How To Clean Airsoft Gun

disassembled airsoft pistol with cleanning tool
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Do you have an airsoft gun? How often do you clean it? Owning an airsoft gun means you must be able to maintain it and keep it clean at all times to avoid problems. Cleaning your airsoft gun all depends on how often it is used. It is actually really easy to clean and very straightforward once you know how to do it.

Here we have some tips to guide and help you keep your guns in check. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to clean your airsoft gun to keep it in tip-top condition.

How Often Should You Clean Your Airsoft Gun?

The answer to this question depends on how often you use your airsoft gun and what conditions you are using it in. Cleaning your gun can become an almost daily affair if it is used in extreme weather conditions like during sandstorms or rains storms. It takes firing around 2,000 rounds to create a buildup in the airsoft gun before it needs to be cleaned for proper function.

Once the gun is fired, the pellets leave tiny pieces of plastics, which tend to accumulate with time. Therefore, cleaning your gun depends on the number of times it is used.

Process Of Cleaning Your Airsoft Gun

The gun is very delicate and should be maintained and cared for to avoid developing faults before or during a game. Here are some tips to help maintain your gun.

Cleaning The Barrel

The barrel is a very delicate part of the gun. It is easy to determine when your gun is faulty and needs cleaning. If it fires vertically or misfires, then there is a problem. All you need is a piece of clothing or towel and a cleaning rod. The steps for cleaning the barrel are easy.

First, wrap the cloth around the rod, starting from its tip downwards. Then put a lubricant at the tip of the clothed rod and place it into the barrel. Move the rod up and down and in a circular motion. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied. Do this gently to avoid permanently damaging your gun.

Lubricate Your Gun

This action comes into play, especially when the gun tends to misfire. Lubrication can be done by placing the gun on your lap but first, ensure you remove the magazine and fire the gun to be certain there are no pellets in the gun. Spray oil into the hop and allow it to spread for some minutes.

The gearbox should not be left out. Lubricating it is done by removing the motor and applying oil a few times in the gearbox via a hole. The gun should be placed face down and left for some minutes for the oil to circulate through.

The Magazine

Different types of airsoft guns exist. The type of gun determines how it is cleaned. Guns with electricity or springs can be maintained by ensuring that the magazine is always emptied after each use. This will help preserve the spring and keep it functioning for a long time.

Airsoft guns that use gas should also be treated carefully. When expelling or releasing gas from the gun, the release valve should not be used to prevent gas leakage.

airsoft pistol with cleaning accessory

Causes Of Jamming In Airsoft Guns

It is fun using guns during an airsoft game. However, imagine trying to fire a pellet from your gun during a game, and the gun seems to malfunction. A lot of factors contribute to the jamming of guns, and most of them are things you can easily take care of without visiting your technician.

Guns get jammed irrespective of how well you maintain and clean them. Jamming in guns could be due to several reasons, and we list them below.

Dirty pellets can cause your gun to become jammed. Try to avoid using such pellets to reduce the cost of maintenance.

Using the gun when the hop is fitted too tightly or when the hop is faulty can cause your gun to jam. Check it out to find out the fault.

Another reason for jamming could be an exceeding amount of debris and dirt within the barrel. This buildup can cause your gun to misfire. Cleaning it should not take too much time and remember to do it gently to avoid permanently damaging the barrel.

The accumulation of dirt inside the magazine can also cause jamming. Assess your magazine properly before use.


It is not difficult to clean your airsoft gun. You can save your cash and do it yourself because it is so straightforward, as you can see from the steps we outlined above. Airsoft guns are delicate and need a lot of maintenance and cleaning, depending on how you use them. To keep playing this awesome game, remember that maintenance is key to a good game.

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