What To Do With Broken Airsoft Guns?

What To Do With Broken Airsoft Guns?
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So, your airsoft gun has finally gone dead on you.

You’ve tried everything you can think, posted on forums for advice and replaced the battery more than once, but it’s still no go.

After much anguish, have resigned yourself to the fact that you need to get rid of it.

The question now becomes ‘what to do with your broken airsoft gun?

Should you simply throw it in the bin or is there a more responsible way to divest yourself of the replica weapon?

What Should You Do with a Broken Airsoft Gun?

Broken Airsoft Rifle

A broken airsoft gun needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Even if the weapon can no longer fire, it will still very much look like a real gun.

As a result, if you simply throw it our with your everyday garbage there is a probability that some criminal or another nefarious character will get hold of it and use for an unlawful purpose.

Remember, a gun doesn’t have to fire to be able to intimidate a person who is being robbed or otherwise maltreated.

So, what should you do with your broken gun?

Your best bet would be to take it to a local airsoft dealer to be disposed of or reused for parts. They may even give you a few bucks for the trouble.

Alternatively, you can take your broken gun to an airsoft club or field, who will also be happy to take it off your hands for parts.

Q & A

What are some common airsoft rifles malfunctions?

The most common malfunction issues that affect airsoft rifles are simple issues that can be easily resolved.

Here are the mains ones, along with their fixes:

The rifle will not shoot straight

The most common cause of a barrel not shooting straight is that the barrel is dirty. You will need to purchase a barrel cleaner pipe and thoroughly clean your weapon.

Another common cause of the gun not shooting straight is that the flash hider is not positioned straight.

As a result of this misalignment, the BBs are actually smashing into the flash hider as they exit the barrel.

It is also possible that an inaccurate rifle may be caused by a hop up that is faulty or not put on properly.

As a result, the hop will not be able to do its job of compensating for the natural drop as the BB travels through the air.

A final cause of a barrel not shooting straight is that your equipment is sub-par. If the BBs are too light they will have an excessive drop, which cannot be overcome by the hop-up.

The rifle itself may also be too cheap to give you the accuracy that you desire. The age-old principle that you get what you pay for cannot be avoided!

The rifle will not fire

If your airsoft rifle will not fire, it will be a problem with the mechanism that powers the gun.

If you have an AEG, (automatic electric gun), it is likely that your battery is dead or the battery connectors are faulty.

Recharge the battery.

If it is still not working, you will need to check the connectors to see if they are operating properly. If not, you will need to replace the faulty connectors.

If you are not electrically minded, get a registered electrician to do the job for you.

If you have a gas-powered gun, check that it has gas in the chamber. If so, make sure that there is nothing that is impeding the flow of gas through its mechanism to power the projection of the BB.

If you have a spring-powered airsoft rifle, you need to check that the spring mechanism of your gun is operating correctly.

An overstressed or worn out spring may stop the mechanism from exerting the power that is required to shoot the gun.

 Remember that most gas and spring powered airsoft rifles will have to be cocked prior to firing.

The optics are not lined up with your shots

If the optics on your rifle are not aligning with where the shot ends up, it is a sure sign that your scope is not properly lined up.

Take the time to learn about how to set up your scope by reading the instructions and doing some inline research. The time investment will be worth your while!

The rifle sounds like a drill when I pull the trigger but doesn’t fire

If your rifle sounds like a drill every time you pull the trigger, it is a sure sign that you have stripped the gearbox.

It may be one or more gears or some of the teeth. Either way, you will have to get a licensed repairman to fix it.

Can you sell working parts online?

Yes, you can sell airsoft gun working parts online.

There are always people with the skills to fix their rifles who are in need of spare parts. You will need to go to online airsoft forums to find these people.

Simply post what you’ve got to offer and it won’t be long until some guy who needs those parts will get in touch.


As a responsible member of the airsoft community, you need to ensure that you are disposing of your broken airsoft gun properly.

After all, you don’t want to be responsible for some creep using your old weapon to hold up a bank!

Take your old gun to an airsoft dealer, club or field.

Alternatively, join a forum and try selling your parts online – you’ll probably end up with some ready cash to buy BBs for the new gun that you’re saving up for!

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