How to Put Batteries in an Airsoft Gun: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Put Batteries in an Airsoft Gun: A Step-by-Step Guide
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You’ve got your airsoft rifle primed and ready to go, you’re all came up and your adrenaline is pumping to get into some serious airsoft battle action.

But there’s just one problem; you can’t figure out how to fit the battery into the gun!

Never fear – we’re about to reveal precisely how to fit batteries into an airsoft gun, step by step, giving you the confidence you need to get the job done.

Step By Step Guide

Step One

Open the battery compartment. You will find a couple of screws on the front of the stock. Unscrew them and pull the cover off. Be sure to note which screw goes where.

Step Two

You will see a couple of wires inside the stock housing.

Move these to the side. Now twist the plastic rings so that the plastic ring slots also move to the side.

You should also move the white fuse to the side and tape it in place. Now move the plug under the tube to the other side, placing them under the tube.

Step Three

Now put the bottom attachment back in place.

Ensure that the side screws of the locking mechanism are open. You’ll have to remove a lockscrew on one side in order to close the battery compartment.

Step Four

Remove the lockscrew by pushing it in with your finger. You’ll find a tiny attachment that you can push out with a screwdriver in order to release the lockscrew.

Step Five

Now you can connect the battery. Put it in with the cable running from the front to the back on the side of the plug.

Step Six

Push the cables in with your finger and close the lid.

To completely close the lid, you will have to take hold of the sides of the remaining ‘lockscrew’ and squeeze it tightly while also pressing in the lockscrew.


Why should you disconnect your battery when not using your rifle?

Airsoft Rifle Battery Disconnect

You should disconnect your battery when not using your rifle in order to prevent the battery from corroding.

The electronics in your airsoft gun that uses batteries will corrode just as much as those in your car will.

However, those in small units like an airsoft gun will actually cause more corrosion damage than in a car.

When you leave the battery connected, it will also drain the battery much faster.

A LiPo battery will drain faster than other types, so you should especially disconnect LiPo batteries when they are not in use.

How should I store my airsoft battery when it is not in use?

Disconnect the battery, remove it from the gun and place it in a ziplock bag.

It is a good idea to strap the bag to the stock of the gun with a rubber band so that it does not get lost.

How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last?

While the length of battery life varies, there is a simple gauge to give you a good ballpark figure.

Take a look at the battery rating. If it is 1800 mAH, then the battery will last for about 1800 shots. mAH refers to milliampere-hour.

Clearly, then, the higher the mAH rating, the longer the battery life. This will allow you to keep playing for longer without having to worry about the gun dying on you.

What is the significance of the voltage of my airsoft battery?

Airsoft Battery

The voltage of your battery will dictate the rate of fire that your airsoft gun is capable of.

The greater the battery voltage, the higher the rate of fire. However, you need to be careful here.

If you put a battery into your gun with a voltage that is too high for the gearbox of the weapon, this can cause serious damage to the internal workings of your gun.

Before going out and buying a new battery for your airsoft gun, be sure to check the maximum voltage battery that it can handle.

There are some modifications that you can make in order to increase the rate of fire of the gun.

What happens if I overcharge my airsoft battery?

It is very easy to overcharge a rechargeable airsoft battery.

People often charge their batteries overnight, which is a surefire way to overcharge them. When you overcharge your battery, the battery will overheat.

This overheating could permanently damage the battery cell. But even if it doesn’t, the battery will have a diminished capacity to hold a charge in the future.

There are three types of airsoft gun batteries:

  • NiMH (Nickel-metal hybrid)
  • Nicd (Nickel-cadmium)
  • LiPo (Lithium Polymer)

Of the three types, LiPo batteries are the most likely to catch fire if they are overcharged.

That is because overheating a LiPo battery can lead to a chemical reaction which results in a build-up of gas inside the battery.

This gas will play havoc with the internal workings of the battery.

Hopefully, this will not lead to a fire, but, even if it doesn’t, it will lead to a reduction in the battery’s capacity to hold a charge in the future.

How can I get the optimum charge for my airsoft battery?

To get the best charge out of your airsoft battery, you should plug the battery charger directly into the wall.

The length of time that it will take to fully charge the battery depends on the mAH rating and the charge rating of the charger.

The charge rating tells you how much the battery will charge in an hour.

As an example, if your battery has an mAH of 3000 and the charge rating is 500 mAH, you know that the battery will recharge at 500 mAH per hour.

So, it will take you six hours (3000 divided by 500) to charge the battery.


This article has provided you with the confidence to keep your airsoft weapon fully charged with a properly installed battery.

With that confidence, you are now able to go forth onto the airsoft battlefield and conquer!

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