How Do Airsoft Grenades Work

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For airsoft players, a good airsoft grenade is one that is the most convenient, has a good overall kit, and comes at a good price. An airsoft grenade can spice up your game and make your experience far more realistic and enjoyable. They are not only fun to use but you can have an advantage at games if you happen to be armed with one.

The functionality of airsoft grenades is not too difficult to understand. However, understanding how they work can put you at an advantage as they can be a little dangerous if not handled properly.

How Do Airsoft Grenades Work

There is a list of the types of airsoft grenades that you can look into before buying one. However, there are two main types of airsoft grenades whose functionality lays the foundation of the other types of airsoft grenades. Traditional type grenades and shell-type grenades may work differently but they deliver an experience that is fun in their own unique way. The traditional type grenades either use a time or impact delay; meanwhile, shell-type grenades work with launchers.

As the name suggests, impact grenades detonate as they come in contact with the ground or a hard surface. Meanwhile, time grenades detonate after a period of time after the safety pin has been pulled out. Shell grenades work in a much different manner in the sense that is used in conjunction with a grenade. The pin in the grenade releases the internal gas storage once actuated which then releases a lot of BBs at the same time.

Here we will be looking into other types of airsoft grenades that work differently. Some scatter a shower of BBs in every direction while others release smoke that allows you to cover a range without anyone noticing. Every type of airsoft grenade has unique functions attributing to its working principles. For your next airsoft grenade engagement, you will not only be equipped with the perfect type of airsoft grenade but will have a worthy airsoft engagement.

BB Scatter Grenades

BB scatter grenades work on a similar principle as fragmentation. They scatter a shower of BBs in all directions when they are detonated. The grenade can consist of anywhere between 200 to 300 BBs, depending on what size the grenade is and what capacity it holds. BB scatter grenades are normally used for clearing locations or for eliminating any static targets that are covered behind objects.

Many BB scatter gases are spring powered, while others are powered by CO2 gas or green gas. These gases help propel the BBs stored in the grenade. The canister in the grenade contains these gases which are released after detonation and BBs are showered in scatters.

Blank Firing Grenades

Blank-firing grenades also come under the name of sound grenades. The reason they are called this is that they are blank firing grenades that simply make a loud bang sound upon detonation and don’t do any damage to the surroundings. They do not propel any projectiles like how other airsoft grenades work. However, there are still certain rules that can eliminate you from the game because of this grenade. If a player is found to be within a specific range of the grenade they are considered dead.

Pyrotechnic Grenades

Pyrotechnic grenades work similarly to blank firing grenades as they do not propel any projectiles and instead create a flash or a loud sound. However, it is essential that they are handled with care as they can create small fires that have the potential to cause great damage. Some pyrotechnic grenades are also filled with powder that explodes in all directions when detonated. Generally, pyrotechnic grenades are the traditional type of grenades.

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Can Airsoft Grenades Be Reused?

Airsoft grenades come at a range of prices. Many BB scatter grenades as well as CO2 gas grenades are generally more expensive and are particularly designed to be refilled. The grenades that have gas to help the BBs propel can be reused as the gas in the container can be refilled and then sealed with silicone oil. Some grenades come with a replacement kit that allows you to reuse the grenade multiple times. It helps you save money and gives you an opportunity to learn about how they work.

Safety Before Handling Airsoft Grenades

Although airsoft grenades don’t do a lot of damage they should not be handled by an amateur or in all conditions. If a person can not handle a rifle properly, they should not be handling an airsoft grenade. If not handled with care, you can end up throwing the grenade at someone’s face or mask, which is needless to say quite dangerous. It is in the best interest of the players that they read the instructions and precautionary measures before handling the grenade.

A CO2 gas grenade can be dangerous in the sense that they do not have a fixed detonating time. You can pull the pin and the grenade can explode at any moment and because of this, you need to act fast. It can explode in your hand which is as dangerous as it sounds. Besides, the BB spraying design is just as dangerous as it can cause some serious damage if it explodes near the face.


Airsoft grenades can enhance your airsoft game experience as well as open you to more opportunities in the airsoft domain. Airsoft grenades come in several types and they all possess unique properties that help players decide what grenade is best for their game. Understanding how an airsoft grenade works is important because it helps you learn more about the ways you can and should use a grenade to avoid any potential danger.

Understanding how an airsoft grenade works can also enhance your game experience and polish your skills relating to the grenades. Certain grenades can also be reused depending on the type of grenade they are. You can save money that way and have the access to use them at your convenience.

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