What Is AEG Airsoft

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If you have recently come across engagement with airsoft, chances are you have some idea what AEG is. AEG simply stands for Automatic Electric Gun. As the name applies, AEG is a weapon that is powered by batteries that may or may not be recharged depending on their type. The airsoft guns come in a couple of other options as well, ranging from gas or CO2-powered and guns that the shooter cocks back.

AEG guns come in a range of prices and they are said to be affordable for all. If you happen to be a beginner at AEG airsoft, you can make a purchase that will be easily affordable to you. Or if you are equipped with the resources that will help you afford a gun that is both great in its functionality and accessibility, you are in luck.

How Do They Work

Though AEG airsoft guns and gas-powered airsoft guns are different in many ways, they are quite similar in terms of their functionality. AEG guns have a much easier operation and are cleaner to use. They use similar batteries to the battery used in remote-controlled cars and airplanes. In order to compress and fire the pistons, a series of tiny motors and gears run throughout the gun. When the piston releases, it creates sufficient air to launch the 6mm plastic BBs at a rate of 600-900 feet per second.

Although AEG guns are easier to operate, they can be problematic if they break down as the parts of an AEG gun are very small and it is harder to disassemble them. So, if you are to work on an AEG gun, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of your particular gun.

Capabilities Of An AEG Rifle

AEG rifles and gas-powered guns are observed to have the same functions but with a few exceptions. AEG rifles are said to offer a higher rate of speed for the BBs but they lack the ability to deliver “blow-backs” that are offered by most gas-powered guns. Those who want to have a realistic feel when shooting airsoft will find this feature of the AEG rifle attractive. In order to have the feel of a real gun, one can purchase devices that are attached to an AEG gun to get the realistic impression of using and holding a gun.

AEG guns are often silent when shot; however, this may not always be the case. A sudden “thud” sound is often heard and then followed by a shot of BBs in a gas-powered gun. They offer a higher rate of fire, which usually refers to the frequency with which the weapon fires bullets. Players generally prefer guns with a higher rate of fire as they deliver precision and have a quick ability to take down the opponent. They also offer increased functionality if you happen to be going for stealth and surprise.

Many experts in this field tend to have a preference in the AEG airsoft they need for a game. It is unlikely that a player would prefer an AEG that is best in both its functionality as well a higher rate of fire. Some prefer a simple gas-powered AEG. The simplistic design and ease of use attract many good players as it gives an incredibly realistic feel when holding the gun.

Though many others would prefer an AEG rifle that may be similar in function but different in how they operate, it is important to understand that preferences do not depict the skill level. Many great players would rather have a certain gun over the other yet this does not determine their proficiency and skill level. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the player that they test out a gun first before making any purchase.

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Types Of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are determined by how they fire BBs. Every type of gun has its unique working and therefore may or may not operate differently. There are five main types of airsoft guns.

Automatic Electric Gun: AEG uses an electric motor to drive the piston. The spring in the gun is compressed which in turn compresses air that fires the gun

Gas Blowback: GBB is likely the most realistic airsoft gun in the market. These are either powered by green gases or propane. They function similarly to how their real steel counterpart works, except there are a few drawbacks. Normally they would not operate in cold weather and require frequent cleaning to prevent jamming.

Electric Blow Back: They are incredibly similar to AEGs that give the impression of a bolt going back and forth on a real steel firearm. The functions of EBB normally create great stress to the gearbox which may result in them breaking. There are not many EBBs that one would consider reliable in the market as of yet. However, it is predicted that in the coming months EBBs will have an upgraded feature with improved efficiency.

Spring Powered: These guns are the easiest to operate. You simply have to either pull, pump, or shoot for a good target.

High-Pressure Air: HPA is growing in its popularity as an alternative to AEGs. You can change the FPS/ROF easily for different regulators.


Airsoft AEG guns are an amazing resource for professional airsoft players and they can use them to their advantage. You will stand a good chance at succeeding at the games if you are equipped with the right equipment. Although there are many types of airsoft guns available in the market for you, AEGs are amongst the best you can choose from.

They are battery-driven and thus can be recharged. This will save you from spending a lot of money and time buying more guns or propellers. Although their operation may sound simple, it is a little complex and difficult to understand. However, once you get the gist of it you can use the understanding of how the gun operates to your advantage and perform to the best of your capacities.

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