Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle: Shoot Them Stealthy

If you’re serious about airsoft warfare then you need to be on top of your sniper game. 

Having an effective sniper or two to take out the enemy from long range can make all the difference between sweet victory and dismal defeat. 

    WEL MB08

    The ergonomics of this rifle, including the adjustable cheek pad and butt stock plate are superior to most competitors. 


    The most unique aspect of this sniper rifle is its folding stock, which makes it very easy to carry it around, and its ergonomic design  helps to reduce shoulder arm and hand fatigue. 


    Your purchase comes with  a bag of low quality, light BBs, and it will not provide you with the accuracy you need to be an effective sniper.

    Evike - CYMA VSR-10

    The CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle is a very good beginner rifle. It handles very nicely, is simple to operate and provides you with a decent level of stability.


    Amazingly lightweight rifle which is also very durable.


    Even though the  CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle comes with a stable bipod, it is made of plastic and is not that durable. 

To succeed as a sniper, of course, you need a top of the line weapon. In this article, we remove all doubt by revealing the 5 best airsoft sniper rifles on the current market.

Best Airsoft SNIPER Overall: AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle


The AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle is a standout weapon for many reasons. It 

Feels extremely natural and comfortable in your hands, is amazingly user-friendly and provides deadly accuracy. 

It’s effective range of 200 yard is ideal for battlefield application. The detachable clip on this  sniper rifle allows you to load 30 rounds


There’s not much to not like about the AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle. 

To be picky, it is a relatively heavy sniper rifle. Neither does it have noise dampening qualities. You should also know that the FPS of this rifle is 515. 

That means that it will hurt – and may be too extreme for some battlefield rules.


The AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle is made of heavy duty alloy metal core and extremely hardy plastic. 

The rifle looks incredibly realistic. 

It comes with an adjustable hop-up, providing you with a combination of front and top rails. The ergonomic design of this sniper rifle makes it very comfortable to handle. 

That makes a big difference when you are lying in one position for an extended period of time. Rails on the front of the rifle allow you to add such extras as lasers and lights. 

Your purchase of the AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle includes an instruction manual, magazine round, gun sling, shoulder strap and BB speed loader.


The AGM L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft sniper rifle is a standout among quality air rifles.

It is possibly the most accurate airsoft sniper rifle that you will come across.

It is extremely easy to operate, solidly made, looks awesome and comes in at  pretty sharp price point.

It’s no wonder that that it romped to our # 1 position.

You can read our full AGM L96 review here.

Technical specifications


The WELL MB08 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is an upgrade of the MB01 Sniper Rifle. 

It is modelled off the L96. 

The most unique aspect of this sniper rifle is its folding stock, which makes it very easy to carry it around. 

With just the push of a button you can reduce the length of the rifle by almost a foot.

Other standout features of this rifle are its ergonomic design which helps to reduce shoulder arm and hand fatigue.  Your comfort level is added to by an adjustable cheek pad. 

A monopod at the base of the stock offers maximum stability when you are in a prone position for an extended period of time.


Your purchase comes with  a bag of low quality, light BBs. This will not provide you with the accuracy you need to be an effective sniper.


Your purchase of the WELL MB08 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle comes with an adjustable bipod.

You also get a 3-9 x 40 scope which provides you with all the accuracy you need to do your job effectively. 

The ergonomics of this rifle, including the adjustable cheek pad and butt stock plate are superior to most competitors. 

This rifle comes with a 20mm accessory rail to allow you to add accessories at will.
It also provides you with  an adjustable hop up. 

Well have used a thicker polymer on the MB08 than they did on its predecessor, making for a more solid and durable product.
It is also heavier and more solid. 

Nearly all of the components, apart from the stock, on the WELL MB08 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle are made from steel or aluminum. 

Included in your purchase is a manual, a three to nine times adjustable scope, a rifle sling, a metal bipod and a speed loader.


The WELL MB08 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle provides you with a  complete package to kickstart your sniper career.

It will provide you with  a decent, but not amazingly, accuracy range and an impressive degree of ergonomic comfort

Technical specifications


The CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle excels in two of the most critical aspects when it comes to sniper rifle effectiveness – precision and stability.

This rifle has a velocity of 400 fps and it takes a 0.12 bb pellet.

This is an amazingly lightweight rifle which is also very durable.


Even though the  CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle comes with a stable bipod, it is made of plastic and is not that durable. 

The magazine capacity of twenty BBs is fewer than that provided by most of the other reviewed sniper rifles, which provide you with a 30 capacity magazine. 


The CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle is a fantastic sniper starter rifle. 

It is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and delivers the stability needed over long hours of patient hunting. Your purchase comes with a bipod that delivers the stability your need to get that perfect shot. 

This rifle comes with a gun sling to keep the rifle steady when aiming. You also get a quality red dot scope, speed loader, and a starter pack of BBs. 


The CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle is a very good beginner rifle. 

It handles very nicely, is simple to operate and provides you with a decent level of stability. 

On top of that it looks the part – and comes with an impressive number of extras at a good price point.

Technical specifications


The CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action sniper rifle looks just like the real VSR-10. This is a budget model to provide you with an extremely affordable weapon. 

However, it is easily upgradeable with Tokyo Mauri / JG / HFC compatible internal parts. 

As this is a budget buy it does come with a scope or a bipod but is ready to take both. 


Your purchase of the CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action sniper rifle does not come with a bipod. That makes this the only sniper rifle in our review in which you have to purchase this item separately. 

There is also no scope provided with this sniper rifle.


The CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action sniper rifle comes with a heavy duty bolt assembly and trigger box. 

It comes with a 55 round magazine, which is almost twice the capacity of all the other rifles that we’ve reviewed here. The clip is filled with 6mm airsoft bbs. 

You also get an adjustable hop up and an extremely realistic spring powered bolt action.


The CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action sniper rifle is a great beginner sniper rifle.

It will deliver the velocity, precision and durability that you need in your first rifle, while also being completely upgradeable, allowing your sniper rifle to grow along with your battlefield experience.

Technical specifications

Honorable Mention: AGM M14 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


The AGM M14 Airsoft sniper rifle is another very good budget weapon. 

The body is completely made of ABS plastic with the only metal parts being the barrel, top rail, trigger and trigger guard and sights. 

It features a simple safety tab directly in front of the trigger. 

It comes with a top rail as well as a red dot scope and flashlight though you do not get  bipod. Still, it represents very good value.


The AGM M14 Airsoft sniper rifle is a little heavy, coming in at eight pounds (3.6 kgs). 

It does not come with a bipod.


The AGM M14 Airsoft sniper rifle provides you with a shooting velocity of around 400 fps, which is pretty impressive for a budget model rifle. 

This rifle is a replica of the original M14 sniper rifle and is very realistic. 

It also has a very good look and feel, though it is a little heavier than most of he their rifles in our review listing, at around 8 pounds. The red dot scope provides you with an effective accuracy enhancer. This sniper rifle is designed for soft, rather than hard, targets. 

It has a short learning curve that will allow even rank beginners to attain impressive accuracy within an hour’s worth of practice. 

Finally the AGM 14 has a great grip to provide the extra stability you need to make every shot count.


The AGM M14 Airsoft sniper rifle is a very realistic looking replica of the original M14 sniper rifle. 

This a very nice rifle to handle which is very easy to operate. It provides you with accuracy, stability and a 400 feet per second velocity. On top of all that, it comes in at a great price point.

Technical specifications

Buyer’s Guide

Maybe you think you would be great at airsoft before you even get an airsoft sniper. The first step, in this case, should probably be investing in a high-quality airsoft sniper. Here are some of the considerations you should make to become the best airsoft player in the game.

Pick out the right equipment

You really cannot get anywhere without the proper equipment. In this case, it usually comprises the airsoft rifle. We understand the instinct to get out there and spend the $500 immediately in a bid to get the best. However, a higher price does not always translate to greater quality.

You can probably get away with spending about a third of the $500 budget on a gun while getting a lot of use out of it. Think of the situation strategically, focus on what you need, and figure out the gun that best fits your environment. The key is to simulate the conditions of the realistic experience.

The market for airsoft rifles is big, and you will not run out of choices. Doing some research will sift out a lot of the choices. Before committing to a choice, make sure you get the best rate while getting the best quality.

Use high-quality BBs

This is often the last purchase enthusiasts will make after an airsoft gun and other types of equipment. BBs are just as important to guarantee a great experience. Make sure you stay away from cheap, low-quality BBs; instead, focus on getting BBs graded for competitions.

In this space, the online market has exploded as a source for BBs. You should make sure you source your BBs from established online shops.

When looking for ammo, look for BBs that do not have various imperfections like cracks and seams. Not all BBs are compatible with each gun, so consider this when making your purchase. 

BBs also differ in their weight which affects their potential use cases. Heavier BBs tend to be slower but a lot more accurate. On the other hand, Lighter BBs have greater range, but as the BB moves, it tends to curve, making it less accurate.

Keep in mind the skills you need

Good airsoft players will invest in very particular skills and equipment to help them better engage with the game. There is a common misconception that video game skills will translate into an airsoft game in real-time. Shooting in airsoft games is much closer to shooting a real gun than shooting in a video game.

To be effective at airsoft sniping, you not only need to learn to shoot, but you have to be a great team player. Players need to have a cool head to be able to spot enemies and communicate the information to their teammates. Before making a purchase, ensure you train in using the airsoft rifle.

Invest in communication equipment

Sniping is seemingly a lonely affair, though it is very much a collaborative effort. Most snipers will have walkie-talkies with them to help keep them in touch with their teammates. To win against another team, there is a need to have a well-coordinated team rooted in good communication.

Airsoft Snipers FAQ


Airsoft Snipers in Action

Being a sniper is, without a doubt, the most coveted role on the airsoft battlefield.

This isn’t a job, though, for just anyone. You’ve got to earn the right to become one. Here’s how you can do it.

The first and most important step to becoming an effective airsoft sniper is to learn and understand what the role actually entails. Despite the glamour that surrounds the role (thanks no doubt to movies like American Sniper), the sniper position can be a pretty lonely and boring one. 

You can spend the whole game with no one actually coming into your line of fire. It is also quite possible that your intended target may not even react to your kill shot. 

Statistics on airsoft battles also show that the sniper takes the fewest number of shots and achieves the lowest strike rate of any position in the game. Before rushing out to purchase a sniper rifle, you should experiment with an AEG on semi-auto

If you like the feel and action of this weapon, then you can start looking for a sniper rifle.

Having read this far, you are at a huge advantage. Once you have made your purchase, you need to spend time getting familiar with the weapon. Learn about how to properly maintain your weapon and any upgrades that can be made to make the weapon even more effective at taking out the enemy. 

Do online research about the specifics of your weapon. Find out how bullet trajectory reacts to differing weather and terrain conditions.

An aspect of weaponry that is important for a sniper, but one that is often overlooked, is the sniper pistol. The enemy will make a concerted effort to discover your sniper position. 

When they do, it is very likely that you will be charged. In such a situation, a side-arm will be far more practical than a sniper rifle.

You will need to invest in a ghillie suit if you hope to be selected as your team’s sniper.

Not sure what a ghillie suit is? It’s the fancy name for a camouflage suit that allows you to blend in with the natural terrain.

Above all, you need to practice consistently to become a more effective sniper for your team. Earn your stripes by taking out key members of the opposition in the your first sniper action, and you’ll be tagged with the role as a matter of default.


Airsoft distances graphic

The maximum range of an airsoft sniper rifle is 100 meters (109 yards).

However, at that maximum, they are not terribly accurate.

The maximum effective range on most airsoft sniper rifles is between 47-62.5 meters (150-200 feet).

Most airsoft sniper rifles are able to be upgraded in order to improve their maximum effective range. It is important to know what components of your sniper rifle affect the effective range of your rifle.

The most significant of these components are the following:

Hop-up – this is a component that provides back-spin to the projectile.

The benefit of back-spin is that it prevents gravity from dragging the BB down when it exits the barrel. The best type of hop-up for sniper rifles is an R-hop.

Barrel – the tighter the tolerance of your barrel, the truer your projectile will fly.

Barrel quality also affects the max effective range.

BB’s – it may seem counter-intuitive but you want your BBs to be as heavy as possible.

They will go further but will also travel more slowly.

Spring – the heavier the spring, the greater the level of force that will be applied to your BB, allowing it to travel a greater distance.

How to camo your airsoft sniper rifle

How to cammo your snipers

Taking the time to camo your sniper rifle will make you a far less visible, and, therefore, a far more effective, member of your team. Here’s what you’ll need to do the job:

  • Scissors
  • Shoe Goo
  • Green, Brown and Black clothing dye
  • Burlap

Start by mixing the dyes in separate containers.

Make a cut at each end of the burlap.

These should be about an inch and eight inches long.

Now put one of your feet on the floor on top of the burlap near the edge of the burlap.

Grab the strand of burlap that was created by your cut and begin pulling them off the burlap.

Continue doing this all the way around the burlap until you have created a fringe that is about two feet long.

Take the burlap strands that you have removed and make three bundles.

Now dye each bundle a different color.

Wait for the strands to dry.

Gather up the dyed strands in bunches of 6-8 strands and tie them around the barrel of your sniper rifle.

Fray the ends of the tied strands to make them look like natural terrain features and trim them to size.

You should also tie the burlap around the scope.

Use small amounts of Shoe Goo to secure the burlap in place. Continue this process until your sniper rifle is camouflaged to your satisfaction.

What are the different types of airsoft sniper rifles?

There are three basic types of an airsoft sniper rifle as follows:

Battery-powered – rather than manually cocking the rifle, a battery-powered sniper rifle uses a battery-powered spring. There are three variants of battery power rifle; Automatic Electric Guns (AEG’s), Electric Guns (MPEGs) and Electric Guns (EGs). Each delivers different strength and quality of battery with AEG’s being the most powerful (and expensive).

Spring-powered – you have to cock a spring-powered gun before taking the shot. It is the slowest firing and least expensive option. It also has the least velocity in terms of feet per second (fps).

Gas-powered – gas powered airsoft sniper rifles provide you with the greatest velocity, accuracy, and range.

What is a good fps for a sniper rifle?

FPS stands for feet per second.

Clearly the faster the BB flies, the more pain it will cause to the intended target. For a sniper, you want a good balance between the recipient barely feeling it and it causing so much pain that they begin to cry.

We suggest an FPS of between 250 and 350 for a sniper. At that speed, the BB will produce a welt that will last for about a day.

It will also give a short, sharp sting.

You should be aware that most battlefield rules will stipulate the maximum FPS allowed. That will usually be somewhere around the 400 level.

If you turn up with a sniper rifle that has a greater FPS than that, you will be demoted to the sideline.

How to adjust airsoft sniper scope?

sniper airsoft loadout

Before you actually get down to the nitty-gritty of adjusting your scope, you need to ensure that your scope is mounted on the rifle properly.

Ensure that it is the proper distance from your eye, that it is completely vertical and that it is very firmly affixed with rings.

Having satisfied yourself that the scope is properly mounted, you should adjust the cross-hairs position so that you can effectively line them up with your target.

Adjust the elevation with the elevation turret on top of the scope.

Adjustment of the focus of the scope is achieved by moving the windage turret on the side of the scope. You should give yourself plenty of practice in adjusting the scope before you take it into your first airsoft battle. 

You should also account for the temperature conditions, the distance you are from your target and the bullet drop that you need to account for over that distance.

What are the most important buying considerations when purchasing an airsoft rifle?

Construction material – the barrel should always be made of metal. This will provide greater velocity and more accuracy.

Accessory rail – an accessory rail allows you to add a scope to the rifle.

Accessories – different airsoft rifle manufacturers will sell their product with different accessories. Some will provide you with a scope while others will not. In general, you should look for a rifle with the most number of accessories.

Ammo weight – the heavier the BB weight, the further your projectile will fly. Look for an airsoft rifle that takes a 6mm BB pellet.

What should I consider when buying BBs for my airsoft sniper rifle?

There are three types of BB pellets that you can purchase:

Biodegradable – these pellets will naturally decompose so that you don’t have to worry about collecting them up after the battle is over.

Tracers – these are glow in the dark pellets that are also biodegradable.

Markers – these types of pellets leave a powder mark on their target. These are very handy if you have an opponent who denies that he has been hit.

When buying BB’s, the most important considerations are the size and the weight.

The standard size is 6 mm in diameter and .25 grams in weight. However, a heavier BB will prove to more accurate as their will be less gravity induced drop.

When it comes to construction material, the most commonly used is hard plastic. However, we recommend using biodegradable materials. The drawback here is that they have a limited shelf life. 

You can also purchase aluminum BBs for longer range shooting. However, these are more likely to cause some serious pain.

The best color BB to get is white.

This makes it easier to see when the pellet has hit the target. An alternative theory is to use a darker colored pellet in order to hide your sniping location.

You’ll usually find that your sniper rifle will provide you with a bag of BBs.

Those that come with budget model rifles are, as a rule, very low quality. This will affect the accuracy and fps of your shot. In these cases, you should discard the provided pellets and invest in higher quality BBs.


Airsoft sniper rifles are the most coveted piece of weaponry in airsoft battlefield combat.

And getting a quality sniper rifle is probably the most decisive factor in assuring victory.

Fortunately, there are some awesome sniper rifles on the market that you can pick up for very reasonable prices.

The best overall airsoft sniper rifle on the market right now is the AGM L96 AWP, which provides you with a 200-yard maximum range, an incredible velocity of 515 feet per second and is extremely ergonomically friendly.

The best budget airsoft sniper rifle is the CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action sniper rifle. It delivers a high-quality rifle that is accurate reliable and stable.

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