come with any accessories.


    The CYMA Polymer M870 is similar to the M-3 from CYMA, except that it features the folding stock design of the M870.


    This gun is custom made by CYMA with an 870 style body to offer different length, stock options and overall setups.


    There is no rubber buttstock on this shotgun, the folding stock is also a little wobbly.

In this article, we take away the guesswork by uncovering the five best airsoft shotguns on the market right now. 

We’ll also answer your most pressing airsoft shotgun questions with our shotgun FAQ.

Best Airsoft Shotgun Overall: ASG Franchi SPAS-12


Are you new to the Airsoft world? The ASG Franchi SPAS-12 mimics an actual shotgun and will introduce precision and funcitonality to the Airsoft Battlefield. Weaker players who are looking for an airsoft gun with a compact design then this unit fits the bill.  The gun is easy to handle thus helping new players keep up with their teammates on the battlefield.

The ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Bust airshot is a SPAS-12 replica that looks very much like the real thing. It is a spring loaded weapon that is made from high grade polymer which keeps the weight down to reduce fatigue while you’re roaming the airsoft battlefield.

The ergonomic rubberized pistol grip of the SPAS-12 provides you with a very natural, secure grip that enhances the control that you have over the weapon. The pistol grip features a non-slip surface for even greater control and stability.

The SPAS-12 airsoft gun is the real deal. It has fixed front and rear sights meaning you can choose the best sight for your use on the battlefield. 


The buttstock of this shotgun is made from rubberized plastic which is a little uncomfortable on the shoulder when aiming. The receiver, trigger, trigger guard and safety on this shotgun is made out of ABS plastic as opposed to metal, meaning that is is not as durable as some models.

The pump on the ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Bust airshot is a little harder to pull back than you would expect.

Extra features

The ASG Franchi SPAS-12 has an extendable barrel to enhance the range and accuracy of this shotgun. The high quality spring power provides a consistent source of acceleration that can be adjusted if you want to boost the output.

This weapon features an innovative triple inner barrel system. It allows you to shoot three rounds every time you pull the trigger. The shell magazine holds thirty rounds and front and rear sling mounts increase your carrying options.

The rubberized pump on this shotgun gives you a very comfortable feel. There are two barrels on this shotgun, both of which are made from metal. However, the lower barrel is purely cosmetic. You also get front and rear sights on the barrel, though these are made from plastic.

Your purchase of the ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Bust airshot comes with a barrel cleaner, speed loader, a sling and a bag of two hundred 0.12 gram BBs. You also get a shell pouch and four shells. Each shell holds ten BBs to provide you with 30 triple fire shots per shell.

Buying Advice

The ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Bust airshot is an exceptional airsoft weapon that delivers  a whole lot for not a lot of money. The accessories that come with it are generous, you get triple fire power with every trigger pull and the look and ergonomics of this shotgun are outstanding. For our money, the ASG Franchi SPAS-12 is the best shotgun that you could possibly be carrying onto the airsoft battleground.

Technical specifications



The CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shell Loading airsoft shotgun is an authentic replica of the legendary M3 that delivers triple barrel action, combined with durable internal workings at an attractive price. The tri-shot systems allows you to fire three BBs with every pull of the trigger.

This is a lightweight, durable shotgun that handles very nicely, providing a solid, secure and comfortable grip on both the stock and the pump. The barrel is made from sturdy metal and the magazine capacity of 30 rounds will give you plenty of fire-power.

For close-quarter combat, the CYMA M3 3 Round Burst Multi-Shell Loading gun is the best in the business. Due in part to its tri-shot design which fires three BBs with each trigger pull, you will be able to attack multiple enemies with precision and speed. 


The CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun does not come with any accessories. Therefore, you need to purchase batteries, scopes, and other accessories in order to have a fully -unctioning weapon. 

Extra Features

The CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun is noted for its durability, thanks to its high spec internal parts. This is a visually striking airsoft shotgun that looks very realistic, which has made it very popular among airsofters.

The CYMA M3 is developed to be more aggressive in order to compete in performance-driven competitions.

Buying Advice

The CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun is the ideal weapon to take into rugged terrain, especially when you intend to rush the enemy. It is durable, handles well and delivers three projectiles with every trigger release. Just don’t expect any extras with your purchase.

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: JAG Arms Scattergun HDS


The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Powered Extended Tube Shotgun  makes your airsoft experience as realistic as possible by powering the weapon with green gas. This delivers a more realistic pump action that delivers an awesome pop when you fire. The inner workings of the gun hold enough gas to provide you with 120 shots before it needs regassing.

This airsoft rifle also boasts a solid stock design with a rubber recoil pad, giving the user comfort when aiming and carrying your shotgun. 

When you have multiple enemies attacking you, the shotgun has three barrels with fixed hop-up that can be changed from three to six rounds per shot via lever inside the ejection hole This feature allows you to catch your enemies by surprise and capitalize on your advantage over them. 

The JAGS Arms Scattergun HDS Shotgun is convenient for all ages. The JAG is a  gas-powered weapon which means the pump is easier to trigger compared to the spring-powered shotguns that require more energy and technique. 


The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Powered Extended Tube Shotgun is quite a lot more expensive than its spring or electric competitors. You also have the inconvenience and expense of the gas having to be replaced.

Extra Features

An extremely cool feature of this gas powered airsoft shotgun is that, with the flick of a switch, you can toggle between three shot and six shot firing modes. Unlike many competitors, both the barrel and receiver on this shotgun are completely solid.

The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Powered Extended Tube Shotgun comes with a top rail to allow you to mount a scope. The polymer hand- guard and grip are anatomically designed to fit comfortably into your hand and to provide a secure, non-slip hold. This gun also comes with a pair of metal sights.

This airsoft rifle has a metallic build, giving it a realistic feel and extra grip as compared to its plastic counterparts. 

Buying Advice

The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Powered Extended Tube Shotgun will provide you with an extremely realistic pump action. This shotgun handes incredibly well and is easier to operate than its spring or electric competitors. It is also quite a lot more money!

Technical specifications



The Evike CYMA Polymer M870 is a spring powered tri-shot shotgun. This gun is custom made by CYMA with an 870 style body to offer different length, stock options and overall setups. It provides you with the same spring loaded technology as the M-3 shotgun but with the look of an 870.


There is no rubber buttstock on this shotgun, so you may find it pretty uncomfortable to cradle the stock into your upper chest / shoulder area. The folding stock is also a little wobbly.

Accessories are not included, meaning the buyer needs to purchase the batteries and scope separately.

If you desire a shotgun that looks and feels like a real gun then this weapon is not your best choice. The parts do not imitate real weapons, thus reducing the realistic feel of the gun. 

Extra features

The CYMA Polymer M870 features a visibly moving bolt which travels when you pump the shotgun. The loading gate fits the standard tri-shot shell. Each shell holds 10 shots. With the triple barrel system that fires three shots with every trigger pull, that gives you 30 shots per shell. You also get front and rear sling mounts on this model.

Buying Advice

The CYMA Polymer M870 is similar to the M-3 from CYMA, except that it features the folding stock design of the M870. This pared back stock look and feel may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you are a lover of the real thing, this is a great imitation model.


The Double Eagle M56 AL Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun is based off the world famous Tokyo Marui M3 Shotgun. It does a great job of replicating that original shotgun. It features the three internal barrel design to allow you triple fire power.


The pull on the pump requires quite a bit of exertion with this shotgun.

Extra features

The Double Eagle M56 AL Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun has rubberized, textured pistol grip and pump to provide a comfortable hold on the weapon. Your purchase comes with a sling and speed loader. This is  a lightweight gun with an aluminum barrel.

Buying advice

The Double Eagle M56 AL Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun is a budget shotgun designed for the beginner airsoft battler. It is made from lower quality materials but will still prove robust enough for most applications. It has a good feel and is lightweight but the pump action requires some force to activate, which may make it tricky for youngsters to operate.

Technical specifications

Airsoft Shotguns FAQ

Airsoft Shotgun

What are the benefits of the shotgun on the airsoft field?

The first thing that a shotgun will do is to make you look bad-ass. 

It will strike fear into your opposition before the opening hooter even sounds. The shotgun is the weapon of choice when you’re storming an enemy position. 

It will allow you to shoot three or more BBs with each trigger pull, so you can overpower the enemy before they have a chance to recover.

Airsoft shotgun shells how do they work?

Airsoft shotguns will either shoot BBs or small pellets

They are loaded into the shotgun via the magazine cartridge which is located in front of the trigger guard. 

A magazine release button will allow you to open the magazine.

The projectiles are fitted into a shell, which will typically hold ten projectiles. 

You then load the shells into the magazine. Many shotguns will come with  a speed loader which will make this process faster.

When you pump the shotgun, the projectiles are taken from the magazine to the chamber. Depending on the shotgun, you will be able to shoot 3 or 6 projectiles at one. 

This allows you to simulate the spray fire effect of a shotgun – without expending shell cartridges onto the forest floor.

How to make your airsoft shotgun more powerful?

Airsofts Shotguns Bullets

The first thing you will need to know before maxing up the power of your shotgun is how it is powered; by spring, gas or electricity. 

An electric gun will have a battery pack hatch, while a gas power weapon will have a small gas valve visible once you remove the clip.

Gas powered shotguns are the easiest to adjust the power on because they are built with an adjustment system. This usually involves simply turning a screw or dial. 

However, each model differs and you should refer to your user manual for instructions on how to do it.

If you have a spring-loaded shotgun, examine the weapon for screws. Make a note of how many there are and where they are located. Adjusting the power of your spring-loaded gun will require that you open it up to work on the inner parts. 

You should be aware, however, that this made void the warranty conditions of your weapon. You will also need a few small metal washers. Unscrew all the screws and then lay the shotgun flat on its side. Use one hand to apply downward pressure to the top side of the gun. 

With the other hand, pull the bright orange barrel tip off. This will take some effort and will require twisting to get it off. When the tip comes off, the gun will open up, so be prepared.

With the tip removed, lay the shotgun on a table and pull off the top half. Watch out for any springs that may jump out of place. Now look for the plunger and firing spring. 

You’ll find them towards the back of the gun, with the plunger compressing the spring. Now take a hold of the plunger and pull it back as far as possible. 

You will be able to pull it back farther than the level to which it was set in the factory. This will provide you with more power.

Now allow the plunger to go back to its normal position. 

Take hold of the stacked metal washers and slip them into the gap between the back of the plunger and the front of the spring. You will have to compress the firing spring slightly with your other hand to create this gap.

Now test out the added spring load by pulling the plunger all the way back and noting how much more compression you get. 

If you want more, simply add more washers. When you are satisfied that you have achieved the level of pressure that you want, put the shotgun back together again.

How does gas airsoft shotgun work?

gas airsoft shotgun review

Airsoft shotguns are designed to as closely imitate the workings of a real shotgun as possible.  Of course, the major difference is that they are powered by compressed air rather than gunpowder. 

The ‘bullets’ used in airsoft shotguns are either BB’s or small pellets. There are three categories of airsoft shotgun in accordance with how they are powered:

Electric shotguns are the most popular and the most common type of shotgun used for airsoft battle play. 

There are batteries within the inner workings of the shotgun that keep the gun powered. This electric power provides the acceleration force to send the projectile towards the target.

The gears in electric shotguns are either made from plastic or metal, with metal being the preferred option. 

Compared to the other two types, electric shotguns are more complex. This means that they require more care and maintenance.

A spring-loaded airsoft shotgun makes use of a tension spring to provide the acceleration force. You have to cock the gun for the spring to load. 

Then, when you release the trigger, the spring will release its tension, sending the BB or pellet on its journey toward the intended target. 

The down-side of a spring loaded shotgun is that you cannot get them in semi- auto or fully auto versions.

A gas powered airsoft shotgun uses a propane gas, known as 13a green gas, to power it. Once you load the gas into the shotgun, some of it gets released each time you pull the trigger to deliver projectile acceleration. 

The downside of this one is that you will be constantly having to replace the gas.

How to re-assemble an airsoft shotgun?

The following instructions on how to re-assemble an airsoft shotgun are based on an APS CAM 870P

First replace the bolt, fore-end assembly and mag tube assembly by positioning the magazine cradle in place and screwing in the four hex screws that hold it in place.

Position the bolt and then screw in the two screws on the bolt receiver to hold it in place.

Replace the trig group by positioning it and then inserting the two pins that hold it in place.

Replace the fore-end by screwing up the fore-end nut.

Push the barrel onto the gun. Insert the mag follower into the mag tube. Now screw on the endcap

Replace the stock by screwing in the M6 screw to attach the stock to the receiver of the shotgun. Then screw the recoil pad back into place.


Carrying a shotgun onto the airsoft battlefield will earn you instant respect. But carrying the wrong one may get you an early ejection from the game. 

In this article, we’ve identified five of the best airsoft shotguns on the market right now to make it easy for you to lay claim to the right weapon for the job.

Our overall favorite airsoft pump-action shotgun is the ASG Franchi SPAS-12 Bust airshot, with its combination of superior value, generous accessories and triple action firepower.

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