AGM L96 Review – A Powerful Sniper Rifle For Fighting From A Distance

Short summary

Are you planning to take on the role of a sniper for your team during a MilSim battle?

Needless to say, you are going to need the best airsoft rifle to help you shoot accurately from a distance.

In this article, we present a detailed overview of one of the most popular airsoft sniper rifles amongst gun enthusiasts – the L96 AWP Bolt Action Rifle by AGM.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with our AGM L96 review. We cover the gun’s specs, pros, cons, and lots of other useful information to help you decide if it’s the right gear for a fun battle with the boys.

AGM L96 Review

AGM L96 AWP Spring Airsoft Snipers Review

The AGM L96 AWP sniper rifle is a powerful gun with exceptional range and shooting accuracy.

It can help you shoot successfully over a distance equal to (or more than) the length of a football field, without missing your target by even an inch.

The AGM L96 rifle has long been used by military organizations for training purposes and is now becoming increasingly popular for recreational purposes too.

Featuring a robust assembly, the rifle is made from the highest quality materials. This allows it to deliver an incredible performance that is sure to leave you stunned with each shot that you take.

Are you practicing long-distance shooting for the first time?

Or do you pride yourself on being a skilled sniper, and are just looking for the best sniper rifle to help you prove your skills?

Whatever the case might be, this well-rounded, user-friendly gun is an excellent choice to consider.

With unmatched shooting precision, the AGM L96 is marked safe for use by both adults and kids.

Take a look at its key specifications to get a better idea of what this AGM rifle is capable of.

Key Specs of AGM L96 Sniper Rifle


The rifle is a total of 1,117 mm (43.9 inches) long. However, it can be shortened accordingly as the buttstock and cheek rest are fully adjustable along the length. 

Modeled on

As is evident by the name, the rifle is based on the L96 sniper rifle used by snipers of the British Army as well as militants in various other countries.


This airsoft battle gear allows you to shoot bullets at a minimum speed of 350 feet-per-second (FPS). The shooting velocity can easily reach up to 515 FPS depending on factors such as the weather conditions, type of ammunition used, and so on.


AGM L96’s magazine has the capacity to hold a total of 30 rounds.


This gun weighs 9.8 pounds, i.e., 4.4 kg.


This airsoft sniper rifle is a heavyweight replica of the L96, constructed from a rigid polymer and metal alloy. The core is made from alloy, and the whole metal barrel assembly is housed in a smooth plastic casing for a sleek finish and extra durability.

Ammo for AGM L96s
Benifits of AGM L96 Review

Barrel Diameter

The AGM L96’s barrel, and even hop up for that matter, is similar to that of the Well L96 AWP rifle. The inner barrel diameter is 6.5 mm, whereas the outer diameter is equal to 20 mm.

Built-in Foregrip

This rifle has a firm, ergonomically designed polymer grip to maximize comfort and functionality during use.


With this gun, you can use 0.2 and 0.25 airsoft BB ammo. However, several customers who have already shopped this shooting equipment suggest using 0.3 BB ammo because pellets that are lighter in weight tend to glide up.

Let's talk about the Pros and Cons

Before we discuss the benefits and limitations of this rifle in detail, here’s a quick overview for those who might be in a hurry:



The Benefits of AGM L96 – Why Buy This Rifle?

AGM L96 AWP Spring Review

1. Fires Shot Precisely

The high power pinpoint accuracy of this rifle means that you can hone your sniper skills in no time. With this gun, you can not only fire shots at a range of over 200 feet, but also ensure that you hit the target with a 100% success rate.

2. Beginner-Friendly Sniper Rifle

From loading and reloading to aiming and shooting, using the AGM L96 is easier than you might imagine. Regardless of your age and hunting experience, users can cock this gun in a smooth and flawless manner every single time.

3. Designed for Comfort and Practicality

What good is a gun if it fails to withstand the hardships of the battlefield?

Although it technically comes under the category of ‘toy guns,’ the AGM L96 is anything but a replica that’s of no use. It is carefully constructed to provide soldiers with maximum comfort so that you do not tire out after firing a few shots only.

Drawbacks of the AGM L96

The major drawback of this rifle is that at 9.8 pounds, it is considerably heavy for many users. However, this isn’t a big issue for users to intend to stay stationary for the most part during sniping.

Another limitation of this rifle is that, according to previous users, the bolt often jams. This will require you to clean and lubricate it once in a while. But if you love to look after your guns, you wouldn’t mind the high maintenance needs of the AGM L96.

End Note

The AGM L96 is an impressive sniper rifle featuring the same powerful BB loading system that is characteristic of the real steel version. Capable of firing at a speed of 350 FPS and higher, this airsoft gear ensures that you face no trouble in reaching distant targets.

To conclude this AGM L96 review, we’ll say that with all else considered, this rifle will certainly not fail you in airsoft warfare.