How To Remove Orange Tip From Airsoft Gun

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You may own a realistic imitation firearm, that is, a real-looking toy gun, however, something in it makes everyone realize it is a toy gun and not the real deal. This is the orange tip all toy guns have based on regulations.

To make it look real, you are currently seeking ways to remove it so you can enjoy your game time with a real-looking gun. Some ideas are shared below.

What Is The Orange Tip On The Airsoft Gun?

The orange tip on the Airsoft gun is like a flash hider. It is used to indicate that though the gun looks real, it is a toy. This orange tip is required by regulation to be placed on all toy guns before shipping or purchase. The absence of the orange tip in a toy gun purchased for a child may be considered a criminal offense in some places.

In some other places, however, the laws on the use of orange tips may not be strict as they have other laws to ensure that realistic imitation firearms such as airsoft guns are available. Such firearms are not to be sold to children under 18 years of age.

Some Criteria For Owning Realistic Imitation Firearms Like Airsoft Guns

There are certain criteria that you need to meet before you can obtain such a firearm. Some of them are indicated below.

Firstly, you must be at least 18 years or above to be able to procure such firearms. Also, you must be a registered player with a membership of an insured skirmish site.

To own a RIF, you must be a crown servant in pursuit of crown duties or be part of a television, film, or theatre production company.

You may also procure such a firearm if you are acting or representing a museum or are part of a legally insured historical re-enactment society or group.

It is against the law in certain regions for anyone who does not meet the above criteria for such firearms of which the Airsoft gun is a very typical example.

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Types of Orange Tips Found On Airsoft Guns

There are different types of orange tips attached to Airsoft guns and they are discussed below.

Plastic Orange Tips

These are orange tips or flash hiders made from plastics. Most times they come screwed into the Airsoft gun and can easily be removed when needed.

Metal Orange Tips

These flash hiders are made of soft metals that are durable. Like the plastic flash hiders, they are also mainly attached by screwing them into the guns and can easily be detached by unscrewing.

Painted Orange Tips

These types of flash hiders come glued to the gun or are a part of the gun and are simply painted bright orange. This type may require other techniques to remove it from the gun and give it that real appearance.

How To Remove Orange Tips From Airsoft Guns

There are different ways of removing orange tips from Airsoft guns to make them look real. Some of the ways are discussed below.

Check How It is Attached

The first step to remove orange tips from Airsoft guns is to know how the tip was attached to the gun. Depending on the type of orange tip used, you may discover that the tip is either screwed in or glued on as part of the gun. Check it to know if there are screws or pins in place helping to hold the tip to the gun or if it was simply glued or is a part of the gun.

Unscrew, Unthread, Or Pull Off With Pliers

When you have discovered how it was attached, you could either start unscrewing it by loosening it if threaded or using a screwdriver to unscrew it. Sometimes, it may require the use of pliers to pull it out. When using pliers, you may need additional strength, so go ahead and tug until it pulls off. Ensure all debris or residue from the tip is completely cleaned off.

Use Goo Gone

In a case where the orange tip used is a part of the Airsoft gun and has a black-colored base, Goo Gone can be used to remove the orange coloring. This is done using paper towels or Q-tips soaked in the Goo Gone and gently scrubbing off the color until only the base paint shows.

Note that the orange tip also has to be soaked in the Goo Gone to enable easier scrubbing off of the color. Where Goo Gone proves ineffective, you can spray it with black paint that is close in texture to that of the gun.

Apply Dremel

Dremel can be used to take off the orange tip of Airsoft guns by placing an elastic band between the screwdriver and the screw head and then connecting it to the flash hider. This will aid the grip for screw loosening. You may then create a cut in the screw head using the Dremel and insert a flat screwdriver in the cut and hammer out until the tip falls off.


Now that you can easily take off the orange tips on your Airsoft guns, why not go ahead and do so while enjoying your game with real-looking guns?

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