How To Deal With Airsoft Snipers: Beat Them Every Time

How To Deal With Airsoft Snipers: Beat Them Every Time
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If you are looking for tips on how to beat airsoft snipers, we understand your pain.

After all, there is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of an airsoft battle and suddenly getting hit with no visible shooter in sight.

With visuals on a target, you can take out your opponent pretty easily. But what happens when a shot is fired out of nowhere?

Although airsoft sniping is not as deadly as sniping in the real modern battlefield, the fact remains that airsoft snipers are a threat to your team nonetheless.

In this guide on how to deal with airsoft snipers, we highlight the top tips for counter sniping.

Use them for locating, fighting, and neutralizing the stealthy shooters in the opposing team before they stir up trouble for you and your fellow fighters.

Whether you are a sniper tasked with eliminating the enemy sniper, or just a regular soldier trying to maintain the upper hand by anti-sniping, the following tips are sure to come in handy.

How to Beat Airsoft Snipers?

It’s easy to take out inexperienced or ignorant airsoft snipers.

These are the ones who frequently misfire, aren’t appropriately camouflaged, and choose obvious, and at times, rather inappropriate high vantage points like trees as their hiding spot.

You can easily locate them through the direction of the shots or by simply scanning the area with a hawk’s eye. 

The real deal is neutralizing experienced snipers – the crackerjack shooters who are skilled at eliminating their opponents without giving any hint of their whereabouts.

These players not only know how to maintain the advantage of concealment but also are also pros at sniping successfully despite the common limitations of the hardware used in airsoft warfare.

Here what you need to know about counteracting the super stealthy shooter.

Identifying the Type of Sniper

Surrendering Airsoft Sniper

The best anti-sniping techniques that you need to implement will depend on the type of sniper you are trying to eliminate.

First, there’s the hardcore sniper – the one-shot-one-kill type who avoids taking two shots from the same location. This means they are frequently changing places.

So, you need to focus on any unexpected movement in the surroundings.

Pay attention to the rustling of the leaves or sound of twigs cracking. Also, look out for any telltale trails on the ground. Snipers normally crawl when changing positions, which means that they are likely to leave a trail behind.

The second type of sniper is the one who stays stationary for the most part during the combat.

Their main objective is likely to shoot down high-value targets on your team. Or they might be focused on taking down the maximum number of players from just one location.

To tackle these snipers, you need to be extremely vigilant on heavily used trails because they will probably be hiding nearby.

How to Spot a Sniper?

The obvious answer is to look for anything out of the ordinary.

Additionally, you should focus on the following aspects.

Look Near Tree Trunks

Tree cancer is usually a good place to start, i.e., look for any large ‘bump’ near the bottom of trees, especially the big and old ones.

Snipers often hide behind trees with a wide trunk.

Focus on Tactical Spots

Another option is to start with common tactical spots that give a good view of the field.

This includes rooftops, hills, dunes, and the likes. Explore the area on foot or use the appropriate gear to search for any signs of a player hiding behind the cover of objects like walls and boulders.

Moreover, you should pay attention to areas where the intensity of light changes.

The boundary between light and dark regions makes a good hiding spot, particularly for the stationary snipers.

Look Out for Anything Shiny

Scope Glares

The light reflecting off the scope of a sniper rifle is usually a dead giveaway.

So, keep an eye out for shiny objects glistening under the sun.

Focus on Natural Objects

Unnatural outlines and unnatural colors are characteristic of snipers in an airsoft battlefield.

Rookie snipers will be poorly camouflaged, so it should be easy to detect them.

Look for Trails

Slug trails are another easy way to spot a sniper.

If you see a slug trail that terminates in the middle, there’s a high chance that someone is laying there.

How to Hunt Airsoft Snipers?

If you have already spotted the sniper, and they within the firing range of your airsoft gun, go ahead and shoot.

However, if they are relatively distant from your current position and you need to get closer to taking a successful shot, you need to adopt a different strategy.


Ideally, you should split into at least two smaller groups of 3 to 4 members each.

One of these smaller groups will serve to divert the sniper’s attention their way while the other group quickly moves in to lock the shooter down.

It goes without saying that the group members used as a distraction are likely to get shot, but as it turns out, they will have to ‘take one for the team.’

Keep in mind that there might be another sniper on the team covering the first one, although this is usually rare.

However, it is common for airsofters to have a spotter facilitating the sniper in the team.

The spotter will normally be right next to the shooter and carries an AEG.

If you suspect or notice there’s a spotter with the sniper, it’s best to divide into three groups.

The first two groups should simultaneously advance towards the target from opposite directions while the third group moves in the sniper’s direct line of sight to keep him engaged. 

The key is to proceed with lightning speed and be super quick in taking action because snipers are at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting at close quarters.

But every skilled sniper knows that having a sidearm at their disposal is a must. Make sure you don’t allow them sufficient time to draw it out.

Also, the sniper might have an airsoft grenade or claymore mine for ensuring their safety when cornered. So, charge forward accordingly.


enemy sniper getting overwhelmed

How to deal with airsoft snipers?

The answer varies according to your situation.

But one of the best anti-sniping techniques that can be used in most situations is to overwhelm the player under question.

If you know where the sniper is, you might find it beneficial to overwhelm them in a barrage of fire.

This doesn’t mean that you go on firing blindly and waste your ammo for nothing. Signal fellow players to come to your assistance or call back up through radio. Care must be taken that you are not spotted all this while.

Then, you need to confuse them with rapid-fire as your teammates take the sniper out.

This strategy usually works in most scenarios because snipers have bolt-action weapons. This gives you an advantage in terms of sheer firepower. 

How to Avoid Airsoft Snipers?

Fighting the sniper is only half the struggle.

The biggest challenge is to detect their location in the first place.

But how do you ensure safety for you and your teammate when you don’t even know where the enemy is hiding?

For this, you need to take proper measures and steer clear of the sniper’s scope altogether.

Don’t Present Yourself as a Target

One of the easiest yet highly effective ways to avoid airsoft snipers is to stay as low as you can whenever possible.

Standing players are easy to see and target. 

Take cover where available and conceal your presence using proper camouflage.

Sit it Out

sitting it out

Some players prefer to stay put, waiting for the sniper to make a move first and get noticed.

This can be an effective anti-sniping technique because unlike real-world snipers, airsoft snipers cannot take shots from more than a few hundred feet away.

Put simply, they will usually be close by and easy to identify with the naked eye.

However, this can get boring and kill the thrill, especially if the game is planned for a short duration. But if you choose to go with this strategy anyway, you need to be dead as a mouse so that you can see and hear the slightest disturbance in the environment.

Other Things to Consider

Avoid being in open areas on the battlefield.

Even if there are no opponents in sight, a sniper might spot you effortlessly

Do not stay huddled. Disperse your squad and move in an irregular pattern. This way, even if one member gets hit, you might be able to identify where the shot came from

End Note

When it comes to anti-sniping techniques, unfortunately, there’s no one best solution to taking out a sniper effectively and efficiently. You can’t decide what’s best unless you are out and about in the field.

The tips discussed above provide you with the basics of how to beat airsoft snipers. Keep them in mind when planning a strategy for neutralizing the sniper and become the savior of your team.

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