What to Wear for Airsoft?

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In love with games that involve tagging and elimination? Airsoft is just perfect for you. It is a game played by teams using airsoft guns. These guns contain pellets that are not harmful to the skin due to the presence of protective wear. There is a diversity of clothing to wear for airsoft and you may be confused about what to do. We have some perfect options to help you decide what you want to put on for playing airsoft.

Why not take the time to read and see what you may need to help you enjoy your game more safely? With that being said, let’s get right down to what to wear for airsoft so you can have fun while being comfortable and safe.

Protective wear for Airsoft

This interesting game has the protective gear to keep players safe during the game. It is lightweight and aids in protecting you while having fun with friends and colleagues. Numerous clothing options are available to help you remain safe and sometimes you might have no choice in mind about what to wear to the game. Thankfully we have gathered several items to help you decide. Just take a look below.

Eye protection

The eyes are very delicate and have to be shielded during the game. Don’t get fancy googles as they won’t be a good fit for the game and can easily shatter. Amazingly, ski and tactical goggles are just perfect to protect your eyes as they cover every part of the eye.

You can also obtain a mask that would cover your entire face thus providing maximum protection for your eyes, nose, and mouth. These pellets have been known to knock out teeth and leave a stinging effect on the skin. You can wear just the goggles, but it is recommended to use full-face gear because it can hurt when hit by pellets.

Wearing protective clothing

Protective clothing is important in playing the game. For most parts of the game, your chest will be aimed at. Getting a vest will be great for your protection. Your pants should be made of thick fabric to cushion the effects of the pellets. Wear loose-fitting clothing which aids to slow down the pellets before hitting you.

You can also choose to get a uniform piece of clothing for the game regardless of the amount. It would be so cool to do so. Putting on ordinary clothing can leave marks on your skin when you get shot. Long T-shirts should be worn and the clothes should be dark shades.

You can wear jeans or cargo pants or tactical pants and still play an amazing game. Tactical pants are great with extensive pockets for storing different items such as ammo, magazines, and others. Knee pads can also be included to provide extra protection during a game.


The hands are delicate and are very important in the game. They are used to support and carry your guns and shoot but this can lead them to be quite vulnerable. Purchasing hand gloves is not out of place. They will fit perfectly when playing on the field. Gloves also provide a great grip on airsoft guns.

Head Protection

The head houses delicate parts of the body and should not be excluded from being protected. Headgear comes in a range of colors and sizes. Ensure you choose the right size. It would be so cool to be fully kitted. You can wear a bandana, baseball cap, or light scarf.


This is an extremely important aspect of wear during a game. You have to wear protective footwear which will allow you to easily run from one point to another. It is in your best interest to know where the game would be held to enable you to decide what to wear. Nonetheless, running shoes or training shoes, or combat boots are highly recommended.

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Things Not To Wear For Airsoft

Certain gear is not required for playing the game. Here are a few things to not wear for the game as you may get hurt using them while enjoying your game.

Shorts Sleeve Shirts Or Shorts

Getting hit on open skin with a pellet can be painful and last for days. So avoid wearing short sleeve shirts or shorts. Avoid wearing footwear that is uncomfortable to run in like slippers. Inappropriate goggles and eyewear should also be avoided. Tight clothing or unbreathable clothing would prevent you from acting fast and effectively in movements during games.

Factors That Determine What You Wear To Airsoft

Certain factors will help you decide the type of clothing to wear for airsofting. Some may wear just about any clothing but sometimes it may be so uncomfortable when playing. Making a choice is dependent on a few factors.

Your Team

When playing in a team, you might all agree to wear matching outfits or freestyle. So what your team decides can determine what you will wear for the game.


This is an important aspect that depends on how much you can spend to get a cool outfit for the game. There are stores where you can get gear at prices that won’t break the bank. Remember you don’t have to please anyone.

Places Where The Game Would Be Held

Airsoft can be played either indoors or outdoors. This will help you have an idea about what to wear.

The Weather

It is extremely important to choose appropriate clothing that will go with the weather. During summer, light clothing can be worn but in winter or cold weather, thick and comfortable clothing should be worn.


Putting on the right clothing for playing airsoft is very important. This is for your comfort and safety when playing this game. You don’t have to think too far to choose – just ensure that you are well covered and protected. This will ensure you do not get hurt while you are playing fun games of airsoft with your friends and family.

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