So You Want To Be An Airsoft Sniper: Tips and Tricks

So You Want To Be An Airsoft Sniper: Tips And Tricks
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If you are trying to hone your skills for shooting successfully from a distance, you need to read this comprehensive guide featuring airsoft sniper tips and tricks.

Fighting as a sniper is a coveted and revered position amongst all soldiers, and airsofters are no different.

Whether you are addicted to MilSim games or are just beginning to experience the thrill of airsoft battles, chances are that you would want to take on the role of a sniper at some point or another.

However, if you have been on an airsoft battlefield even once, you probably already know that shooting successfully over large distances is anything but easy.

But you need not worry because we have got you covered!

As die-hard fans of airsoft warfare who are out and about on the battlefield every other day, we are confident that we can help you master the art of airsoft sniping effectively and efficiently.

In this guide on how to become a successful airsoft sniper, we give you deeper insight into the responsibilities of this role and the best way to go about fulfilling them.

We will discuss lots of airsoft sniper tips and tricks while answering various other questions you might have about becoming a stealthy shooter.

Let’s begin by understanding what sniping is all about.

Airsoft Sniping – Why Is It Hardest to Play Airsoft Snipers?

Snipers for Airsoft

Sniping is a challenging role to master because it’s not just about taking out your opponents from a concealed spot.

As a sniper, you will have a lot more riding on your shoulders.

Firstly, you need to provide detailed surveillance for tactical reasons.

You need to locate and eliminate the opponent sniper while protecting your teammates from their stealthy shots at the same time.

Plus, you need to provide cover for your team members as they advance further towards the enemy.

In most cases, it is usually the sniper’s job to demoralize the enemy and reduce their combat ability by neutralizing key personnel and other high-value targets.

Put simply, your fellow fighters will be relying on you to give them the upper hand in the battle.

Therefore, it’s essential to prepare well so that you don’t disappoint your teammates.

Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Tips

Here is a quick overview of the top tips for airsoft sniping.

  • Find a strategic position and know your terrain
  • Prepare and train yourself for fulfilling the role
  • Find the right airsoft sniping gear
  • Adjust your shooting equipment for prone and concealed fires
  • Don’t forget to carry a reliable sidearm 

Read on for finding detailed information on these airsoft sniper tips.

Tip #1: Finding a Strategic Spot

Sniper Hiding in Bush

When playing the position of the sniper, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with your surroundings as quickly as you can.

How to Find a Strategic Spot?

If you have access to the arena before the game begins, scouting the place can help you find the ideal spot for sniping.

However, if you cannot visit the venue beforehand, use the appropriate surveillance gear to explore the area as far as you can before the combat begins.

Map it out in your mind. You cannot avail of the advantage of concealment unless you know your terrain like the back of your hand.

What are the Ideal Spots for Sniping?

Ideally, you should focus on elevated locations such as rooftops, hills, sand dunes, and the likes.

Skilled snipers may even opt for trees if required, but it is usually not desirable as it reduces your stability and does not offer a comfortable position for sniping for several hours.

Plus, you risk being seen unless the foliage is extremely dense. 

Other Things to Consider

There are three additional factors that must be considered when picking a sniping spot.

  1. Your backside should be safe – Choose a location where the enemy cannot approach you from behind under any circumstances. If there’s no such spot that ensures all your opponents are on your front-facing side, you might need another sniper to cover the other direction.
  2. There must a proper escape route from your hiding place – This is required in case your location is compromised during shooting, and you need to make an exit for safety.
  3. There should be some element of protection in the vicinity – Bushes or rooftop walls serve as cover, reducing your visibility to the opposing team.

Tip #2: Educate and Train Yourself for Sniping

Well, technically, you are doing it already.

However, reading airsoft sniper tips to increase your knowledge is not enough, which is why we have included the following pieces of actionable advice:

Prepare Yourself Mentally

As thrilling as it might seem, sniping also tends to be one of the most frustrating roles to fulfill. You need to learn how to be as still as a statue and hold that position for several minutes, if not hours during the battle.

While it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping, you must also remember that at the end of the day, airsoft snipers usually make the least number of ‘kills’ compared to other players.

If you are merely focused on taking down the maximum number of members of the opposing team, you are only shooting yourself in the foot.

As the main character of the biographical war drama, Jarhead, said, average army men die for thousands of poorly-placed shots, but the sniper is willing to die for that one ‘perfect’ shot.

If you share a similar perspective when it comes to airsoft warfare, then no doubt, you are mentally well prepared to fill the role of a stealthy shooter.

Start Training

The role of an airsoft sniper is not that different from the role of a sniper in the real steel world.

Keeping aside the ballistics and the actual function of the military equipment used in airsoft, you will notice that just like real snipers, airsofters also need to rank high on physical fitness if they want to be a successful shooter for distant targets.

Therefore, start training as soon as you can. You must train yourself for lying flat on your chest for an extended time period.

Also, you should practice crawling while carrying the appropriate gear and shooting in various positions, paying particular attention to firing while crouching.

There are certain strength training exercises that can help you in this regard. Incorporating planks into your workout regime is vital.

Additionally, you should practice doing a few sets of push-ups and squat-to-shoulder presses with at least ten reps each.

If you want to be an unstoppable force in the airsoft battlefield, we suggest that you practice shooting while wearing the ghillie suit (if you intend to wear one during the main event).

This will give you an idea of how to move and maintain your composure despite the interference that can be caused by the objects hanging off your camouflage suit. 

If you haven’t used a rifle before, practice long-distance shooting in a normal standing or sitting position before moving on to more tactical postures.

Tip #3: Buy the Proper Airsoft Sniper Equipment

Sniper Rifles Airsoft

For every airsoft sniper, the following equipment is a must-have.

Keep in mind that airsoft sniping is a rather expensive hobby. If you wish to get the most of your sniping experience, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can get away with it for cheap.

Needless to say, the first thing you need is a reliable airsoft sniper rifle.

There are various options available in the market.

We suggest going for the AGM L96 because it shoots with pinpoint accuracy, comes at an affordable price, and has almost all the features you would typically need in a sniper rifle.

When buying a sniper rifle, consider the one that best fits the following criteria:

  • High-powered, high-accuracy gun
  • Has a quick loading time
  • Has a good FPS range
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Is not too heavy

As far as the amount of ammo is concerned, most aspiring snipers frequently ask this one question: how much ammo do you need?

The answer to that depends on how many opponents you will be facing, the average time the game will last, and of course, your shooting abilities as well.

If your sniper rifle doesn’t come with a scope, make sure to add one on your own because you will require it on the field.

Additionally, it is a wise idea to have some drinkable water at your disposal, especially if the game is expected to last for a considerably long time period.

Lying under the sun in one position can not only make you dehydrated but feeling thirsty also affects your ability to stay focused on the task at hand.

Moreover, wearing a ghillie suit can make you feel really hot, so keep that in mind before you decide to forego carrying a water bottle with you.

If the airsoft battle is being held at a rather large scale and the temperature in the region is relatively high, consider buying a CamelBak or similar hydration system to keep you fresh throughout the tournament.

Tip #4: Adjust Your Gear for Concealed and Prone Fire

Airsoft Bipods

There is a wide range of aftermarket parts that can take the functionality of your sniper rifle to the next level.

The best part is that buying supporting gear for your existing rifle is usually more cost-effective than purchasing a premium airsoft sniper rifle that comes with a hefty price tag.

Why pay for extra features that you won’t even use during the skirmish?

Analyze and evaluate the scenario of your fight, and purchase the relevant add-ons to upgrade your gun according to your needs and preferences.

For prone fire, it’s best to buy a bipod. It not only serves as a stable firing platform but also maximizes comfort so that you can shoot with a greater success rate.

Many vendors sell unique covers for concealing your gun while sniping. But if you are on a budget, a simple paint job can be all you need for optimizing gun camo.

Tip #5: Carry a Reliable Side Arm

Getting a good side arm for sniping

Most beginner-level players don’t realize this, but a handgun is a vital tool in every sniper’s arsenal. 

Of course, handguns have a much shorter shooting range than what you might need to cover as a sniper. But that’s not what you need a sidearm for.

Imagine what happens if your location is somehow discovered, and you suddenly notice an advancing opponent who is now just an arm’s length away from you. Unfortunately, your rifle won’t be of many benefits for fighting at such a close distance.

For this, you need to have a sidearm at your disposal.

A holster or pistol is the ideal choice to consider. Make sure it is fully loaded and kept in a semi-auto firing position. You never know when you might be cornered and forced to duel a close quarter battle.

Additional Tips for Airsoft Sniping

Masking yourself for airsoft sniping

How to Mask Yourself?

The most common technique to mask yourself when sniping on an airsoft battlefield is to use a ghillie suit.

A ghillie suit is a special clothing designed for soldiers or snipers in particular. It helps you blend in the background environment, as the net or cloth garment consists of 3D objects used for camouflage.

A ghillie suit can help you conceal your presence in forests as well as landscapes covered in sand or snow.

Most ghillie suits available for reenactment battles come really close to the real deal, in the sense that they too consist of long, sometimes detachable strips for adding natural elements to the outwear. For instance, you can attach thin branches, leaves, and even pieces of wood to your suit for a more realistic look.

However, in some cases, you might not find the need to wear a ghillie suit when sniping.

Depending on the arena, an ordinary army clothing featuring generic outdoor colors like brown and green might be sufficient to mask your presence during the combat.

How to Pick the Perfect Position?

Apart from the tips mentioned earlier, picking the perfect position for sniping entails the following considerations:

  • Set yourself in a high but relatively unnoticeable spot. For example, boulders are notable covers, so avoid hiding behind them for sniping
  • Try to pick a spot that lies half under light and half under a shadow. Positioning yourself at the boundary between lighter and darker regions breaks up your own shadow, making it difficult for the enemy to spot you

What is the Average Range of Airsoft Snipers?

Although many airsoft battle arenas span over a large area, sniping in these games is usually limited to shooting over a distance of a few hundred feet only.

The majority of airsoft sniper rifles are designed for firing at a range of about 300 to 400 feet.

However, depending on the model of your gun and factors such as the weight of the projectile, type of ammo used, and weather conditions; you might be able to shoot targets at a distance of over 500 feet too.

What Are Some Other Factors That You Should Consider Before Shooting?

Before you pull the trigger, you need to quickly go over the following aspects mentally.

  • Do you absolutely need to shoot? If other players on your team can take out the opponents in sight, it is wise to let them do so and keep your position a secret for as long as you can
  • If you shoot, do you risk disclosing your location to the opposing team? If yes, are there fellow fighters to cover you as you make an escape to find a new strategic position?
  • Did you account for the wind direction and speed while locking in on your target?

Do You Need to Change Your Position Often?

Hiding Sniper Airsoft

In most cases, no. You don’t need to change your position frequently, given that you picked a well-thought-out spot in the first place.

However, if you fire a few missed shots, you might need to reconsider your hiding spot as the opponents can figure out your location pretty easily.

The key to remember is that if you misfire and the target starts to run away, it’s best that you don’t shoot again.

Getting a follow-up shot on a moving target is less likely to be successful and more likely to be a dead giveaway.

End Note

We hope this article on airsoft sniper tips and tricks has given you sufficient information on all that you need to know about mastering sniping skills for a MilSim battle. 

However, given the nature of the game, it goes without saying that solely reading informative content is not enough to help you achieve the desired results. Proper training and an adequate amount of practice are essential for becoming a deadly sniper.

Having said that, you can use this guide as a reference for familiarizing yourself with what is required to fill in the role of an airsoft sniper.

Follow the airsoft sniper tips discussed in the article and implement the techniques to the best of your ability. This will ultimately help you turn the tide of the battlefield in your favor by becoming a silent yet destructive force.

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