Elite Force H8R Review – A Must-Have Tactical Weapon for Airsoft Battles

Short summary

What is the best tactical weapon for airsoft warfare?

If answering that question is entirely up to us, we wouldn’t think twice before picking the Elite Force H8R Airsoft Revolver.

Are you wondering what makes us so confident in our choice?

The following article will help you find out.

In this Elite Force H8R review, we discuss the main features of this powerful gun, along with highlighting the advantages and limitations of using this revolver for your shooting needs.

However, before proceeding on to any of that, it’s essential to answer this one question that many airsofters frequently ask: do you really need a handgun during these games?

The answer is, yes, absolutely!

Regardless of what position you intend to take up in a MilSim battle, you must not forget to include a handgun in your arsenal.

Tactical weapons such as a pistol and revolver come in really handy when you need to fire at a not-so-distant target. They play an important role in helping you implement defensive strategies in addition to providing battlefield support.

Having said that, let’s see what this compact airsoft gun is capable of, and why having one at your disposal is never a bad idea.

Elite Force H8R Review

Elite Force H8R Revolver Review

The Elite Force H8R Super Magnum is a CO2-powered airsoft gun that packs impressive value in a compact, easy-to-use, and handy weapon. 

It is a powerful revolver with an aggressive look that is enough to deter your opponent in their path. 

However, it not only makes your opponent think well before making a move in a face-off, but also ensures that you come out swinging on top whenever you find yourself in a tactical situation.

Fueled by a gas cartridge, this fast-loading revolver is capable of firing bullets at a speed of over 300 FPS. It is light in weight, yet heavy on the object or person who finds themselves at the opposing end.

The following are the key specifications of the Elite Force H8R Super Magnum Revolver that demonstrate why this is a reliable weapon for close quarter airsoft battles.

Key Specifications of the Elite Force H8R Airsoft Revolver


This pocket-sized gun measures 11 inches x 6.2 inches and is a total of 1.8 inches wide.

Modeled on

As you might have guessed from the name, the Elite Force H8R airsoft revolver is based on the real-life gun available under the same model number. 


The Elite Force H8R can fire bullets at incredible speeds. The average shot velocity is about 325 FPS when using 0.20g BB ammo. The actual speed can be greater or less than the stated value, depending on factors such as the type of ammo used, the weight of the projectile, wind speed, and so on.


This MilSim gun has a ten shot magazine. Plus, it comes with a set of five extra mags to reduce the dead time between loading and reloading, helping you stay on top of your game at all times. 


At a mere 14.7 ounces (0.41 kg), this airsoft revolver is a really lightweight tactical weapon that you can carry around and use effortlessly.


Elite Force H8R Super Magnum Review
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The H8R features a polymer body and uses CO2 gas for firing BBs at high speeds.

Barrel Diameter

The Elite Force H8R airsoft revolver comes under the category of 6 mm caliber guns, as the internal diameter of its barrel is just 0.6 cm wide.


Being a 6 mm caliber weapon, this replica of H8R revolver can take all 6 mm BBs regardless of their weight specifications – i.e., it is compatible for use with 0.12g, 0.20g, and even 0.25g BB ammo as long as they are 6 mm pellets.

Made In

As is evident by the name, this H8R airsoft revolver is manufactured by Elite Force.

Elite Force is a family-owned business based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The company specializes in selling first-hand replica airsoft weapons of the highest standards. This includes Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) and Gas Blowbacks (GBBs).

Pros and Cons of the Elite H8R Revolver

Elite Force H8R Revolvers Pros and Cons Reviewed



The interesting thing to note is that the ‘limitations’ of the Elite Force H8R are completely void unless you are using the revolver for purposes other than close-quarter battles, or to fill small roles like that of a medic. 

End Note

Hopefully, this Elite Force H8R review would have given you sufficient information on all that you need to know about this gun before making the final call.

This gas-powered ‘hater’ gun lets you experience the thrill of revolver action in a safe manner. With accessory rails, quick-change magazine, and a muzzle velocity of 300+ FPS, it offers everything that you would need to win a simulatory fight at close quarters.

In the end, we would say that if you are looking for an airsoft gun that would help you clear a room in style, the Elite Force H8R revolver is an excellent choice that will not disappoint.